5 Steps to Achieving Work-Life Balance

5 Steps to Achieving Work-Life Balance

It is the ultimate goal to have a work-life balance. We all strive for it, but, unfortunately, it is often more challenging to obtain than it should be. Working to improve work-life balance is an ongoing process - one that demands constant involvement and development.


You should not be alone in this. A good employer will understand that work-life balance is essential for the employees’ health and performance. Knowing that, they will help you achieve your goal and provide the quality of life you deserve.


If you are wondering how a work-life balance can be achieved, read on for our top tips supported by a case study from a real-life company!



  1. Pursue a job you enjoy


Easier said than done - we know. However, finding work that gets you out of bed in the morning for more than just necessity is crucial to achieving a healthy work-life balance.


Your job doesn’t have to represent who you are to the core and constitute the centre of your life. In fact, this could even be harmful to your work-life balance. People who enjoy their jobs a little bit too much often turn into workaholics. 


If you have trouble differentiating between your job and hobbies, they may soon blend into one. This way, you can find yourself working overtime and not giving yourself enough opportunities to wind down. 


That being said, don’t pressure yourself in your quest for “the perfect job”. The perfect job doesn’t exist. Not everyone is lucky enough to pursue their dream career, and that is okay. 


There are so many opportunities linked to your main field of interest. In most cases, it is our profession that finds us, rather than us who hunt down the profession. 


For example, work in the Customer Experience sector is often undervalued. The truth is, it is a perfectly fine job offering countless opportunities for development. Starting from there, you can grow in the direction of management, leadership, operations, marketing and communications, or HR and recruitment. 


It is a great starting point for careers in other departments - or an attractive path to continue on its own. By pursuing a customer experience role in renowned companies, you may be given the chance to work for global giants. You will help solve issues every day, which will provide you with a feeling of fulfilment and a sense of purpose.


Another approach is not to focus on a tailor-made position but find a good employer. It is the company and its people, not your role itself, that will get you going in the long run. 


Webhelp Greece offers countless opportunities for language speakers in the domain of Customer Experience and B2B Sales. Their company culture and benefits create an excellent working environment, which is why so many employees who want to improve their work-life balance choose them as the place to grow. 


  1. Live somewhere you like


The key to maintaining the work-life balance is to understand that there are two factors which require an equal measure of attention: work and life.


Having an enjoyable job takes care of the former aspect. However, in the strive to achieve the perfect work-life balance, we often forget that taking care of our private life is equally crucial.


There are 168 hours in the week, and only 40 of them are spent at work. Eight hours a day from Monday till Friday leave you with plenty of time to enjoy outside of the office. What you do with it - and where you spend it - is entirely up to you. This is why liking where you live is so important. 


There is a place in Europe with a rich history, a low cost of living, a high quality of life, beautiful landscapes, and 300 sunny days throughout the year. It sounds too good to be true, but we guarantee this true paradise on Earth really exists!


Athens, the capital of Greece, is the perfect place to develop your professional career and enjoy a thriving private life at the same time. If the only thing preventing you from moving there is fear of the unknown, don’t worry!


Webhelp Greece is actively looking for language speakers to join their team in the state-of-the-art headquarters located in the heart of Athens. More than that, they provide relocation packages for every new employee moving to this beautiful city from within the EU.


The support includes a one-way ticket to Athens from your home country, airport transfer to the hotel, and 2 weeks of paid accommodation until you are ready to move into your permanent new home.


Moving for work in another country comes with a lot of paperwork, which might seem daunting to some. However, here, too, you can expect help from Webhelp! A team of professionals will assist you in completing all the documentation necessary to join the team in Greece. You can also count on them in obtaining your social security card and opening a local bank account. 


If you are an EU citizen willing to start your adventure in Athens, your dream opportunity at Webhelp Greece is within your reach!


  1. Look for a company offering you more than just working space


40 hours a week may not seem like a lot compared to the total sum of hours during the week. However, it is enough to care about how you spend those 8 hours a day.


Working on interesting projects which allow you to showcase your full potential is something every employee deserves. Webhelp acknowledges this through the Internal Mobility Program. This scheme allows employees to switch between projects and be rewarded by advancing to higher positions. 


There are more than 5 openings for positions of manager or supervisor within the company every month, and ambitious candidates from various departments can aim to work towards them. 


More than that, you can also expect performance-based bonuses next to your regular salary. You will get the opportunity to be rewarded for a particular project if you do well as an individual or as a team. 


