4 Brilliant Ways to Organise Your Job Search

4 Brilliant Ways to Organise Your Job Search

There are a number of obstacles to tackle when searching for a job, and this can make the process pretty stressful. Approach job hunt like a project: your chances of being successful in your job search - as well as in your future career in general - increase significantly by having a plan of action. 


Anyone can apply to hundreds of vacancies, but it looks very unprofessional when a recruiter calls about a potential interview and you've forgotten what position you applied to or what the company is about.


This is why it's important to keep track of where and what you've applied to. This can also be helpful when you're following up with companies - whether you need interview feedback or want to see how your application is getting on.


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There are several ways to organise your job search, many of which involve modern technology, but some that work perfectly are the old-fashioned way including a pen and a piece of paper. Giving each of these a try will be a great way to find the most efficient and effective method for you and make your quest for attractive jobs easier.


  1. Stay on top of your emails 
  2. Organize your LinkedIn 
  3. Create weekly goals 
  4. Keep a progress diary 


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woman staying on top of emails

1. Stay on top of your emails - separate private life from topics related to work

An email lookup tool will be one of your main tools for organizing your job search - and it applies to everyone. Keep on top of job alerts and any possible replies from companies regarding the positions you had applied to. Nothing looks worse than someone who takes a week to reply to their emails!


It might be a good idea to create a specific email address for job applications - this way you can have a professional-looking email and you will have a designated space specifically for your job search, making it harder to miss important emails and dig through spam.


It will also build a habit for your future career, where you will have to manage a professional email account, aside from your personal one. 

person organising LinkedIn profile

2. Organize your LinkedIn - let others get to know you and your career history


Make sure your notifications are on so you can keep on top of your connections and messages. Connecting with others can help get your foot in the door at hard-to-reach companies.


Aside from helping with your search for attractive jobs, LinkedIn is the best place to receive guidance on applications and info on a company. This means when you're interacting with someone, you should be fairly quick with responses to avoid looking rude. Keep LinkedIn notifications on at all times!


You never know - you might be having fun with friends when you receive news about an attractive vacancy that's just popped up. When you're the first one to know, you can get ahead in the game by sending your application straight away!


LinkedIn is full of interesting posts of articles, so aside from using it as your digital business card in a way, keep an eye out for advice that will help you identify the best job search strategy for you. Once you receive invites to interviews, it could be worth considering getting interview training, as it would increase your chances of landing your dream role. 

notepad with list of goals

3. Create weekly goals to bring you closer to the dream role

You can do this one online, or get an actual diary and use the good old pen and paper method. The ultimate goal of an effective job search is to land a job. However, it's a good idea to set several other targets in order to be successful with your end goal!


It can feel like the applications you're sending are never-ending, but you are not alone in this; the amount of applications it normally takes to successfully land a job is surprising.


This is why your weekly search targets should include how many jobs you’ll apply to and how many networking events you will attend. This consistency and perseverance will help you organize your job search process in the long run.


Not to mention, it is a much more effective alternative to applying for a job here and there. Keeping track of every single application you've sent off will give you a better idea of where you are in the process.


person writing in progress diary

4. Keep a progress diary to monitor the effectiveness of your job search

Even in the modern job search, something as simple as a pen and a notebook can come in handy. Use a diary to monitor every step: keep track of job applications and any upcoming interviews or networking events.


Keep a list of companies you've applied to and the positions with a brief description that you can easily refer to in case of the company calling for a potential interview. Being unsure of who you're talking to and what you're talking about is a surefire way to turn a recruiter off - and completely mess up your job search. 


By writing down when you’ve applied to jobs, you’ll also be able to track how long until you can follow up on your application. If you're applying for various types of employment - for example, if it doesn't matter to you if you get an internship or a full-time job - you need to make sure to also note down the kind of position. 


Be mindful of which company you've applied to, as some (in particular large multinationals) will receive hundreds, if not thousands of applications for an individual position. Give smaller companies a week before you follow up.


Finally, a diary can be a great way to note any feedback you've gotten about a particular interview. Feedback from any interview will help you to make yourself into an even more employable candidate!


Track your progress

Job searches aren't all about just applications - you should be working to improve your professional self too! 


By incorporating all of these organisational tips into your job search, you should find the process a lot more efficient and a lot less stressful. You'd be surprised by just how disorganised many people's application methods are.


Organisational skills stand out to an employer and therefore make you a great potential candidate. Not to mention, they will prove very useful in your future career. So take the necessary steps to improve your job search today!



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