Why and How You Should Write a Dazzling Cover Letter

Why and How You Should Write a Dazzling Cover Letter


When it’s that job hunting time again, we can get so wrapped up in preparing the perfect CV that we forget to pay attention to the conversation that goes along with it.

These days, it’s all too easy, since we often send applications over email with the CV attached:


Dear recruiters,

I am writing to apply for the position of [job offer] in your company.

You will find my CV attached to this email for details of my professional experience.

I hope to hear from you soon.

Yours faithfully,



Look familiar?

As it happens, this is not a bad way to begin. But would you want to call this candidate in for an interview? Unless this person has unmatchable experience on their CV, the recruiter will be looking for a few other things:

Things the recruiter is looking for:

  • A conversation

    It is likely that the recruiter has spent time creating and publishing the job advertisement to try and filter out and find their perfect candidate. They need you to respond and contribute to your half of the conversation, explaining why their offer is interesting to you and what you can offer them specifically.
  •  A voice

    Each CV is written with more or less the same, informative quality, providing little insight into the drive, motivation, or passion of the individual. Unless you want them to process your application mechanically, show them that you are not a robot.
  •  A quality check

    It is relatively easy to structure a CV well, but a cover letter takes careful thought and quality of writing. A well-prepared text will speak volumes about the effort and skill you have invested in the application.


Of course, it is by no means impossible to find a job without a cover letter, but if you want to wow your potential employers, here are six tips on how to write a cover letter that achieves the 3 goals above:


Six cover letter tips:


1.     The Conversation Thing matters

As mentioned, the conversation that begins when you read a job offer needs to be addressed. Make sure you read the offer well and respond to the recruiter reflecting their tone and demonstrating that you have considered their needs so that you...


2.      Know the company

Don’t just reel off your strengths; show them how your strengths will benefit their company and the role specifically.


3.       Be personal

Though not too much. Your CV can sometimes be sent unchanged to every company, but in your cover letter it will stand out if you are not directing your letter to the company in question (see #1 and #2)


4.       Your cover letter is not your CV

Make sure that you are not repeating the information that the recruiter can find on your CV. Give them new information; if you can, think of something that you are proud of that you were unable to fit on your CV.


5.       Write as you mean it

Job hunting can be a chore, but try to write this letter in a sincere way, focusing the language so that it compliments your communication skills and shows where your passion lies.

p.s. This is a good reason to avoid clichés. Being a ‘team player’ will make you sound less passionate and more like a template.


6.       Believe in yourself

Don’t hesitate. Don’t be unsure of whether this job is for you. Don’t apologise for anything you think you lack. Just go out there and smash it. If you believe you deserve the job, the recruiter will too.


It may take time to achieve the perfect cover letter, but the effort will not go to waste.