Continuous development is also supported through various training and coaching programmes. Each project comes with a training period of 2 to 4 weeks, during which you will hone new skills required for completing the project and making your way up in the industry. 


The kind of courses you can expect include - but are not limited to - foreign languages, communication skills, software proficiency, leadership and management, and emotional intelligence.


However, Webhelp doesn’t only care about its employees from 9 to 5. The work-life balance is offered through other benefits, such as the WebHEALTH programme, which covers various initiatives outside of working hours. 


It also provides you with private insurance, so your work-life balance won’t be affected by having to worry about your health and long queues to the doctor. 


Being an employee at Webhelp also gives you access to the free gym area, Pilates, yoga classes, and even massage sessions! Making sure you relax and decompress after work is key to maintaining a healthy work-life balance, so opportunities like this one are an excellent example of a company respecting their employees’ right to a work-life balance.


  1. Find an employer who will respect your boundaries


By a show of hands - how many of you have had to work overtime at least once in your career?


Are we right in assuming there are a lot of hands in the air?


Now, how many of you have been accurately rewarded for all those extra hours?


No hands raised this time? We thought so. 


Being forced to work overtime is a death sentence to achieving a work-life balance. Now, it is perfectly fine to do it of your own volition. Sometimes, we all need more time to finish a task, or pick up extra hours to make an extra buck.


Unfortunately, working past the clock-out hour is not always our personal choice. There are still employers who show little respect for their employees’ private life and require them to spend evenings or weekends at the office without their outright approval.


Greece is known as a relatively relaxed nation - albeit a hard-working one. The standard working hours at Webhelp are 8 hours a day, 40 hours a week. This is slightly less than the Greek standard of 42 hours per week. 


You can use those 2 extra hours you would spend working somewhere else by working on your work-life balance, for example by making use of the gym facilities available at the company. 


Additionally, at Webhelp, you are entitled to 20 and up to 25 days of paid annual leave, plus 9 days of bank holidays per year, during which you are not required to work. 


There is a possibility of working on the weekends, depending on the project you’re involved in. However, you can be sure that you won’t be asked to go beyond the 40 hours stated in your contract without relevant compensation. 


Depending on your role, project, and department, you may also enjoy a hybrid working model and work-from-home days at Webhelp Greece. However, given the state-of-the-art premises, a majority of the employees prefer to arrive at the office every morning - and throw in a relaxing yoga session once they’re already there!


  1. Take care of your mental health


There is a direct connection between your mental well-being and the work-life balance. It is easy to spiral when we feel stressed, overworked, and exploited.


Webhelp understands the importance of nurturing its employees’ well-being. In their own words, they are a people-focused company. They put their people at the centre and recognise that a relationship between an employer and employee is give-and-take.


They do not expect you to give without receiving anything - other than salary - in return. They believe that in order to expect results, they also need to provide something extra on their side. This is why they offer a range of attractive benefits, to show the employees that they care.


The WebHEALTH initiative promotes both physical and mental health. Aside from sports facilities at the premises and private insurance, you can also count on receiving mental health support.


Inter-personal relationships and the atmosphere at the office also play a crucial part in making employees feel well mentally. At Webhelp, you will receive multiple opportunities to get to know your colleagues better and form bonds through regular team-building activities. 


Nobody wants to feel like nothing more than a number at work. Mental health support and a people-centred approach make Webhelp the perfect place to work if a healthy work-life balance and a good quality of life are your priorities.


What company has the best work-life balance?


Webhelp Greece provides an excellent work-life balance through various initiatives on many levels. You can expect to receive support in the areas of your physical and mental health, coaching and training, career development, financial bonuses, strong community, and international opportunities.


Working at Webhelp allows you to set clear boundaries between your professional and private life. You are given numerous opportunities for growth without having to sacrifice your personal freedom and feeling exploited.


You deserve the possibility to be acknowledged and rewarded for your hard work during the day, and rewind once you leave the office and go home. At Webhelp, your career development doesn’t have to come at the cost of your private life.


There are definitely many reasons why Webhelp was voted the 2nd best workplace in Greece and the 1st BPO company in Greece!


So, to answer the question of how a work-life balance can be achieved - one way to do it is to apply for jobs at Webhelp Greece. There are dozens of positions with different languages on our job board, so you are sure one that fits your requirements and language skills. 


Do not forget for one moment that you - along with every other employee out there - deserve a healthy work-life balance. Being able to draw the line between professional and private life increases our performance at work, and our general well-being outside of it. 


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