The Early Bird Catches The Worm

The Early Bird Catches The Worm

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August. The month in which children are free from school for the holidays, parents have left their work desks, teenagers their colleges, and it seems that the world and his wife have packed up to go on holiday and make the most of the remaining summer. 

This is probably true for many of us. After all, who doesn’t want to sip a cocktail by a pool in some Mediterranean resort, or admire the famous architecture of that city we had always dreamed of traveling to? But for some of us, holidays may not be a feature this year, and the fact that you are reading this article suggests that there might be something else occupying your attention other than tour guides telling you where to go next.  

Indeed, your current agenda might not consist of planning where to go next, whether it be a road trip or the holiday of your dreams, but rather, deciding the next step of your career. The tour guides that you once endlessly pored over may not come in so handy in helping you find a job, but Europe Language Jobs amongst many other important online resources exist for this very reason.

The well-known English proverb, “the early bird catches the worm”, which also happens to be the title of this article, uses an example within nature to demonstrate that in life, as well as in nature, success comes to those who are prepared in advance.  As I am writing this, I can guarantee that somewhere in the world there are teachers preparing a host of activities and classes for their new cohort of children arriving in September. There may also be a throng of parents of said children, rushing through shops in order to buy brand new school uniforms fit to last the next seven years of their child’s schooling career. We prepare because we want to be ready for the situations that we are about to face and to face them with our best foot forward.  

However, it is not only teachers who are preparing for a new intake to generate growth and good results for their respective schools. Employers start looking in August for fresh-faced and talented candidates who can successfully contribute to their businesses from September and in the coming months and years ahead. Therefore, it is also important that you the candidate are ready to apply for the companies that want to hire you, especially if you are seeking employment within the IT sector.

Recent research has revealed that 3.1 new job seekers are going for every new job in August compared to only 1.2 in January. Here at Europe Language Jobs, we are continuing to have interesting job offers from the tech industry, with big companies looking to fill vacancies across Europe. With these current figures, competition is likely to be fierce and the best way to get ahead in the job hunt is to get applying early in order not to lose out in the long run. Furthermore, it will show your future employer that you are an enthusiastic individual who is willing to go the extra mile in order to be successful.

Register online today if you haven't already, and be the early bird that catches the worm!

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