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We are ending the second week of the challenge with a strong focus on social media as an integral part of your job search. Today we will go through a series of steps to undertake that will get you the professional outlook that recruiters are looking for in candidates’ social media profiles.

There are two main social media networks that recruiters and hiring managers will check before interviewing or hiring you: Facebook and LinkedIn. For employment purposes, we highly recommend using both but it's important to be wary of what you post on these platforms and how you portray yourself, a 2018 survey by Career Builder found that 70% of employers screen candidates through their social media presence and 57% found online content that made them reject a candidate!

It's time to clean up your Social Media profiles and start making the most out of Social Media in your job search:

  1. 10 Steps to Boost your LinkedIn Profile
  2. How to Make Your Facebook More Employer-Friendly
  3. How Employers Use Twitter & Instagram to Screen Applicants 


10 Steps to Boost your LinkedIn Profile


LinkedIn is a Social Network for professionals, it´s a place to display your skills, your experience, share work-related content, connect and network with other professionals and of course, follow your dream companies! LinkedIn is generally the best social media platform to find a job and is used for most professions and industries. There are other alternatives to LinkedIn that are also worth signing up to, such as Xing, Opportunity and more!

LinkedIn is a great place to start building your personal brand, highlighting your profession, skills and interests for other professionals to see - you never know who might stumble across your profile! 


1Update your headline

Use a striking headline that will attract the attention of your target audience, include keywords related to your job sector, your job title, location and your interests.  Grab attention with a strong headline: "Marketing & Communications Assistant at Europe Language Jobs | Writing Creative Content for European Jobseekers" rather than "Marketing Assistant"Make the most out of your 120 characters!

2. Write a summary

Just like your headline, your summary should grab the attention of your target audience. You should use strong keywords to improve your chances of being discovered, write an engaging personal statement about yourself, convincing potential employers to connect with you. Include: What you do, why you do it, what interests you and what you are looking for. 

3. Professional Image & Cover photo

Use a professional LinkedIn profile image of just yourself with a clear simple background, avoid any personal photographs out drinking or eating & definitely no group shots! Your cover photo can showcase your job sector, it's common for people to use a professional stock image of an office or desk, this shows professionalism. 

4. Add experience

Include your current and past positions with a clear paragraph outlining each position, using bullet points to outline your daily tasks and remember to use keywords! Don't be afraid to show yourself off, add any certifications or achievements to this description too. 

5. Network

Start connecting with people you know on LinkedIn. These may be people from your school, previous jobs, friends, family and local recruiters. Try to keep your connections relevant to your industry and start connecting with other professionals and recruiters too! Make the most of the opportunity you have to network with recruiters, employers and other people on this platform. 

6. Skills & Endorsements

Add a minimum of 10 skills to your profilethink of keywords related to your industry, for example - Marketing, SEO, Google Analytics, Content Writing, Social Media Promotion etc. It´s always nice to endorse your connections for their skills to give their profile a boost too - hopefully, they will endorse you back!

7. Share Relevant Content

Now that your profile is nearly complete, it's time to add your content! Your content should be relevant to your industry. For example, a User with a headline about Graphic Design would benefit from sharing Design related articles, videos etc. Sharing this type of content shows that you have a genuine interest in your industry and helps to build and maintain a strong personal brand.

8. Recommendations

After connecting with a few familiar faces, you can start requesting recommendations (we recommend asking people first). Be polite and provide them with recommendations too. It looks great if you have at least a couple of recommendations on your profile to show that people would recommend you as a professional. 

9. Follow Your Dream Companies

Find your dream companies on Linkedin, follow them, try to engage with what they post and keep yourself up-to-date with their company updates and news. Never miss an opportunity to engage with them!

10. Search For Jobs

LinkedIn is a great place to search for jobs. The job board feature is extremely easy to use, you can filter by location, sector, job type and more. Nowadays, most companies have a Linkedin presence and advertise their positions on there, so it's worth having a browse. 


Make sure you keep your profile up-to-date and take full advantage of each of the above features. There are also some LinkedIn Alternatives that offer great professional exposure online and can help to give you that extra boost in your job search! 


