Why You Should Relocate For A Tech Job In Romania Right Now

Why You Should Relocate For A Tech Job In Romania Right Now


With such a fast-growing economy and one of the highest internet speeds in Europe, it’s no wonder that Romania is becoming the best destination for technology and IT companies to grow their success. For this reason, the number of European tech professionals relocating to Romania has been on a considerable high over the past decade.


It’s time to discover the top 5 reasons why you should relocate for a tech job in Romania now:


1.   There are lots of opportunities


When you first map out your tech career, you may not originally have Romania in mind as an “up and coming tech destination”, but be reassured - Romania is just that and more! Home to some of leading tech companies, technology and computer science universities, and branded as a “growing startup hub”, there are a variety of opportunities available for tech candidates.



2.   Work for top name brands


Technology and Science companies from all over the globe have moved to Romania to join the growing tech revolution. The low cost of living, growing economy and access to qualified personnel and tech-savvy candidates make Romania a promising destination for technology companies of all sizes; from global conglomerates to small tech startups. The demand for technology candidates is increasing with this market growth.


3.   Get ahead of the competition


Not everyone is aware of the growing demand for tech and IT professionals in Romania. Take advantage of this by getting ahead of the other tech and IT competition. With such a powerful tech industry in Romania and continued growth, our best advice would be to relocate now and discover all of the available opportunities.


4.   Live a better standard of life


Unlike other areas of the world with big tech and IT presence, Romania has a considerably low cost of living with a high quality of life. Something that tech professionals in other areas of the world may not have access to. By relocating to such a unique and beautiful country, you will live a considerably better standard of life, surrounded by greenery, beaches and unique attractions.


5.   Be part of a growing industry


As we mentioned, the Romanian economy has been on a considerable rise over the past decade. If you are looking for stability, a place to progress further in your tech career, Romania is the best destination to do so. With an economy that continues to improve and a booming tech and IT industry, you can feel comfortable and stable relocating for a tech career with TELUS International in Romania.


Now, let’s discover the top 5 reasons to move to Romania with TELUS International:


1.   There are unique opportunities


By relocating to Romania with TELUS International, you will become part of a global company that delivers high-tech, high-touch customer experiences powered by next-gen digital solutions. With a close focus on customer experience innovation through digital enablement, spirited teamwork, agile thinking, and a caring culture that puts customers first.

Working for TELUS International, you will contribute towards the customer care needs of some of the world’s most successful and disruptive brands. Working across up and coming tech, financial services and fintech, games, travel and hospitality and healthcare industries.


2.   Guaranteed career path & progression


By relocating to work at TELUS International, you open the door to endless opportunities and career paths. You will join a company that will help you embark in your success journey and prepare you to take the next steps in your career, through extensive learning and development programs.

TELUS International has a caring culture, that supports the growth of its team members. With a strong philosophy to promote from within and career plans based on equity, skills development, performance improvement and constant growth, many team members have developed both personally and professionally. So you are not just starting a new job, you are joining a company where you continuously learn and develop your skills to step up your career.


3.   Job stability in a thriving industry


When you start a job, it’s important to feel stable. This doesn’t just mean holding down a job for as long as you can. It means enjoying steady pay and benefits, managing stress on the job and knowing that you are working in an industry that will last long into the future.

In Europe, TELUS International has grown considerably at around 30% to 50% every year since its inception. The tech industry is among the top growth areas in Romania, with experts forecasting that the country’s outsourcing workforce will double by 2025. It’s safe to say, you won’t regret relocating to Romania with TELUS International.


4.   Enjoy an inspiring workplace


The TELUS International offices are famously known for their innovative, fun and charming design, which has a considerable positive impact on team members’ satisfaction and happiness at work. TELUS International have won “The Most Innovative Office’’ award for their up-to-date and inspiring workspaces in Bucharest.

Located right next to the largest shopping mall in Romania, AFI Palace Cotroceni, the offices are only a few steps away from 300 stores, a cinema complex with 20 screens, over 30 restaurants, a hypermarket open daily until 1 a.m., a 2,000 sqm fitness club, two kids’ playgrounds, video games, laser Max, a roller coaster, the largest ice rink arena in Romania and the only adventure park in a shopping centre!



5.   Join a friendly team


At TELUS International, you will be working with some of the brightest minds in the IT Outsourcing and Business Process Outsourcing industry. In a family-like environment, you will feel connected to your colleagues; working with smart, cool, open-minded and supportive people that are passionate and motivated about their work. TELUS International is proud of its team members and shows this through continuous recognition and support.


Interested in moving to Romania and joining the tech revolution? Work for TELUS International and discover the endless opportunities and progression routes available to you in Romania.


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