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Who are we?

We are a team of young, dynamic and creative individuals, passionate about working in Europe and who believe in the added value that having languages and international experience can bring you both professionally and personally.

Our job board forms an online meeting point in which companies and candidates that are searching for new and exciting multilingual opportunities can make their match.

We are constantly on the lookout for new innovations that have the potential to change your future, aiming to ensure that our user-friendly and personalised services make finding the right job or candidate a better and simpler experience.


The company's vision: 


  • To be a vital reference in the European employment sector.
  • To provide a personalised service that is tailored to your circumstances and goals.
  • To continuously work hard to ensure the quality and effectiveness of our services.
  • To be a team that puts humility and empathy into all that we do.
  • To be a source of motivation and positivity for our online community.


Why join us?

We are an approachable, reliable team devoted to providing multilingual expats with the best job opportunities in Europe. Our dedication to motivating and inspiring our online community to achieve their goals is what makes us proud leaders in our sector.

This is because we value and respond to feedback, exceeding users’ expectations by being ready to adapt to their needs.

So if you're a candidate already living abroad, fancy a career change, or simply want to fulfil your dream of working abroad, let us help build your future!

If you’re a company looking to recruit the best international profile to join your team, we will provide you with the service you need to help you achieve these goals

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Director at Europe Language Jobs


 Carlos Valcárcel

The driving force behind our company is Carlos, a Santander-born Administration and Economics graduate with a passion for sports. From high school to MBA level, he used his studies to travel the world, from the US to Poland, to Ireland.





                                    Inês Martins  

Team Lead Greece, Portugal and Spain  



Petra, Account Manager at Europe Language Jobs


Alma Ambrúžová

Team Lead Central and Eastern Europe


Isabela Rekhoum     

Account Manager for Portugal and Italy   




Despina Kyriacou

Account Manager for Greece and Cyprus.


Sanya Irinina   

Account Manager for Bulgaria   




   Madalina Florea 

   Account Manager for Romania




Raquel Robles    

Account Manager for Spain    


    Jenny Phung 

    Key Account Manager





Viktoriya at Europe Language Jobs


Viktoriya Draeva

Marketing Specialist



Ema Markešić    

SEO Specialist     


     Paula Álvarez Lameiro

     Marketing Specialist



Stefani Dimitrova     

Strategic Partnerships Coordinator     



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