Our 4 Ws and How Germany is the Next Destination for Expats in 2024

Our 4 Ws and How Germany is the Next Destination for Expats in 2024


Are you an expat trying to find your next destination? Whether you are looking for new job opportunities or just a change in scenery, Germany should be in your top 5 list of next destinations in 2024. Why? Well.. This article will cover our 4 Ws (What, Which, When, and Why) and How Germany will be the next destination for expats in 2024.


Germany’s food traditions, culture, incredible landscape, and attractive economy aren’t the only positives about this stunning country. Yes, you better believe it! Keep reading and find out the 4 Ws and How Germany should be your next destination in 2024.


1.     WHAT can Germany offer to expats in 2024? 


Overall Germany can offer a very comfortable life for expats, especially for families. Here is why:


  • Education system: The education system is very strong and there is a broad range of options to choose from. While most schools are free, the ones that don’t have a very low fee. Generally, kindergarten and state schools have no cost. Moreover, those looking to expand their education through master’s programs, will find incredible institutions specialized in digitalization and science, even in English.

  • Security system: Germany’s security system is well developed, offering safety and peace to its citizens/population.

  • Lifestyle: If you were born to be a traveller and enjoy every little aspect of it, Germany was made for you. Other than offering its own traditions, food, holidays, and habits, Germany encourages travelling. By being in the center of Europe, it makes it easier to go wherever your heart desires. In addition, the country has lots of museums, galleries and opera houses, such as the one in Frankfurt.

  • Professional Career: If you’re looking for your next career move, this is the main reason why Germany should be your next destination in 2024. The country offers a variety of job opportunities for all industries and candidates profiles. 


2.     WHICH are the main jobs in demand in Germany?


When it comes to pursuing a professional career, Germany is one of the top countries to be in. It has a very international work environment, with more than 170 nationalities. The top jobs in demand are:


  • IT Jobs: Although most jobs require German knowledge in this field, there are many multinational companies that do not. However, you must have a deep knowledge of the subject to apply.

  • Scientific Research: There is a variety of opportunities when it comes to scientific research, especially in the pharmaceutical industry. Some powerful examples are: Merck, Sanofi, Fresenius, and Stada.

  • Engineering: Just like the IT Jobs, most vacancies require German knowledge, but international companies offer more flexibility in regards to languages.  


When it comes to Frankfurt, the financial industry is the predominant field. It has approximately 200 financial institutions, of which more than 75% are foreign. The city also includes the European Central Bank, the German Central Bank, the Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (BaFin), and the European Systemic Risk Board (ESRB).


In general, technical jobs are the go-to in Germany. However, there are tons of other vacancies available for expats with a different professional background, even for those who don’t have a lot of experience.



3.     WHEN is the best time to move to Germany?


As the title even mentions, Germany is the next destination for expats in 2024, as they are offering a variety of opportunities for foreigners and language speakers. 


Before moving to Germany, make sure to take a few German classes to know the basics. It will be easier to integrate and adapt to the system. In addition, it is always useful to conduct some research on topics that spark your interest. You will have a better picture of what you are getting into, such as the job market and the environment.


However, if you only speak English, you won’t be left out. There are many tripadvisers that are always available to assist. 




4.     WHY is Germany the next destination for expats in 2024?


Germany is the next destination for foreigners because it will keep you on your toes with such a fast-changing society. It will force you, in a positive way, to get out of your comfort zone and master all aspects of life. Furthermore, it will show you how being proactive can open your horizons and invite you to new experiences.



5.      HOW can the program CAsalon guide your career path in Germany?


For those who don’t know, CAsalon is a program providing business & career coaching for internationals wishing to move to Germany. This being said, it is important to state that if you have no clue about how things work in Germany and you aren’t that much into research, contacting specialists might be an option for you.


CAsalon has more than 20 years of experience with the German market and its industries, as well as a great understanding of different cultures, offering great networking opportunities.  


If you are an expat trying to find your next destination for 2024, take a look at our 4 Ws and how Germany is the perfect answer for you. It doesn’t only offer a high quality of living, but also incredible personal & professional growth opportunities. If you have already been to Germany and have other amazing tips, let us know below!  


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