Top Reasons Why You Should Move To Romania 

Top Reasons Why You Should Move To Romania 


Romania, the largest southeastern country in Europe; home to enchanting forests, breathtaking mountains, peaceful rivers and streams, and of course, the infamous Dracula. Romania was never a "must-see" destination for international travellers, but in recent years, it seems as though the secret is finally out, making Romania the chosen destination for many ex-pats and travellers who moving across and around Europe. Thanks to the pace in which the country is developing, the reasons to relocate here just keep on growing… 


It’s time to discover the top reasons why you should move to Romania: 


  • Low cost of living


One thing is for sure, Romania has a considerably low cost of living, in fact, it is amongst the lowest in the EU. Any European that decides to move to Romania can live a happy, comfortable life with access to low-cost goods, affordable accommodation and transport, even in the capital city Bucharest! 


  • Good & healthy quality of life


With such a low cost of living and good access to all the amenities you could need, it’s safe to say the quality of life throughout Romania is of a good and healthy standard. As a European, moving to this country can provide you with a better standard of life compared to your own country 


  • Up and coming tech hub


Did you hear that Romania has one of the fastest internet speeds in the world? It’s true! Of course, lots of companies have already started to make the most out of this by relocating to the country. It seems that Bucharest has started to become a tech start-up hub, so if you are looking for a career in the information technology sector, this is the place for you!  


  • Romanian food is underrated


If you aren’t from Romania, then you probably won’t be that familiar with what exactly Romanian food consists of. But let’s just say, it’s pretty underrated! Just like most Eastern European countries, Romanian food is a typical comfort food style but with a great influence from other European countries such as Germany, Hungary, Turkey, Bulgaria and Serbia. As you can imagine, these countries combined with the added Romanian influence creates a unique yet delicious type of food. 


  • Growing Music & Arts Culture: Festivals etc


Romania has become one of the top destinations for music festivals in Europe. There’s a wide selection of music festivals to choose from in almost every genre of music from jazz, electronic, indie, rock and pop, not to mention the stunning surroundings to go with them. Whether its charming castle grounds, a fairytale forest, beautiful sandy beaches or beautiful landscapes and lakes, the choice is yours! 


  • Last but not least, the breathtakingly beautiful scenery. 


One thing that you are already aware of is that Romania is surrounded by outstanding natural beauty, enchanted forests, windy roads, beautiful lakes and fascinating architecture. If you are a lover of nature and the outdoors, then this should be the ideal location for you. 


As you can see there are lots of reasons why you should move to Romania and it seems that as the expat community continues to grow, so do the work opportunities and the reasons to move. 

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