5 Reasons Your CV Was Rejected

5 Reasons Your CV Was Rejected

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Rejection hurts. Especially if you had high hopes, or if the rejection was particularly unexpected.

But when it comes to job hunting, it is sometimes more simple than you think. You could be jeopardising your employment possibilities by making any one of these simple mistakes:


1.       Spelling and grammar

This seems too simple but I cannot emphasise enough what a difference it makes. According to studies, employers or recruiters scan each CV for an average of 5-7 seconds, automatically discarding those that have just 1 mistake in the writing.

Re-read your CV, or get it checked by a professional. It would be frustrating to lose your dream job over grammar!


2.       Embarrassing email address as contact

It may be inconvenient for you to open a new email address, but you will never come across as professional if your email address is ‘[email protected]’.


3.       Rambling on

Being concise is a skill, and it is never better appreciated than by recruiters. Find the correct keywords to describe the skill or experience you want to include, and keep it short. The title is usually self-explanatory (e.g. Chef = someone who cooks) so try to mention the extra tasks that your employers trusted you with.


4.       Useless or personal information

If a skill, interest, or fact about yourself does not add to your professional profile, do not include it. You may be an avid sky-diver who 6ft 7” tall, and this information, while impressive, does nothing to advance your position in the selection process. Save it for the interview.


5.       Confusing or messy structure

As mentioned before, your CV undergoes an initial evaluation of mere seconds on average, so if it is not immediately understandable and nicely structured, it will be put to once side. If you are unsure if it is clear, ask someone else to read it; a second opinion is always valuable.


Are you still unsure about whether your CV is fit to send to employers?

At Europe Language Jobs, we want you to find your dream job. So, we’ve collaborated with CV Now, an expert CV writing company which provides a world-renowned service to 100 countries in 65 different industries.

If you want to showcase your accomplishments and get your CV to the top of the stack, you can go to your Europe Language Jobs account and access ‘My Files’.

You will see the option for ‘I want to receive an English professional CV review from CVNow’. It’s as simple as that!

Happy job hunting!

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