Why do an internship in Amsterdam

Why do an internship in Amsterdam

Studying at university provides a tidal wave of knowledge and the best way to invest your understanding of theories and subjects is by taking part in an internship programme. To enhance this further, why not work abroad? Where, do you say? Look no further, this list will tell you why doing an internship in Amsterdam may be the best decision you will make in your life, so far.


Quality of living in Amsterdam:

The infamous motto: “work hard, play harder” rings false when employees devote their entire life to work, with employees investing over 2000 hours per year in countries such as Mexico, South Korea and Greece. Netherlands, on-the-other-hand, ranked first for work/life balance in 2018 - reflecting the high happiness rating of its inhabitants. In addition, companies such as StudentJob, a vacancy board agency, heavily invests in its interns. With free lunches, opportunities to play football and ping pong, as well as beer o'clock Friday, they leave you feeling excited to work, every day.

a relaxed friendly work culture in amsterdam

A relaxed & friendly work culture:

Business work culture is crucial for creating a friendly, productive and enjoyable atmosphere. With many countries embracing the strong divide between its bosses and employees, the Netherlands prides itself on managers working alongside their counterparts, only showing authority when needed. Dress codes are normally relaxed, meaning you can throw on that summer dress, or cotton t-shirt and avoid sweltering in hot temperatures whilst wearing a drab suit.


Fun jobs for interns:

Internships can appear boring to some students, with repetitive work, grey offices and mundane responsibilities. Choosing an internship in Amsterdam will break down that stigma and will leave you excited for work every time! StudentJob offers internship programmes to lucky candidates and in return you can embrace creativity, handle many responsibilities and immerse yourself in the city culture through company-funded canal trips, even an annual festival! Sounds fun? Of course it does! Register now and find your own internship in Amsterdam and experience this for yourself!


No need to worry about the lingo:

Working abroad is a brilliant opportunity, however, what stands in the way, is learning the language. Do an internship in Amsterdam and you will never struggle with communication. English is the business language that is widely used here, over 72% of the population speak English fluently therefore, it is not a requirement to speak Dutch, so much so it has sparked conversation regarding the Death of Dutch. Lost in the city? no issue - the locals are notorious for speaking English and they are always willing to help. Jobs that require English speakers are so common in The Netherlands that it has caused somewhat of an issue in the 


Lots to do in Amsterdam:

Working in the City is fantastic, living in Amsterdam is even better. Doing an internship in this historically beautiful location will make you feel like you are on holiday for the entire year. The nightlife, canals and the endless cultured museums will leave you struggling to fit it all in! With excellent transport links, you can also travel outside the city and visit neighbouring hotspots like Rotterdam, The Hague and Leiden!

fun jobs for interns in amsterdam

So there you go, hopefully you can see why doing an internship in Amsterdam will be so much fun for you thanks to the fantastic work-life balance, awesome activities and opportunities for travel as well as the easy transition from your home your country thanks to the friendly, native level English speakers you will find here! Find your accommodation in Amsterdam here.


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