Guest Blog: We, young Europeans looking for an opportunity abroad!
Young europeans from Goeurope

Guest Blog: We, young Europeans looking for an opportunity abroad!

Would you like to work abroad? Meet Violeta Rustarazo, who managed to secure a traineeship at the European Commission. 


My name is Violeta and I am from Spain. I would like to share with you my experience as a trainee in the European Commission, in case you are interested to join this opportunity, would you maybe? Working in the core of the European Union could be a dream for some young graduates, as you have the opportunity to get to know how the European project works, and have the chance to better understand how is working inside an European institution and its connections between Member States, other European institutions, stakeholders, etc. Well, I applied for that when I finished my university studies, and I would really recommend you to try! These traineeships allow the participants to acquire a professional experience in one of the services of the Commission.

So, first of all it is important to know that the indispensable requirement is to be an university graduate coming from one of the Member States of the European Union, (although it is also open to a certain number of persons from third countries). Then, to have a good command of English, at least, is recommended (as it will become your working language!). Before applying, read carefully all the application process and… I would suggest (before applying) to read about European policies (as Europe 2020 Strategy, for instance), and have a look to the structure of the European Commision. Then, you might highlight in your motivation statement that you are reeeeeeally interested in the position.

There are 2 traineeship periods each year, starting in October or March and last five months. Remember!

  • - To start 1st March, applications open July-August of the previous year

  • - To start 1st October, you must apply from January to March

You will find all the information at Traineeships office.


During the 5-months internship I felt everyday was a worth experience, I met so many interesting people with different backgrounds, all of them full of energy, motivation and with an international spirit.

But I would like to give you a piece of advice BEFORE applying for a position like that:

If you are still studying, or you are aged 18-30 and you would like to have a first European experience (that will be valuable when selecting you for a traineeship in the Commission), first try with an Erasmus grant (studying abroad for an academic period), or an Erasmus placement (short-period working experience abroad). But why not volunteering during 6 months- one year abroad (European Voluntary Service)? Or…just spending a week abroad, learning about social entrepreneurship for instance, in a non-formal context and together with other young Europeans? There are plenty of opportunities to go study, work and train across European Union… would you like to know more about that? Decide to Go Europe, gain experience and… explore all the opportunities that are waiting for you! Good luck!


To know more, visit Go Europe's site:

Jul 1, 2015 by The ELJ Team

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