Day 5 - Where In Europe Is Your Native Language In Demand?


Europeans are becoming more and more open to the exciting and adventurous prospect of moving abroad for work. Many use their native language, which is usually much more valuable outside of their own country and can help them to secure a job in a brand new destination.

Are you excited about the idea of moving to a different country and learning a new language? See where in Europe your native language is in demand... you might be surprised!

We have compiled the list below based on the current vacancies we are advertising but there are lots more opportunities in a variety of languages for all of the below countries, so don´t forget to check out the Europe Language Jobs job board to see all of the possible places you could move to with your native language!



Jobs in Portugal



Native Languages: Italian & Dutch

We are advertising lots of exciting opportunities in Lisbon, Portugal. If the beautiful Portuguese towns, beaches and landscapes aren´t enough to persuade you to move, surely the demand for your native language is! Admirers of Portugal, check out the other language jobs in Portugal on our job board. 


Jobs in Greece



Native Languages: Danish & Finnish

Danish and Finnish speakers, it´s time to pack your bags and venture to Greece's beautiful and historic capital, Athens. Been looking for a move to a different culture? Greece is the word! (Pardon the pun!) Check out the exciting Danish speaking and Finnish speaking roles on our website. Is Greece your dream destination? We have other opportunities in different languages, check out the exciting jobs in Greece on our job board. 


Jobs in Spain



Native Languages: French & German

Looking to relocate but don´t want to venture too far from your native culture? Well, French and German natives, it looks like Spain is the destination for you! Check out the exciting French-speaking and German-speaking roles on our website. If you are dreaming of moving to Spain, we have other language opportunities too! 


Jobs in Malta



Native Languages: English & Swedish

Ready to take on a new life on a sunny Mediterranean island? Malta is the place to be. The weather stays considerably pleasant all year round, which is certainly a bonus for English natives and of course, the cost of living is considerably less than Sweeden. Don't forget to check out the other opportunities Malta in a variety of different languages on our website.


Jobs in Bulgaria



Native Languages: Polish & Portuguese

Sofia is one of Europe’s fastest-growing economic capitals and more and more companies are choosing to base themselves there. So if you’re a Polish or Portuguese speaker, get packing because this is the country that is looking for your language the most. At Europe Language Jobs we have seen a boom in the number of jobs listed in this incredible country, so why not take advantage of it, there are lots of jobs in Bulgaria for a range of different languages, check them out!



If your language isn’t on the list then why not check out the opportunities on our job board. Filter your language and the country you want to move to and take the first step on the road to an adventure abroad! Remember, the languages and destinations above are just some suggestions, there are thousands of opportunities on our website in different locations with a demand for different languages. 


Do you have another location in mind? Maybe it´s time to think about what language you should learn next to give yourself an advantage!


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I want to study German and French

posted 10 months ago by Rashid Seleman

Must starting to learn German

posted 10 months ago by Zlatko

I could go to Bulgaria as Portuguese is my mother tongue or Spain and Portugal as I speak French fluent.

posted 10 months ago by Juliane

I am surprised to know that companies are relocating to Bulgaria

posted 10 months ago by Juliane


posted 10 months ago by Sibora

Wow, I am truly surprised to find Hungarian language jobs offered in Bulgaria. Who would have thought...

posted 10 months ago by Elissa


posted 10 months ago by ROXANA


posted 11 months ago by Shimaa


posted 11 months ago by Jón Þór

I'm going to live in Portugal

posted 11 months ago by Danielle