Why work in Ireland?

Why work in Ireland?

More and more multinationals are choosing to base themselves in the Irish capital and as a result, the economy has risen in recent years. As the amount of work in Ireland increases, what better time to consider the Emerald Isle as a destination for work and travel. We’ve picked out 10 key factors that could well persuade you to drop everything and check out all of the jobs in Ireland

Discover the reasons why you should work in Ireland

It is stunningly beautiful 

Granted, it gets its name Emerald Isle due to its green fields and this is a big part of Ireland’s cozy charm and character. If you’ve ever had a burning desire to wake up to rolling green hills and luscious countryside, Ireland is definitely the place for you.

A country for adventure 

Ireland certainly provides you with an ancient and historical landscape worth exploring. You can surf the waves, hike across the hills and mountains, walk, cycle and much more! Be sure to add these must-see sights to your list: The cliffs of Moher, Ring of Kerry, the Giant’s Causeway, Skellig Islands, Aran Islands, Glenveagh National Park, the Burren, Connemara National Park, Glendalough, and Cooley Peninsula.  

Ireland is considered the Door to Europe

This is not only because of its geographical location but also because you can find lots of low-cost flights to the rest of Europe from its airports in Dublin, Belfast, Cork, Knock and Shannon. As you can see you don't have to limit yourself to Dublin if you want to work in Ireland. 


This Irish city has plenty of personality and buzz, with a host of attractions to keep you always busy and entertained. There is also a no better place to be on St Patrick’s Day! Whether you are seeking a cultural and historical trip, or simply want to soak up the beautiful architecture you won’t be disappointed. Dublin has all of the things you could ever want from a city: castles, cathedrals, parks, shopping and don’t forget jobs! And of course, don’t forget to do a tour of the Guinness Storehouse!


If you work in Ireland, you need to learn to play in Ireland. Aside from Saint Patrick’s Day which attracts visitors from all around the world, Ireland also has art, music, literary, food and film festivals running throughout the year. If you enjoy a good party and a lively atmosphere, Ireland certainly won’t fail to meet your expectations!

A foodie’s paradise 

Ireland’s farmhouse cheese is so good it is now becoming a global phenomenon. Add a cut of cheese to a slice of soda bread after a taste of Irish stew and you will see why Irish cuisine is a lot more than just potatoes!


It’s well known that Ireland boasts some of the best pub cultures that one could wish for. Not only will you find small and quaint local pubs with a variety of local brews of beer, ale, and cider, but you will find a warm and hearty atmosphere. Irish pubs always have a great range of typical pub food, including beef and Guinness pie which you can eat along to live music. 

Low cost of living

As many countries in Europe have suffered with an economic downturn, so has Ireland. Despite the negative factors involved in financial depression, it does mean that the cost of living in Ireland is relatively cheap, in regard to rent and accommodation, in comparison to many other European countries. Once you've found work in Ireland, a nice flat and quality life are sure to follow!   

Friendly folk

It may be a popular stereotype that the Irish are generally a very merry and friendly bunch, but it’s actually back up with some evidence. In the past, Ireland has been named as the friendliest country on Earth by Lonely Planet.

Multicultural nation

Believe it or not, Ireland is also very multicultural. Many international workers, including Spanish, German and Polish have moved to work in the big multinational companies that Ireland continues to attract.

Great food and drink, merry people and plenty of job opportunities. How many more reasons do you need to start looking for work in Ireland?