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Legal Terms and Privacy Policy of Europe Language Jobs


These Legal Terms apply to Users that access and use www.europelanguagejobs.com. The website at www.europelanguagejobs.com (hereinafter, Europe Language Jobs or Website) is owned by Europe Language Jobs S.L.



1.1 Users. 

Europe Language Jobs is a meeting point for individuals that upload their curriculum vitae (CV) and companies that post job offers or other services addressed to individuals. The term “User” as used in these Legal Terms applies to both individuals and companies. Only individuals older than eighteen or companies that have sufficient legal capacity to conclude a contract, according to their respective legal systems, and that have not been temporally or definitively blocked by Europe Language Jobs from using the Website are authorised as Users. 

1.2 Acceptance.

Use of the Website indicates your consent and full acceptance of the conditions set forth in these Legal Terms. Moreover, this means that you agree to use the Website in accordance with the conditions set forth herein and any other applicable regulations. 

1.3 Specific terms.

Use of some services offered to Users through the Website may be subject to specific terms that, in some cases, substitute, complete and/or modify these Legal Terms. Therefore, before using such services, Users must read the specific terms carefully. In particular, Users who post job offers or other products and services are bound, in addition to these Legal terms, by the specific contract conditions that apply to the contractual relationship for posting job offers or other products and services. 

1.4 Modifications.

Europe Language Jobs may modify the design, outlay and/or configuration of the Website, at any time without previous notice. Furthermore, Europe Language Jobs may modify some or all the services offered, may add additional services and may revise these Legal Terms, at any time without previous notice. Any modification will be enforceable from the date of publication and any subsequent use of the Website will be subject to the new Legal Terms, therefore we recommend that you to read them carefully.



2.1 Registration.

Prior registration as a User is required in order to benefit from the services at Europe Language Job. Users must fill in an initial electronic application form and accept Europe Language Jobs’ Legal Terms and privacy policy. Once Users have completed the electronic application form and accepted the Legal Terms and Privacy Policy, Users will receive an email, sent to the submitted electronic address. Users that register a company must have their company account validated by Europe Language Jobs before they can use the Website.

2.2 Registration Information.

Information provided during registration and any other information submitted on Europe Language Jobs must be true, up-to-date, accurate and complete. For this purpose, the User warrants the authenticity of any information filled in the application form necessary to register for the services available at Europe Language Jobs or any information submitted on the Website. Europe Language Jobs provides no guarantee regarding the information submitted on the Website by Users. Moreover, Europe Language Jobs may not be held liable for any damage, whether pecuniary or not, that may result from the submission or use of information on the Website.

2.3 Use of information.

Information will be used in accordance with the Privacy Policy, which should be read and accepted by Users before completing the registration process. Registration on the Website involves acknowledgement and express acceptance of the fact that Europe Language Jobs may disclose, to third parties, some of the information included in each registration submission. With the CV Search feature, companies will be able to access your profile, including your personal information and attached documents.

2.4 Password.

Users are responsible for the custody of their passwords, which are personal and non-transferable. Moreover, Users will be held responsible for any damages arising from undue use, transfer, disclosure or loss of the passwords. In this regard, access to restricted areas and/or use of Website content after logging in with a password will be deemed to be performed by the corresponding User, who will be held liable for any damages resulting from access or use with full indemnity to Europe Language Jobs. Users must immediately inform Europe Language Jobs of any activity that may entail a risk of access and/or use by an unauthorised individual or company.



3.1 Free Access.

Access to europelanguagejobs.com is free, notwithstanding the fact that some services for companies offered on the Website may be charged in accordance to the specific contract conditions provided by Europe Language Jobs. Access for candidates is free of charge.

3.2 Responsibility.

Users acknowledge and accept that they access the Website at their own risk. In this regard, Europe Language Jobs does not provide any guarantees regarding the use, services or content of the Website.

3.3 Limitations.

Europe Language Jobs may set forth limitations and/or additional terms regarding use and/or access to the Website and/or to the contents of the Website, at any time without notice. These limitations and/or additional terms shall be binding upon Users from the date of publication.



If the customer is a recruitment or selection agency, jobs may be advertised with the brand logo of the customer or the agency. If the customer is an advertising agency, jobs can only be placed with logos or trademarks of the client who in turn is the customer or end user as specified in the invoice. Europe Language Jobs reserves the right to suspend the services of the customer and access details if Europe Language Jobs has reasonable cause to suspect that the customer is in breach of this agreement or any terms of use stated in the contract.


