Best Paying Remote Jobs You Can Land in 2023

Best Paying Remote Jobs You Can Land in 2023

Remote jobs continue to be popular and desirable even with the pandemic restrictions have been lifted. More and more companies are offering such an opportunity to their employees. 


Moreover, 16% of companies worldwide are fully remote. 85% of managers believe having a remote working team will become a new norm. All these numbers prove that remote jobs will only expand to different fields and grow in number in the next year and on. 


The market for remote jobs is expanding to various areas and positions. Some of the top hot opportunities currently on the market are remote crypto jobs, remote software jobs, social media management, remote copywriting and many others. 


This article discusses the benefits of these remote job opportunities, the platforms to find them and what is paid best.


What are the benefits of working remotely?

Remote job opportunities have shown many benefits. According to FindStack, most people opt for a remote job to maintain a better life-work balance. It is closely connected with time management.


Without the need to commute to the office and back home, you save some good time a day which can benefit your personal life: be it time for hobbies, cleaning or your family and friends, travel and get experience abroad. 


It is also a good opportunity for parents to work and care for their kids. Remote jobs offer more flexibility with working hours. With some positions, you can work when it is convenient and not necessarily 9 to 5. Such a flexible schedule gives more freedom for maneuvering for parents with young kids.


Some less obvious but essential benefits are making lunches at home, which are both healthier and more economical than take-outs or lunches at the cafeteria. Additionally, switching attention to making lunch or coffee helps relax and recover during the day. 


Also, it is hard to deny the convenience of working in the comfort of your home on a rainy day or having no need to dress up for meetings. For one reason or another, the home office attracts more and more employees.


How to find a remote job?

Before you find a remote job, evaluate your skills and strengths, prepare evidence of your competence, such as examples of work, certificates, diplomas and other documents. It is very important to evaluate your knowledge and skills.


Not every professional can go to work remotely. Many skills are not in demand outside the office. 


Create a suitable truthful resume that clearly describes your knowledge and skills as a good specialist. And here the main question arises: where exactly to look for remote work?


They are looking for remote work in the same place as a regular office job - on the Internet. As demand grows, more and more job search websites are popping up. Here are a few sites where you can easily find the right job for remote work.


  • Europe Language Jobs' main focus isn't remote jobs, but they encourage travel and relocation. Since the digital nomad lifestyle is becoming more popular these days, and many countries are introducing special digital nomad visas, they constantly work on expanding their offer of work-from-home positions.

  • Upwork is the platform where you can find all sorts of projects available for you to apply. You will definitely find something to match your expertise and experience among the wide range of offers.

  • is a jobs searching platform offering the possibility for employers to post their projects and employees to create a profile. It claims to have more than 55 million users from over 247 countries around the globe.

  • LinkedIn is a profile social network for job search. HR-specialists from various companies are looking for employees here, so it is important to correctly fill out information about your skills and experience, participate in professional discussions and establish contact with specialists from the field of interest.

  • PeoplePerHour offers an opportunity to hire experts per hour or project. It suits those job-seekers who prefer a more flexible working schedule and employers who need people on demand or for a particular project.


Depending on the field you are most interested in, you also have a possibility to look for platforms that have more focus on a particular area as well. 


What are the best-paying remote jobs?

While the salary depends on many factors such as certification, education, experience, particular specifications and sometimes country of employment, let's discuss the average base salaries of the best-paying remote jobs.


  1. Network Architect
  2. Data Scientist
  3. Solidity Developer
  4. Remote Developer
  5. Content Writer
  6. Social Media Manager
  7. Cybersecurity Engineer
  8. Project Manager
  9. Virtual Assistant
  10. Web Designer


Network Architect 

A network architect is responsible for the design and construction of data networks. The networks they operate on can range from small local area networks (LANs) to larger wide area networks (WANs) as well as intranets.


These professionals also manage the computer network infrastructure to keep it running efficiently, including installing routers, cables, modems, and other necessary hardware and software. The salary of a network architect is approximately $63,240-$168,890 per year.


Data Scientist 

A person working as a data scientist is a specialist whose responsibilities include creating tools to solve business problems. To do this, you need to use the skills of building machine learning models and data analysis. Employees in this position earn about $125,053 per year


The profession of data scientist implies a junction of three areas of knowledge. These are programming, statistics and machine learning. Using algorithms that were invented earlier and understanding their application is the main essence of the work of data science.


Solidity Developer


The only niche for professionals in the solidity jobs is blockchain projects for businesses and startups related to cryptocurrency. Such specialists have the opportunity to work in two directions: the development or audit of smart contracts.


The main responsibilities of Solidity Developer are designing and implementing an Ethereum-based system, integrating the developed systems into the company's products, monitoring the performance of smart contracts, training staff to work with Ethereum smart contracts, setting up and testing ready-made applications, and compiling technical documentation for projects. Solidity Developers earn from $50,000 to $225,000 per year.


Remote Developer

If you are interested in joining the IT sphere or are passionate about writing codes, doing so remotely is great. They earn between $75,000 and 125, 000 per year. Senior employees earn more than that on average, which only adds to the motivation to improve.


Content Writer

Content writers usually create exciting and engaging content to help brands showcase their products. On average, content writers make between $50,00 and $70,000, with some even reaching $100,000 per annum. If marketing is any of your interests or you have been working in this field, you can quickly go remote. 


Social Media Manager 

The social media manager is usually responsible for the company's communication with the public through various social media means. While the job requires some creativity and knowledge of social media processes, it also requires the knowledge of content strategies for medial social platforms. Social media managers can make around $60,000 per year.


Cybersecurity Engineer

Cybersecurity engineering deals with looking for and eliminating vulnerabilities in the company's software systems, networks and data centers. With many cyber security job offers, finding something remotely that matches your experience level may be more accessible. The average salary in this position makes $125,000 and 155,000 per year.


Project Manager

Project managers are usually responsible for planning and developing the project; They manage the team of specialists who implement the ideas in real life. Remote project managers at entry level can make around $50,000 per year, But with more experience and more significant projects and teams to manage, the salary can go up as high as 150,000 per year.


Virtual Assistant 

Each virtual assistant position is slightly different in its responsibilities. But still, there are some moments that are standard for this position in any company. Basically, employees at virtual assistant jobs provide support to their employer and company customers. 


They are responsible for answering emails, preparing letters and applications, transcribing documents, coordinating calendars and schedules, and arranging travel arrangements. They also help clients focus on other aspects of their work by performing administrative tasks. Virtual assistants earn approximately $21,000 - $56,000 per year.


Web Designer 

Web designers are specialists whose tasks include the visual design of websites, landing pages, web applications and emails. Their main responsibility is to create a functional resource that will be intuitive and useful for the visitor, as well as lead the customer to the goal. 


The work of web design masters begins with the preparation of a technical task in which clients describe their goals and target audience, show pages that they like visually and functionally. After that, an estimate is drawn up indicating the timing and cost of the work. Web designers earn approximately $65,083 per year.



Remote job opportunities are on the rise and will continue to be doing so as more and more employees find such a mode attractive. Remote jobs offer many benefits, as many people believe they are more productive when working from home and balancing work and private life better. 


While opting for the remote work mode, it is not necessary to fear a pay cut. Many remote job opportunities offer the same salary or sometimes even more. So, you should not worry about this aspect of remote employment. 


Should you be willing to switch from in-house to remote, you can always rely on many job-seeking platforms to help you find the dream remote job in the field of your interest.