5 Ways to Get Away With Not Having Enough Professional Experience

5 Ways to Get Away With Not Having Enough Professional Experience

Have you ever found yourself in the middle of a job interview, where the recruiter asks you: “Can you tell me a little bit more about your professional experience?” 

If you immediately cringed by just reading this sentence, keep reading. We will figure out 5 ways to get away with not having enough professional experience during an interview.

Most of you might be saying out loud, “how is it possible that companies require work experience, but at the same time, they don’t give out the possibility to have experience at all, by not hiring us?”

While most companies require 3-5 years of  professional experience, there are many entry level jobs and internships, which don’t require as much hands on knowledge. Those tend to be the perfect opportunities for students or recent graduates looking for a chance to get their foot in the door.


1. Learn How to Pitch

In other words, understand what makes you unique and develop 2-3 sentences to promote yourself to the company/position you’re applying to. Imagine you find yourself in the elevator with the CEO of a multinational company you would love to work for, you’ve got 1 minute to “sell yourself,” what would you say? If you'd like to improve your presentation skills, make sure to practice at home, with your friends, with your family, or with whoever might have a thoughtful insight for you afterwards.

2. Why This Job? Why This Company?

Make sure to research the company you’re applying to. Show them why you are interested and why you chose them instead of all the other ones. In addition, convince them they need you in their team. Although you might not have enough professional experience, you still have life experience; life teaches us soft skills, which are also important and essential in the workforce.

3. Direct/Lead the Recruiter to Your Strengths, Not Your Weaknesses

During the interview, focus on your strengths and qualities, not your weaknesses. At this point of the interview and by reading your resume, the recruiter is most likely aware that you don’t have a strong professional background, but there is more to you than only work knowledge. Perhaps you have international experience and know languages, or maybe you play an instrument or play different sports. Target your strengths and get away with not having enough professional experience.

4. Be Eager to Learn

Yes, you might not have enough professional experience; however, prove to them that you have the desire to learn and become better.

Multiple employers and their respective recruiters value proactive employees and sometimes they rather teach someone from scratch than re-teach someone and add the company’s style to them.

5. Trust and Believe in Yourself

There is only one of you in this earth, and consequently, the company meant for you will also be able to see your uniqueness. However, you will first need to trust and believe in yourself before anybody does, too. Therefore, use your time wisely to improve the person you are and the professional you want to become. 

*If you ever find yourself in an interview and you haven’t experienced the workforce, make sure to refer to these 5 ways to get away with not having enough professional experience*

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