5.         INVOICE

Unless otherwise indicated in the invoice, invoices should be paid within 30 days from the invoice date. Europe Language Jobs may charge interest at the applicable rate established by law on any amount not paid by the due date. Fees paid for services are non refundable, except subsequent to termination due to a breach of the agreement by Europe Language Jobs, in which case Europe Language Jobs will refund the Customer the full amount previously paid for the services.



6.1 User Obligations.

Users agree to: 
•    Diligently use the Website and the available services in accordance with the applicable Law, these Legal Terms and any applicable specific Terms. Moreover, Users are obliged to duly respect other Users; 
•    Set a Username (email address) and password, which will be diligently ensured and used;
•    Keep all the information submitted to Europe Language Jobs permanently updated;

•    Comply with these Legal Terms and abide by the applicable regulations when using the contents and services on the Website. 

6.2 General Prohibition.

Users agree not to use any of the materials and/or information on the Website for any purpose deemed illegal, expressly prohibited in these Legal Terms or which may be contrary to Europe Language Jobs’ and/or third parties’ rights and/or interests. Users will be held liable to Europe Language Jobs and/or third parties for any breach or violation of the said obligations and/or for any damage, ruin, overload, submission and/or dissemination of viruses, interference with the proper use of materials and information on the Website, the information systems, documents, files and any kind of content stored on any computer owned by Europe Language Jobs or any of its Users.

6.3 Prohibitions.

Users are forbidden, among other prohibitions, to do the following: 
•    Display, distribute, transmit, adapt or transform, by any means and/or form, the Website content (texts, designs, graphics, information, database, audio files, pictures, logos, etc.) or any other part  of the Website, unless they are previously authorised by the lawful owner or if they are allowed by law. 
•    Advertise, offer or distribute legally protected goods and services, unless they are authorised by Europe Language Jobs, and particularly, to advertise any franchise, pyramid scheme, “club membership”, distributorship or sales representative agency arrangement or any other business opportunity which requires an upfront or periodic payment by the employee, only pays commission, requires recruitment of other members, sub-distributors or sub-agents, or to include 803, 806, or 807 phone numbers.
•    Promote or incur in anticompetitive behaviour, aiming at progressive client recruitment (as chain systems, snowballs or pyramids).
•    Disturb other Users (especially through unsolicited email (spam)).
•    Use mechanisms, software or scripts on the Website. 
•    Aggregate, copy, modify, alter in any fashion the Website, unless it proves necessary for correct use of the Services (e.g., copy through search devices such as “Robot/Crawler”), or to get or attempt to get the Website contents using means and procedures different from those provided on the Website or, generally, those ordinarily used on the Internet given that they not entail any risk or damage to the Website. 
•    Take any action that may interfere with the proper working of Europe Language Jobs’ database, computer systems or Website, especially by overloading it, damaging the physical and logical systems of Europe Language Jobs, its providers and/or third parties via any means.

•    Delete or revise any material posted by any other person or entity, and attempt to access, use and/or manipulate data from Europe Language Jobs, third party providers and/or other Users.
•    Delete, hide or manipulate notices about copyright and intellectual property rights or any other identification data of Europe Language Jobs or third parties. 
•    Send messages that may obstruct or interfere with the proper working of the services offered by Europe Language Jobs.

Users that intentionally or negligently breach any of the aforementioned obligations will be held liable for any damage that may arise as a result.



7.1 Guarantees on Users’ Content.

Notwithstanding the general obligations accepted by the User set forth in the previous section, Europe Language Jobs does not allow distribution, management or content disclosure that may be deemed unlawful or that may deteriorate the quality of the service. Therefore, submission of the following content is forbidden:
•    Unlawful content according to national, European or International law;
•    Legally protected content (e.g., by copyright, intellectual property law, trademarks, patents, utility models or design rights), without authorisation;
•    Offensive or defamatory content;
•    Pornographic content or content that infringes child protection legislation, or content that advertises, offers or distributes pornographic products;
•    And generally, any content that infringes the principles of legality, honesty, responsibility, human dignity, children protection, public policy, privacy protection, consumer protection, copyright and intellectual property rights.

•    Moreover, content submitted by companies may not include contact details, such as email addresses, links to alternative websites where candidates can apply, skype addresses, phone numbers, etc.

