How To Start A Successful Blogging Career in 2020

How To Start A Successful Blogging Career in 2020

Thanks to the rise of the digital world and the power of digital communication, we now have the ability to post almost anything (within reason) online. This has proven to be great for those aspiring writers, photographers, graphic designers, web developers and lots of other creative professionals. With this freedom, we have the ability to build our own blogging career or business from our own home or even on the move. The possibilities are endless. 


Have you ever considered taking your blogging hobby to the next level by starting your own business or pursuing a blogging career? Follow our top blogging tips!


Develop your skills


First things first, to become a successful blogger, there are some essential skills that you need to develop. Hard skills: SEO & Research, Writing - Grammar & Spelling, Marketing. Soft skills: Patience, Motivation, Communication, Organisational skills.


Both these hard and soft skills are particularly important for those of you who are planning to start making money out of your blogging career. You will need to ensure that your content is SEO-friendly and that you develop a marketing strategy and a clear brand image. It’s important to keep your content and communication consistent in order to develop a clear target audience. 


There are lots of resources online that are free and extremely useful to help develop your skills.


You can also get a headstart on writing powerful content with plugins such as Yoast SEO. This helps you to optimise your blog post to ensure that it is SEO friendly, it also helps you by telling you what is missing or what mistakes you are making within the content. Yoast also has a readability tool which analyses your content to ensure that it will be easy to read for your audience and other visitors. 


Get the most out of your content


Once you have decided who your target audience is, it’s time to get your work out there. Although you may be working on your own blog site, it’s also important to distribute your content on other successful blogs and websites too. As we mentioned, if you want to start making money out of your blogging career then it’s important to cross-post your content to develop a more established readership, leading readers from other blogs and other sites to your own. After all, your audience is key to your success. 


Be aware that sometimes we can be penalised for duplicate content so we recommend updating your content slightly if you are posting it elsewhere. Whether you decide to change some of the wording or take out some of the content, the freedom is yours but we recommend keeping it unique per site, it’s also important to add a canonical tag to republished content to ensure that Google reads yours as the original. The aim of crossposting should be to develop your brand image, show off your talents as a writer and to point readers in the direction of your website. Gaining backlinks on other websites will help you to rank better in Google and it also proves that other websites recommend and trust your content. Where and how you display your content can have a significant effect on your reputation as a writer/blogger, so be sure you follow our tips! 


Complete an Internship


Searching for an internship is a great way to advance your blogging career. Whether you decide to find an internship in Content writing alone or a more broader sector such as Marketing, the choice is yours. Internships and traineeships provide great opportunities to develop key skills needed to enter a lucrative blogging career. 


An internship will benefit your blogging career in many ways, you will gain practical, creditable experience that you can add to your CV or to your LinkedIn and other professional networks. Your work may also be added to the website of the company you are interning for which helps to develop your professional portfolio too. There are so many reasons why you should complete an internship and it’s an effective way of getting into your desired industry whilst learning the key skills you need to succeed. 

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Network online & face-to-face


Just like any career, networking is an extremely beneficial activity that helps to improve your chances of success. The people you meet, the knowledge you acquire and the skills you gain, can all have a positive impact on your professional profile and essentially, your career as a blogger. Whether you connect with fellow bloggers on LinkedIn or Facebook groups or you decide to attend face-to-face networking events, the people you meet could significantly boost your Blogging career. You may meet or connect with people who have a successful business or agency that you can collaborate with or perhaps they have a blogging position in their company. Networking is always something we recommend. 


Find remote or Part-time work


If you are looking to start generating some money from your blogging talents right away, then it might be worth searching for some part-time or remote work. Remote and part-time work is ideal for those of you who have other commitments or are studying. Having a more flexible style job means that you can work on as many projects and incorporate other work and priorities into your schedule. 

In order to test the waters and to ensure that this career choice is the best option for you, a part-time or remote position may just be your best option. With a part-time position, you can make some steady money, whilst learning the essential skills and techniques that a blogger needs to be successful. By taking a part-time job, you can avoid taking all of the efforts from your own work and blog, whilst continuing to do what you love and make money from it, it’s a win-win. By creating content for other companies and getting paid for it, your work is still be distributed across the web which will benefit you and your reputation as a blogger. Although we recommend our own job board for remote opportunities, we also recommend sites like Upwork & Freelancer


There are so many tools and techniques you can use to get your work seen by all the right people. The most important thing to remember is that building a successful blog takes perseverance. As long as you continue to work on your skills, keep up with the latest trends for your audience and most importantly, collaborate and network with other blogs and websites, the success will follow!

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