How to Make Your Facebook More Employer-Friendly


In previous years, Facebook wasn't branded as much of a 'professional social network' and recruiters only really used this platform to 'spy' on candidates, checking to see if they were the right 'cultural fit' for their company and to check their overall professionalism. In the last year and a half, Facebook has become much more of a professional network since the introduction of their job feature. This feature has proven to be very useful to companies, allowing them to advertise their vacancies for free to their biggest fans! This is even more of a reason to clean up your profile and start networking with your dream employers...


1Tidy up

First things first, check your photographs, videos, posts - there might be some content worth deleting for the sake of your career. 

2. Check your privacy settings

Of course, you might want to keep some personal content on your profile - photographs from holidays, parties, etc. but our best advice is to make your profile private to avoid anyone from finding anything that might ruin your chances of getting hired!

3. Update your profile and cover photos

The images you use online should be an honest, up-to-date representation of yourself - this can be smiling, laughing etc. but try to keep it professional. 

4. Add friends

Search for ex-colleagues, school friends, current friends, family members and more. People who you don't mind showing your content to. 

5. Join Groups

Search for career-related groups, you can usually find these by searching for your job sector or the location you are looking for work in. For example - Graphic Designer Job: Creative Heads or Manchester (UK) Job Opportunities. Lots of recruiters and companies post their job opportunities in these groups so it's a great way to job hunt. 

6. Follow Companies

Find your dream companies on Facebook and follow them. This will help you to keep up to date with their company news and updates. You can use this as a research tool to find out lots of useful information about their company. 

7. Create Pages

This won't be relevant to all of you but if you have a business or a creative hobby/interest, why not create a page on Facebook to share your work, not only will this help you to gain exposure, but it's also an extra thing to add to your CV - showing how proactive you are! 

8. Search For Jobs

As we mentioned, Facebook added the job search feature last year and now your profile is more or less ready, it's time to discover some opportunities! 

9. Search For Events

One advantage that Facebook has over LinkedIn is the option to find events. Use keywords to search for events that may be interesting for your industry. For example, by searching 'Marketing' in the events section, you may find a workshop closeby or a free course that will boost your CV. It's the perfect way to discover key networking events in your industry! 

10. Share Relevant Content

Share content that will attract your target audience, this could be in groups or on your own profile. Facebook is also a great place to share your own content, gaining exposure to your work! 


How Employers Use Twitter & Instagram to Screen Applicants


Again, be careful what you post on these platforms as these are some of the main social media profiles that recruiters use to screen candidates! It's important to portray a professional image and to adjust your privacy settings accordingly. You can use both Twitter and Instagram to search for jobs too, follow relevant companies, search relevant career-related hashtags. For example - #MarketingJobs #TechJobs or more generic hashtags such as #WereHiring or #BarcelonaJobs. You never know what opportunities you might find!


Building a Professional Online Presence During Job Search


Depending on your career, you can use some Social Media platforms to showcase your work, show off your skills, network with people in your industry and most importantly, search for jobs! Social Media has opened great opportunities to network and communicate more freely with your dream employers! So start showcasing your work now! 

Photographers, upload your work to the following sites:

Designers, there are lots of free online portfolio sites to show your work off:

Writers, we recommend building your own blog and start posting your work online. There are lots of free blog platforms to use:


Obviously, not every career will benefit from using online portfolio sites and other social media platforms so these may not apply to you and your industry. If we haven't mentioned your career above, we recommend doing some research to find out if there's anywhere you could be adding your work or building a presence online that will help you to stand out from the other competition. 


It's time to follow our 10 steps for LinkedIn and Facebook and showcase some of your work online. Recruiters and hiring managers will be impressed by your professional online presence and hopefully, this will help you to stand out from the crowd! Make sure that you add your LinkedIn profile URL and relevant portfolio sites to your CV as clickable links! This gives the recruiter the ability to view your work straight away and shows that you use your initiative when job searching!  

Take some time during this weekend and improve your social media presence so that it works in your favour when looking for a job! Next week we are getting the ball rolling with job applications and more exclusive career advice from specialists in the field. 

Oct 16, 2020 by The ELJ Team

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