Europe Language Jobs does not previously review or control any submitted content, offer, comment, opinion or any information whatsoever provided by Users. However, if Europe Language Jobs has effective knowledge, on its own or prompted by a third party, that any submitted content, offer, comment, opinion or any other information that infringes the law, these Legal Terms or other Users and/or third parties’ rights has been submitted, Europe Language Jobs may remove it from the Website, without previous notice.  



8.1 CVs and Offers.

Europe Language Jobs does not control the quality or authenticity of the posted job offers and CVs, the validity of the offers and the companies’ legal capacity to offer jobs to individuals. Therefore, Europe Language Jobs does not guarantee the authenticity or accuracy of any job listing, offer or CV. Europe Language Jobs only acts as a passive conductor for the distribution and publication of user-submitted information on the Website. Moreover, Europe Language Jobs does not guarantee or promise any specific results from use of services provided on the Website, in particular, Europe Language Jobs does not guarantee that users will find employment or will find an appropriate employee/candidate.

8.2  Document Upload Policy.

Terms and conditions

Document Upload Policy

My app will use https://www.googleapis.com/auth/ to show a user's CV data on the applications page of my app, so users looking to hire candidates can manage their applications through my app.

Any CV uploaded to my app (Europe Language Jobs) via Google Drive, Dropbox or directly uploaded, will only be available to view by recruiters or companies that have published an offer to which the candidate has manually and individually applied. The information on the uploaded CV will be used to aid the candidates in their application to positions that they apply to.

By applying to an offer the candidate confirms that they are willing for their CV to be viewed by the company which published that offer. Only then will a recruiter or person responsible for a company’s recruitment, be able to access the CV of a candidate.

The only exception to this would be in the case that the candidate matches the profile sought by a company which has purchased the premium feature, ‘CV Search’. This allows a hiring company to search the CV database for specific profiles.  Any company which wishes to purchase this feature must be individually validated by a member of the Europe Language Jobs team, in order to maintain the security and privacy of our candidates.

8.3 Europe Language Jobs’ Content.

Europe Language Jobs is only liable for the content and services directly provided or created by Europe Language Jobs. Europe Language Jobs’ maximum amount of liability will not exceed that of any payments received from the User and will not in any event cover any indirect loss. 

8.4 Disclaimer of liability for User-submitted content.

Users accept that Europe Language Jobs will not be held personally or vicariously liable, for any damages whatsoever arisen by illegality, inaccuracy, untruthfulness or falsity of the information submitted by Users, in particular, of the identity of Users, the false representation of a User, or generally of any other information or data submitted by Users. Europe Language Jobs will also not be held liable for any damages whatsoever arising from:
•    Contracting services offered at Europe Language Jobs;
•    Users’ breach of (i) obligations with other Users (ii) applicable regulations (iii) these Legal Terms;
•    Viruses or other devices submitted by Users or third parties that may damage files or computer equipment;
•    Illegality, untruthfulness and/or inaccuracy of any content or links submitted by Users or third parties on the Website.



9.1 Cancellation or termination.

Europe Language Jobs reserves the right to temporally or definitely terminate a User’s account, at any time without notice, at its own discretion or in any of the following situations: 
•    Breach of these Legal Terms. 
•    Breach of any applicable regulations. 
•    Submission of false, inaccurate or misleading information.

•     Identity theft. 

•     Action that may cause direct or indirect damages to Europe Language Jobs, Users or third parties.

9.2 Indemnity.

Users agree to indemnify Europe Language Jobs for any damages whatsoever that may be directly or indirectly arisen from a breach of these Legal Terms, a breach of the applicable regulations and/or the infringement of rights owned by Europe Language Jobs, Users or any third party. 


Copyright © 2012 europelanguagejobs.com is a registered trademark of Europe Language Jobs S.L. All rights reserved.

This Website is governed by Spanish Law and is protected by National, European and International copyright and any other applicable intellectual property laws. 

Texts, designs, pictures, audios, databases, logos, structure, domain name, trademarks and other Website elements are protected by copyright and intellectual property rights owned by Europe Language Jobs S.L. and/or third parties that have authorised their inclusion on the Website, either by completingthe registration form or by an agreement of transfer of intellectual property rights concluded with Europe Language Jobs S.L.

Europe Language Jobs S.L. does not grant any license or authorise the use of its copyright, intellectual property rights, any other right or property concerning the Website, its services or its contents. 


