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Transaction Monitoring with Swedish



The AML Alert Specialist shall perform the following tasks:

  • Perform timely and accurate reviews on high risk consumers and potential sanction matches;
  • Perform timely and accurate reviews of AML/CTF transaction monitoring alerts;
  • Escalate any and all observations of deviations or unusual consumer behaviors indicative of money laundering/terrorism financing downstream for further investigation in a prompt and appropriate manner.


Role and Responsibilities

The AML Alert Specialist has the following responsibilities:

  • Adhere to set performance expectations (SLAs, quality standards etc.);
  • Actively obtain up-to-date  knowledge of client's AML policies, instructions and routines;
  • Identify and highlight procedural and/or knowledge gaps and improvement opportunities within the scope of responsibilities;
  • Engage with relevant stakeholders on matters concerning operational work/issues/opportunities for improvement in a structured, cohesive, and constructive manner.

Preferred background

For this role, the following experience is preferred:

  • Minimum 6 months (Analyst) / 12 months (Senior) of experience in KYC, EDD, AML, Transaction Monitoring or Compliance roles within the financial services industry or risk consulting services.
  • Relevant experience from working within FinTech, Banking, or Financial institutions; Relevant experience with operational work.


Qualifications and skills

To be successful in this role, the following is required:

  • Basic knowledge of relevant AML and CTF typologies and regulatory obligations (desirable);
  • General knowledge of the Financial Service Industry (e-commerce, BNPL, Retail Banking products and services etc.);
  • Time management skills;
  • Good communication skills both in written and verbal communication;
  • English and Swedish proficiency
  • Computer and OSINT literacy.

Transaction Monitoring with Swedish