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About us

Alphanumeric Systems, Inc., a woman-owned leader in IT services for more than 30 years, specializes in delivering robust, adaptable IT solutions that empower our clients to successfully respond to business opportunities, protect vital systems and data, and maximize their technology investments.

Our specialties include Managed Services, Professional Services, Support Services, Learning Services, and Staffing Services.

Our wide array of service offerings, and key partnerships with industry-leading vendors enables us to deliver best-fit solutions to drive significant benefits for our clients.

Working from home

We thrive on flexibility, transparency and most important, wanting our employees to balance their life between work and family.

Ever since we’ve introduced a work from home program, we’ve decreased our absenteeism rate, reduced our employee attrition rate, improved productivity and most of all continue to attract talent that wants to work from home every day!

We have one of the highest customer experience satisfaction rates in our industry, this is a reflection of our employees!

The most important thing to remember is to TRUST your employees, if you don’t why hire them in the first place?

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