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Systems Administration

Master or MBA

More than 5 years



24.000 € - 30.000 € gross / year



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Senior Network Engineer

Spain » Barcelona


The candidate has great passion toward technology and she/he demonstrate it by reading relevant books, reports, articles and other documents and by discussing new technologies in the work place and their effects on the company and on the society.

She/he can demonstrate at least to have worked as a senior Network Engineer for 5 years in a multi-lingual, international, client focus environment.

The candidate can demonstrate to be able to effectively manage the workload by retrieving the right information at the right management level, planning, provide effective communication, set clear expectations and negotiate budget and deadline considering other priorities and the available resources.

She/he is comfortable working in a dynamic environment; using a ticket system; producing the right level of documentation to effectively manage projects; producing "procedures" documentation; working on telephony platforms; working with a "continuous improvement" mind-set.

The candidate can demonstrate to deeply understand the concept of ownership and she/he is a team player.

The scheduled working pattern will be from Monday to Friday with starting time either from 8am or 9am to be agreed with the line manager. The candidate acknowledges that:

* At time, she/he will work different days/times, depending on specific business needs
* CPM will start, during 2018, an "on-call rotation program" to secure IT support for business-critical systems and the candidate will be part of it. This service will be paid on top of the gross annual salary.


* Cisco IOS Networking Switching and routing
* Microsoft Windows server 2008 and above
* VMWare ESX Server\VMWare vSphere 5.5 and above
* Citrix XenApp\XEN Desktop
* Infrastructure service DHCP\DNS\IP Routing


* Forcepoint cloud web platform
* Cisco Meraki wireless control
* Oracle SBC\ECB platforms
* Google G-Suite Management
* Call centre telephony platform


* Assists in the planning and implementation of additions, deletions and major modifications to the supporting infrastructure company-wide.
* Implements network security at the corporate level as established by industry standards, client requests.
* Recognizes necessary network improvements and makes suggestions to IT senior team.


* Support planning, managing and developing additions, deletions and modification to the telephone system on a company-wide basis.
* Makes recommendations to IT senior team regarding company-wide phone system upgrades; executes upgrades as directed by IT senior team.

Training & R&D

* Make recommendation for appropriate training for her/himself and for more junior team members.
* Maintain an R&D environment in line with IT management to test new products and services.

Internal Systems

* Take responsibility to devise most effective procedures for the maintenance of existing systems, including:

* Documentation
* Process reviews
* Success measures
* Training plans

Help Desk Administration

* Support coordinating the resolution of all corporate help desk activities.

Asset Management

* Take ownership of network device asset management.
* Oversees IT-related asset purchases on a company-wide basis.
* Manages software licenses on a company-wide basis.


* Serves as key participant in team meetings.
* Raises the company's visibility through involvement in local industry organizations.
* Confronts issues openly and quickly.
* Effectively communicates relevant IT-related information to superiors and peers in other practices.
* Tactfully communicates sensitive information.
* Handles difficult personnel situations directly, using appropriate discretion, HR advice, and respect for the individual.


* Serves as focal point for agreed inter-office IT-related matters company-wide.
* Ensures that support for around-the-clock information transfer, storage, and processing is timely, efficient and meets the service levels required.
* Assist with IT staffing and budgeting projections.


* Challenges others to develop as leaders while clarifying roles and responsibilities.
* Pursues excellence in all aspects of business.
* Possesses the expert knowledge to identify opportunities for change and the ability to convey the need for change.
* Builds expert knowledge in our industry and conveys knowledge to others.


* Evokes creative and innovative thinking from team members while helping them to bring their ideas to fruition.
* Helps to determine new, creative ways to employ teams on projects and distribute responsibilities.
* Works across practice to share lessons learned and best practices.

Client Management

* Anticipates internal clients' needs and proposes alternative business solutions.
* Continually seeks and capitalizes upon opportunities to increase internal client satisfaction and deepen client relationships.

Innovator Development

* Participates in programs relating to performance evaluations and career development planning.
* Reviews evaluations within practice for consistency.
* Support IT senior team mentoring junior IT members through formal channels.
* Support IT senior team assessing training needs and selects training tools for team members.

Internal Operations

* Easily recognizes areas for internal improvement and develops plans for implementation.
* Lends expertise to internal teams and task forces.
* Reviews the status reports of team members across projects and addresses issues as appropriate.
* Complies with and enforces standard company policies and procedures.


Systems Administration

Master or MBA

More than 5 years



24.000 € - 30.000 € gross / year