If a User or third party considers that some acts or circumstances involve unlawful activities in the use of any content or any other behaviour on the Website and, particularly, if they infringe copyright and intellectual property rights (patents, models, industrials designs, trademarks and trade names, etc.) or any other rights, the User or third party should send a notification form to Europe Language Jobs including the following elements:
a)    Claimant’s personal information: name, address, phone number and e-mail address.
b)    Identification of the possible unlawful activity on the Website and if it specifically concerns infringement of intellectual property rights, precise and concrete identification of the protected rights and the web pages.
c)    Acts or circumstances that lead to the discovery of the unlawfulness of such activities;
d)    In case of rights infringement, a hand-written signature or an electronic signature, and personal identification of the owner of the infringed rights or the agent authorised to act on his/her behalf is needed. 
e)    An express and clear statement in which the claimant asserts, under his/her responsibility, that all the provided information is accurate and that use of his/her contents and other possible activities are unlawful. 

12.           LINKS TO OTHER SITES

Europe Language Jobs includes, in its content, links to Websites owned and/or managed by third parties with the aim of enabling access to information available on the Internet, in relation with the job market, professional training or other matters of interest. In no case do these links permit access of third parties to the personal data of the users registered in the Database of Europe Language Jobs.

Europe Language Jobs assumes no liability from any link between content on the Website and content in other sites or any other mention to content outside of the Website. These links or mentions have solely an informative purpose and never involve any endorsement, approval, merchandising or any other relation between Europe Language Jobs and individuals or entities which created and/or manage such content or the owners of the sites where they are included.

13.           AVAILABILITY

Users acknowledges that 100% availability of the Website is not technically feasible. Europe Language Jobs does its best to keep the Website available. Due to special maintenance, security or capacity issues, and also to some events over which Europe Language Jobs may not influence (e.g., anomalies in public communication networks, electricity cut offs, etc.), services provided by Europe Language Jobs may be temporally suspended or affected by brief anomalies. 


14.           PRIVACY

14.1 Confidentiality.

Each party shall maintain the confidentiality of specific terms and conditions of this Agreement and shall not disclose it to any third party (other than the professional advisors and / or affiliates in confidence) without prior written consent of the other party as required by law.

14.2 Data Protection.

Europe Language Jobs agrees to comply with all applicable data protection laws in force and collect and process personal data in accordance with its privacy policy. To maintain the integrity of its site, Europe Language Jobs reserves the right to send customer contact details to any regulatory authority or law enforcement when required. Europe Language Jobs can also send customer contact details where a user complaint arises.

14.3 Additional Services.

The Customer is in agreement that Europe Language Jobs can send customer details of enhancements to the services , new features and other promotional announcements (including survey research ) until the Customer provides written notice to revoke such authorisation.

14.4 Candidate Profile Picture.

The candidate is in agreement that should the candidate comment on the blog then their first name and photo will appear in the comments section. The candidate should also be aware that profile photos are visible to companies in the CV search.



These Legal Terms, including the Privacy Policy, are governed by Spanish Law. 

Subject to mandatory applicable law, Europe Language Jobs and the User, to the exclusion of any right to a different forum, acknowledge that the courts of Barcelona, Spain, shall have jurisdiction over any claim or action arising from the services and/or content offered by Europe Language Jobs, and interpretation, enforcement and compliance of the terms set forth herein.

If any part of these Legal Terms is found to be illegal, invalid or null and void by a competent authority, the remaining parts of these Legal Terms shall continue to be binding upon the Users.





We understand the importance of protecting all your personal information. We collect and process all your information in conformity to the applicable regulations.

What information do we collect?

We collect information from you when you register on our Website. This information includes your name, e-mail address, country of residence and telephone number etc. Additionally, we may collect other pieces of information which you submit on to the Website.

What do we use this information for?

We collect and process this information in order:

  •  To personalise your experience using the Website
  •  To improve the Website
  •  To improve customer service
  •  To send periodic emails
  •  To administer various features on the Website.

How do we protect this information?

The information we collect is stored by us. We implement a variety of measures to safeguard this information. Protecting this information is extremely important to us. Only our employees have access to this information. When you apply for a job on the Website, some of your information will be passed to the respective company automatically. This is done in order for the respective company to contact you regarding the vacancy you applied for.

Removing your information from our Website

If you wish to remove your personal information from our system, you can do so by sending us an email: info@europelanguagejobs.com. This email should include your name and email address.

By using our Website, you consent to our privacy policy.