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Who are we?

We are a team of young, dynamic and creative individuals, passionate about working in Europe and who believe in the added value that having languages and international experience can bring you both professionally and personally.

Our job board forms an online meeting point in which companies and candidates that are searching for new and exciting multilingual opportunities can make their match.

We are constantly on the lookout for new innovations that have the potential to change your future, aiming to ensure that our user-friendly and personalised services make finding the right job or candidate a better and simpler experience.


The company's vision: 


  • To be a vital reference in the European employment sector.
  • To provide a personalised service that is tailored to your circumstances and goals.
  • To continuously work hard to ensure the quality and effectiveness of our services.
  • To be a team that puts humility and empathy into all that we do.
  • To be a source of motivation and positivity for our online community.


Why join us?

We are an approachable, reliable team devoted to providing you with the best multilingual job opportunities in Europe. Our dedication to motivating and inspiring our online community to achieve their goals is what makes us proud leaders in our sector in social media.

This is because we value and respond to feedback, exceeding users’ expectations by being ready to adapt to their needs.

So if you're a candidate looking to launch your career somewhere exciting, fancy a career change, or simply want to fulfill your dream of working abroad, let us help build your future!

If you’re a company looking to recruit the best profile to join your team, we will provide you with the service you need to help you achieve these goals.

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Director at Europe Language Jobs Carlos Valcárcel:

The driving force behind our project is Carlos, a Santander-born Administration and Economics graduate with a passion for sports. From high school to MBA level, he used his studies to travel the world, from the US, to Poland, to Ireland. When he’s not out swimming or running marathons, he works hard to manage our team and push for more and better services.






Account Manager at Europe Language Jobs


Mirjam Maarleveld:

Our energetic Dutch sales manager, Mirjam, brought her experience in customer service and recruitment to our office. She is a highly motivated professional with a positive ‘can do’ attitude, she loves teamwork and a challenge.  She is always looking for new solutions and opportunities. Besides that she loves all the good things that life has to offer and she fell in love with Barcelona.




Hana RoučkHana, Account Manager at Europe Language Jobsová:

Hana is our Account Manager and she comes from the Czech Republic, where she graduated from Global Business and Management. She supports globalization and she loves to talk about cultural differences. She is very excited about living in Barcelona because of its unlimited options. She is a fashion lover, passionate dancer, and fan of a healthy lifestyle.





Sandra, Account Manager at Europe Language Jobs

Sandra Pantoł :

Sandra is Polish but was born in Austria and there she spent half of her childhood. After obtaining her Bachelor degree in International Economic Relations in Poland, she did her Erasmus in Spain and received a Master's degree in International Business in English. She fell in love with Spain and so decided to move here for a longer period of time. She is currently getting to know Barcelona and falling in love even more. She is passionate about snowboarding and scuba diving.





Jorge at Europe Language Jobs

Jorge Marcos Martos:

Jorge is our Account Manager for the Spanish market. He has been working in many places before arriving in Barcelona. He loves travelling, learning foreign languages, cooking and beer.





Amy Shaw, account manager at Europe Language Jobs

Amy Shaw:

Amy is one of our account managers from England. She is currently studying Language with Tourism at Sheffield Hallam University and moved to Barcelona after a semester in Italy. In her free time she loves travelling, playing tennis and going to the gym.





Eva Exmann at Europe Language Jobs

Eva Exmann: 

Eva is born and raised in the Netherlands and studies International Business and Languages in Rotterdam. When she had the opportunity to join the team and change the rain for the sunny Barcelona she did not think twice. In her spare time she loves to travel around the world and eat great food.





Ines Martins at Europe Language Jobs Inês Martins :

Inês is our Account Manager for the Portuguese and Nordic Markets. She's from Nothern Portugal and did her studies within Management fields. She has just completed her Masters in Sweden. She enjoys discovering new places, baking and listening to music, especially in concert.






Niels Bolt, account manager at europe language jobsNiels Bolt:

Niels is an account manager from The Netherlands, who is currently studying International Business and Management in Rotterdam. He came to Barcelona to experience a new culture and to enjoy the traditional Spanish food: Tapas! A positive addition to this is the sunny Spanish weather.In his spare time he enjoys listening to music, visiting the beach, hanging out with friends and playing tennis.











                                                                             Dan at Europe Language Jobs                                        Dan Needham:

Dan is from Nottingham in the UK. He's in charge of all of our content creation in social media and the blog page. In his spare time outside of the office, he likes traveling and sports, especially football. 







Snezana at Europe Language JobsSnezana Michailovskaja:

Snezana is a multidisciplinary designer whose work encompasses brand identity, motion graphics, packaging, advertising, websites and mobile applications.  After gaining a degree in Creative Industries moved to sunny Spain. Snezana is passionate about arts design, sports and music.







             Rugilė Antanavičiutė:rugile at Europe Language Jobs

Rugile is from Lithuania, but she is getting her Bachelor’s degree in Denmark. Rugile loves to constantly move forwards and gain new experiences though traveling and meeting new people.





Viktoriya at Europe Language JobsViktoriya Draeva:

Viktoriya is one of the newest additions to the marketing team from Bulgaria. She completed her studies in Business & Marketing in the UK and relocated to sunny Spain. In her spare time, she enjoys crafting, loves visiting art museums, and she is proud to be a long-time Red Cross volunteer.






Alessia at Europe Language JobsAlessia Rezzano:

Alessia was born and raised in Italy, before becoming a world citizen. Her studies in Chinese and International Management, together with her passion for travelling and foreign languages allowed her to live in many places of the world and experience different cultures. She is a dynamic and curious person, always desiring to learn new things and challenge herself in different situations. In her free time she loves discovering new places, taking pictures, practising sport and cooking.







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