5 Steps to Get Hired With a Successful Elevator Pitch

5 Steps to Get Hired With a Successful Elevator Pitch


Learn the 5 steps to get hired with a successful elevator pitch and secure your dream job abroad. Once you’ve mastered this method, you will be unstoppable! 


Before we begin, let’s cover the basics on how to create a successful elevator pitch: 

  • What is an elevator pitch? 

It is a persuasive speech or conversation used to draw attention and interest to your company, product, and in this case — yourself! 

  • Why is it called “elevator pitch”? 

Its name is given due to the amount of time it lasts, or should last. The presentation has to be brief and it should not go over 30 seconds.

  • How does it work? 

It usually follows a specific and brief structure: introduction, content, goal, conclusion. We will cover this in more detail in our 5 steps to a successful elevator pitch below. 

  • Where do people use elevator pitches? 

Its name is very self explanatory. However, to better illustrate it, here is a scenario: There are opportunities in life where we only get one chance to make it right. One of these opportunities can be seen as 30 seconds in an elevator next to the CEO or recruiter of your dream company, and you have the chance to introduce and advertise yourself. Make those 30 seconds count! 

  • Why is it important to know how to build an elevator pitch? 

It will help you network, embrace job & life opportunities, and help yourself become your own spokesperson and self representative. This strategy is very helpful for expats, who have just arrived in a foreign country and haven’t had the chance to meet people yet. 


(Now that we have a better understanding of the basics…)


Let’s follow 5 steps to create your personal elevator pitch: 

1.     Introduce Yourself 

Who Are You? This step is extremely important as it is your first direct contact with your target audience. Make sure to be confident, respectful, and clear. Introducing yourself should always include your full name and your current status, such as a job title.You could also use ice breakers, such as weather comments. 

2.  Mention Your Current Role

What do you do for a living? It is okay if you aren’t currently working, or if you are a student or recent graduate. However, remember to state it confidently. If you’re searching for job opportunities and you don’t have a job at the moment, you can always mention your previous role. If you’re a student or recent graduate, make sure to tell them what you majored in. 

3.  Express Their Value to You

Why is this audience important to you? This step will help your target audience feel more connected to your speech because you’re expressing why you cared enough to introduce yourself to them. Here you can mention something you’ve read about them, or a specific product they provide and you’ve used and enjoyed, or even a company’s ethic you admire. 

4. State Your Goal

Why should everything you just said matter to your target audience? Make sure to state what it is that you’re looking for. Perhaps you’re in search of a job, or a partnership, or want to learn more about a certain industry. This step will help your audience understand your purpose.   

5. El Grand Finale

Before saying goodbye, make sure to hand them your business card or ask them for theirs. If you don’t already have a business card, you might want to consider getting one. It is very useful and it can come in handy when it comes to situations like this. In addition, it will avoid having to write down their contact information, which could take longer and could possibly cause impatience since people have other things to do.



Tips Worth Remembering: 

  • Remember to keep it short! It should last a maximum of 30 seconds.

  • Be confident and respectful while conducting the speech.

  • Practice in the mirror as many times as you need. You will notice it will become natural at some point.


You will now, with these 5 steps to get hired with a successful elevator pitch, be able secure the job opportunity of your dreams. Oh, and don’t worry If you forget any of the steps, you can always return to Europe Language Job's blog page and re-read this article.