Things to Know If You Are Going to Study in Turkey

Things to Know If You Are Going to Study in Turkey

For centuries, Turkey has represented the crossroads between two different worlds. It is the confluence of conservative Middle Eastern culture and progressive Western ideologies. This dichotomy has led to the country becoming a somewhat tumultuous place to study, work, and live. 

Sure, recent events in Turkey might seem concerning or disheartening, but you should not let this put you off opting to study abroad. It is a lively, beautiful country and there are many reasons and advantages to studying in Turkey! So, before you set off, here are a few things to know about work, study, and housing. 


A Higher Standard of Education

With more than 206 universities across the country, both public and private, Turkey offers domestic and foreign students a strong education system. The courses are composed of credits and the diplomas awarded by universities are recognised in all European countries. All universities have a great range of courses, and are staffed with excellent professors who specialise in various disciplines. You can rest assured that all programmes are of high quality, owing to the high standard of education throughout Europe. There are also generous opportunities for achieving scholarships. 


Various Courses Available

You will be able to select from an extensive array of courses offered by the country’s 206 universities. There are many different programmes available, with the majority of higher education institutions providing undergraduate and postgraduate courses. You can choose from around 60,000 different courses from the arts or science streams. Since there are ample courses available, it is easier for students to choose their favorite subject. As soon as you choose this subject, you should start gathering information on Turkey entry requirements.


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Student-Friendly Environment

Turkey is the country in the European Higher Education Area with the most students, so, whichever city you choose, you will certainly be immersed in a young, happening atmosphere. It is also an incredibly multicultural society, so you do not have to worry about being the only foreign student! Nor do you need to stress about learning Turkish - nowadays there are many top Turkish universities that teach in English. Making friends surrounded by so many students from such diverse backgrounds will be a piece of cake! Or perhaps baklava in this case...


Work Opportunities

Although Turkey doesn’t permit students from abroad to work when they are studying, there are some institutions that provide internship opportunities for pupils to work as research assistants during the holidays. Moreover, when you get your work permit from the country’s  Ministry of Labor, as a graduate keen to stay and work in Turkey, there are various employment opportunities to choose from. When you have obtained the necessary documents, you can easily get a job. In terms of documents, you will need your university to provide proof of study, and also a work permit. The work permit will be valid for one year but you can always extend it to up to 3 years. 


Cheap Accommodation

Housing in Turkey is pretty cheap. The majority of universities offer on-campus accommodation for both locals and students from abroad. There are also off-campus accommodation and private hostels available to students. Depending on the type of accommodation you choose, as a foreign student, you can expect to spend about 300€-400€ per month.


Studying in Turkey might feel challenging but if you are prepared and know the right details, it can be tremendous fun. When you have the required documents and a source of income or support, you will have no complaints. To sum up, Turkey is a good destination for studying because it has a strong education system and reasonably-priced accommodation. All certificates awarded by Turkish universities are accredited by almost every European country and there is a wide range of courses to pick from. The atmosphere in cities is young, lively, and multicultural, and you can even gain work experience during the holidays!