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Living abroad

Ever wondered how to get paid outside your main job as a polyglot? Read the 5 Ways to Make Extra Money Using Your Languages and share it with your multilingual friends!

May 5, 2021 by

What's the latest news on the new working from home rule in Germany? Read about updates, working from home benefits, and future proof jobs here.

Jan 31, 2021 by

One thing that is for sure when becoming an expat is, that building a social life is a hard task. Having to balance that with a career is even harder. Here we discuss some of the tools to help you kee

Sep 1, 2020 by
Guest Blogger

Europe Language Jobs presents you how to be a successful expat while living in Prague! Everything you need to know to be prepared and to experience the city.

Aug 28, 2020 by
Guest Blogger

Living in Athens : The Ultimate expat Guide 2021. Everything you need to know about finding a job, getting around Athens, finding a place, and cost of living.

Aug 27, 2020 by
Guest Blogger

Living in Lisbon : The Ultimate Expat Guide 2021. Discover how to find jobs, get around, activities to do, the cost of living, and get inspired to relocate to this sunny city.

Aug 26, 2020 by
Guest Blogger

The only and ultimate expat guide when living in Krakow, Poland. Check out the blog on how to look for work, the best ways to get around, things to do, and much more.

Aug 25, 2020 by
Guest Blogger

This is a detailed guide to Malaga for expats in 2021. Learn their culture, language, cost of living, how to find a job, and much more.

Aug 24, 2020 by

This is a complete guide for expats who plan to be living in Bucharest. Learn about how to look for work, cultural experiences, activities to do, and much more.

Aug 21, 2020 by
Guest Blogger