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Health and Beauty Advisor


We are a team of telephone sales specialists working under the supervision of experts with many years of experience in this field. Practice, substantive knowledge and constant improvement of sales techniques are our key to success!

About 150 specialists from different countries, of different ages and speaking different languages constitute the foundation of our company. We all share a common passion for sales and a passion for a healthy lifestyle.

We serve 12 European markets and are a strong organization with an established position. We carry out sales processes for clients from the beauty & wellness industry offering products that conquer the market and enjoy positive opinions.


If you speak Czech or Slovak fluently and want to become a health and beauty consultant, you have a chance to join our team. Do your job from anywhere in the world!


As a member of our team you can count on:

  • Introductory training conducted by our experts, which will provide you with a huge dose of knowledge and self-confidence.
  • Additional training and coaching sessions during cooperation, thanks to which you will use your potential.


As a health and beauty advisor, you will communicate with clients from the Czech Republic or Slovakia:

  • You will confirm orders and learn about customer needs.
  • You will adjust treatments with supplements and cosmetics.
  • You will sell products by phone and earn attractive commissions.
  • Necessary condition: very good knowledge of Czech or Slovak (C1).
  • Full commitment to acquiring new knowledge and implementing it in practice.
  • Willingness to constantly develop and openness to change.
  • Great courage, creativity and perseverance in pursuing the goal.

Health and Beauty Advisor