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Summer season is the best time of the year for adventures. Lots of people and young backpackers relocate during the hot months to different places to experience something new and meet interesting new people.  Do you have a wild spirit? Have you ever thought about a Working Holiday abroad?

Take a look at the cities (and country) listed below and get inspired, here you would find the hot spot to work in Europe during this summer. Come, visit, travel, meet the most amazing people, see the most beautiful places and, above all, enjoy!


The city of Lisbon is a perfect alternative for those looking for an amazing (but also relaxing) summer season. The Tagus capital offers a combination of events accompanied by amazing weather and Atlantic cuisine that is making Portugal one of the world-top destinations. In June you will find the Festas de Lisboa, the local fests of the city with an amazing cultural calendar extended over the entire month. Between the 14th and 16th of July you could attend the Super Bock Super Rock Music Festival, one of the biggest pop-rock music festivals on the continent which probably deserves the title of Best Alternative Festival in Europe. And the last week of August, you could take a look at the nearby city of Cascais and its Festas do Mar, another cultural and music festival with the Atlantic Ocean as its backdrop.

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Jobs in Dublin


Summer is the best season to stay in Dublin (apart from St. Patrick’s of course!) when you can say goodbye to the all-year-long clouds and start enjoying parks and greenery. The Beatyard Festival, the biggest in the country, takes place on the last weekend of July in the city, and the Electric Picnic is arranged for the start of September, a good way to say goodbye to your holidays. For the swimmers, the emerald city organises the Dún Laoghaire Harbour Race on mid August, one of the most impressive open-water competitions in Europe. The city will also host live concerts from Elvis Costello (16th of July) and Rufus Wainwright (20th of July) as well as The Billy Elliot Musical all through the summer in the Bord Gáis Theatre. Feel the green of summer!

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Jobs in Berlin


Some may think that Berlin becomes deserted during the summer season (especially as Majorca converts into the temporary capital of Germany during those months), but the truth is that staying in Berlin with good weather is such an amazing experience.  The swimming pools being build over the Spree River are and attraction by themselves, together with improvised chill outs on the riversides. The Malzwiese Festival (4th June) is the summer opening of the electro capital city, and its slogan of “F*ck the arts, let’s dance!” says it all. Beer lovers will also enjoy the International Berlin Beer Festival on the first weekend of August, a complete tribute to the barley drink. But for the not-so-loud ones there are options too like the Night of Museums on the 27th of August, a perfect occasion for a night walk over the city to visit the UNESCO World Heritage site of ‘Museum Island’ (it’s exactly what it sounds like).

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Jobs offers in Barcelona


Barcelona has all you need for summer: good weather, delicious food, amazing beaches and a set-list of events during the whole season.  The kick-start is the Sónar Festival on 18th-20th of June, where music and technology are spread over the mountain of Montjuic. Also, over the Olympic hill, you can find the Barcelona Open Air Film Festival during the month of July, where many movies are broadcast in a night picnic experience. Circuit Festival happens from 5th to 16th August, when ‘fiesta’, house music and people from everywhere on the planet came to Gaudi’s city to celebrate diversity. And finally at the end of summer you would find the traditional celebrations of Gràcia and Sants neighbourhoods, where decorated streets compete to prove which one is the best, in a mixture of cultural events, festivities and live music during day and night. A summer season in Barcelona would probably be the best of your life.

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Job offers in Malta


The Mediterranean isle of Malta is a complete paradise for those who just need a sea view to live. Apart from the funnier places like The Playmobil Factory and Popeye VillageMalta has a lot to offer in the hot season. The first two weeks you could enjoy moving pictures at the Valletta Film Festival, which literally turns the city into a cinema, and at the end of the month you should not miss the Isle of MTV Festival. If you are a Game of Thrones fan, you won’t miss the Sunscape Festival in Gozo Island, where you could dance until sunrise like a Dothraki! And you should definitely take a ride to some of the Maltese Village Festas that take place in many of the island’s towns during August.

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Jobs offers in Athens


The historical city of Athens is a mixture of antiquity and modernity, local and international people, surrounded in a multicultural climate under the Mediterranean sun. The top of the tops to do in the Greek capital is the Hellenic Festival which has been putting on classical theatre since 1955 in some of the ancient venues that are preserved in the city. Can you imagine watching a performance in Dioniso’s Theatre like Plato did? For rock fans, there are several options too, one of the newest ones being the Beach House Festival (24th June) in the town of Alimos, just at the end of Athens tram line. And also, you cannot miss a summer sunset from Poseidon Temple in Cape Sounion, one of the most amazing views you will ever see.

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And also Bucharest, the Paris of the East.......:)

posted 1 year ago by anonymous

Barcelona is not as safe as it was before.

posted 2 years ago by Emil

Great cities!

posted 2 years ago by Mohamad

working in a sunny place and warm has to be a dream came true

posted 2 years ago by Ionut

Awesome article!

posted 2 years ago by Rafal

Wonderful Europe :)

posted 2 years ago by Grazia

I arrived here in Lisbon a week ago, seduced by the supposed job offers the Lisbon market could offer. Did some research and found interesting job position in the IT area. I thought it would be worth it to risk leaving my family behind to try something new in Lisbon. I have sent many many emails to the IT companies in Lisbon and nothing has appeared so far. If you know any IT Support or HelpDesk job opening please let me know, I would love to apply.


posted 2 years ago by Andre

It's great to work outside of Sweden if I got new challenges and opportunities. I will prefer the summer job this site and very interesting to apply for different position by 1 click...

posted 2 years ago by Mohammad Rasel

Awesome places would like to live and work there...... just cant wait to be there.

posted 2 years ago by Ravineet

Berlin is the best with so much international stuff

posted 2 years ago by Anand


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