The New Concept of Networking

The New Concept of Networking

I’m guessing the first thing that comes to mind when reading the word “networking” is a conference room full of powerful people whose contact information would be very valuable to either land a job or achieve a personal or organizational goal.


Am I wrong?


Well, the thing is, we live in such a fast and ever-growing society that even the action of networking has somehow mutated. This being said, it’s with honor that I introduce you to The New Concept of Networking and explain how it differs from its past version.


But first things first! Why should you care about all of this? 


Connecting with people that share similar interests and missions with you, creating and nurturing long-lasting relationships, and achieving professional and personal objectives while also working on self-improvement are some of the main reasons why networking is important.


The skills needed to take part in this action and the abilities and knowledge you learn from it shouldn’t be considered a tiny fraction of your career, especially when seeking job opportunities.   


Great! Now that we’ve covered the importance of networking, let’s take a look at its transformation process and what it looks like today. 


According to Cambridge Dictionary, networking is “the activity of meeting people who might be useful to know, especially in your job”. Okay, reading this out loud might sound selfish. However, the whole concept goes way beyond it. It’s all about human nature in its essence and how to have the power and capability of coming together for a bigger purpose, capable of creating outstanding projects and building something better.


Literally speaking: “If you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far, go together.” - African Proverb


When explained under this light, things start to make more sense, no? It’s also interesting to notice that no one can point out when the idea of networking began for certain. Some state that it initially started with small gatherings, such as meetings and conferences designed with this exact purpose; network.


Collaborations and partnerships started by meeting potential leads through word of mouth, through family friends, friends of friends, and colleague connections. 


With the advancement of technology, things shifted a little from generation to generation until the new concept of networking, we’re speaking of today, emerged. People are now more than ever able to connect with others on many different levels, face-to-face or virtually.


Tools have been created and developed to encourage it and facilitate such interactions. The main source of opportunities depends on your end goal, but when speaking of jobs, LinkedIn is one of the most versatile ones.


It allows you to connect with others, share content, and find very useful vacancies and job platforms, such as Europe Language Jobs, or local platforms depending on the country you live in. 


Once you have created a LinkedIn profile, make sure to connect with as many people you know. Browse companies and check who works for them and what they are currently doing to achieve their mission and objectives. Connect with recruiters and career coaches, ask for tips and be a step ahead of other candidates.


You will find in one of LinkedIn’s articles that according to them, 70% of their users hired in 2016 had a connection at the company they got the job at. How mind-blowing is that? 


You don’t believe me, do you? 


According to HubSpot, around 85% of jobs are landed through networking. Isn’t it incredible? Moreover, based on CNBC’s report, about 70% of the vacancies aren’t even publicly published.


Therefore, make sure to get your language and communication skills in check, find organizations supporting and offering opportunities to grow, attend their events, connect with them, send them messages, and create your own opportunities. 


The new concept of networking turns around the fact that there is an entire world behind every relationship, every association. We’re all different and have distinct experiences for a reason.


Some people might be able to get you a job, others might teach you how to excel at interviews, some might help you with tricks to learn a new language. Bottom line is, everyone has something to contribute to this big plate. 


If you don’t know how to begin your job search through networking and you’re wondering what positions are out there with your native languages, make sure to check out Europe Language Jobs. You will not only be able to find vacancies currently available, but also free virtual events full of webinars, workshops, and blogs conducted by professionals in the industry ready to assist you with valuable career advice.  


Take advantage of every possible situation because you never know the position you might be finding yourself in at some point in your life. You only value your connections when you realize that people can also be resources and bridges. Yes! You’re also considered a resource for someone else, not in a negative connotation, of course. 



To wrap up, The New Concept of Networking is the idea of using all of the tools available to you in a creative manner to achieve a goal and land your dream job. This being said, how do you view networking? Has it helped you get a job or an interview? Do you have any other tips for us? Let us know in the comments below. 


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