Top Tips for Job Searching During the Covid-19 Outbreak

Top Tips for Job Searching During the Covid-19 Outbreak

Today, a very special guest, Evelina Vilke, an outstanding career coach, is taking over to give you an answer to the question that every job seeker is asking now - "should I keep looking for a new job with all of this going on?". And, most importantly, she will be giving you some tips on how to overcome the COVID-19 situation when it comes to finding a job.

It’s no secret that the COVID-19 pandemic is affecting everything right now. This isn’t a life we knew anymore and in the middle of all the chaos, fear, and uncertainty, it's normal to wonder if you should put your job search on hold or keep looking. It might feel tempting to cocoon and wait until it's all over — but we don't know exactly when "over" is coming yet.

Coronavirus has caused a lot of change in our world, and job search is not an exception. However, it’s not the time to hit the brakes. While things might slow down in the recruitment world, companies are still hiring. Sure, not every company might continue their search for new employees. But there are still so many companies looking to bring on great talent to alleviate problems and solve frustrating challenges.


Now is the time to pivot - not pause.

You need to stay active in your job hunt, work on your career choices, and be flexible. 

“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is most adaptable to change.” 



Be industry conscious 


So, how to look for a job during the Coronavirus Pandemic? You need to be industry-conscious. 

If you’ve been following business news, you probably already know that most companies that rely on in-person interaction or non-essential tangible goods production are struggling in this new reality. So are companies that rely on advertising revenue, since there are fewer businesses open to spending on the ads. However, companies that foster online communication, education, entertainment, or essential goods supply and delivery seem to be adapting well. 

Because of this, you might have to pivot into an industry you have never considered or worked in before. For example, it’ll be much easier to find a job in eCommerce than it will be to find one in the travel/hospitality industry.

Even if you didn't have the initial interest in the industries that are on the rise at the moment you need to base your job search around them. Firstly, because of the obvious reason - they are looking to hire more people. Secondly, don't forget companies in any industry have a wide range of operations that you could match your initial career choices - most of the companies will have marketing, HR, finance, legal, sales, business, IT, research & development and etc. departments. So working for a food retailer doesn't automatically mean you need to be working in the actual shop. 

find a job abroad

So, here are the next steps you should be taking: 

  • Identify the key companies in the industries that are on the rise at the moment to see if there are any positions that you would be interested in applying for. 

  • Check the companies that are hiring at the moment to see if they have any positions you could apply for. 

  • Don't forget to check the competitors of the companies that are hiring right now, it's very likely they will be hiring as well.


The best thing you can do is act quickly on any information you feel (mostly) certain about right now. If you spend the next 6-8 weeks trying to figure out exactly which industries are doing best and do your research until you're blue in the face and you're absolutely positively “sure” that you aren't going to get it wrong.... you're going to miss the boat on certain opportunities.

Establish the things you know to be true-ish enough: people are probably buying more kitchen cooking utensils than normal right now, for example. OK, what companies make kitchen cooking utensils? Who are the key players? Is this an interesting enough opportunity to try to explore?


Search for opportunities 


There's no magical industry hiding somewhere far away from all of this. There's just common sense, logic, and the ability to spot the opportunity a little bit faster than the next person.

To help you navigate job search in this new world, you need to identify:

  • Industries that have been rising since the pandemic 

  • Companies that are actively hiring now

  • Major changes you should anticipate in the job search during the pandemic

  • Tactical changes you need to make in your job search

  • And more 


Evelina is a CAREER COACH, JOB SEARCH STRATEGIST & PERSONAL BRANDING EXPERT and in the last 8 years, she has helped hundreds of individuals to land jobs in top international companies. Evelina’s experience includes spending 2 years assisting financial and professional services firms to find and recruit top talents, during which she has learnt how hiring managers screen and select candidates for interviews and decide who to hire and 2 years creating career coaching programmes in a leading career coaching company for international students and managing the full hiring cycle of career coaches in the UK and US. 

This experience has equipped Evelina with the skills and knowledge to develop a system “Get Noticed & Hired Fast” which blends practical and actionable job hunting strategies with personal branding elements to ensure her clients stand out in an extremely competitive job market. 

Learn more about Evelina’s coaching -> 

As of tomorrow, get ready to discover the importance of professional networking and the benefits it might have on your job search!


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