Create Your Impossible Future

Create Your Impossible Future


In my professional life, I am surrounded by young people trying to create their own future and it seems to me that the majority of us are following the same path. A path that our family and society has directed us down. 

It usually goes something like this: finish school, go to university, maybe do a masters degree, find a job, work hard, get promoted, retire and then… well you know what happens then. It can feel like our whole life has already been designed for us. Every once in a while, it could be a good idea to stop and think about what we really want to be doing with our lives.



The world is changing faster than it ever has before. We are living in exponential times. For 20 year olds, this means that the possibility of simply following in the footsteps of their parents’ generation is no longer a realistic option, despite the pressure from that generation that we often feel to do so.

A Harvard University investigation stated that by the age of 38 we will have had an average of 14 different jobs. So how are we supposed to make our families proud and follow the path of tradition in such an ever-changing world?

The answer is simple. We have to break free from this old-fashioned idea and create our own path, most importantly: we have to follow our hearts. There are thousands of people in the world with the same university degree as you, and so the only way you are going to be better than them is by doing what you love. Passion breeds success and you are only going to be truly great at something if you are truly passionate about it. So my first piece of advice for you is: find what you love and follow your heart.



Nowadays, knowledge and theory are no longer the most crucial factors that companies look for. The ways and reasons we learn – as well as the things we learn - has changed significantly. Everybody has access to all the information in the world with just a few clicks on their computers, making the demand for raw human knowledge less.

What really makes a difference is having experiences, creativity and ideas. These developments have made the playing field more level than ever. With passion on their side, drop-outs, people who struggle with exams and the “less academic” among us have a chance to buck the trends of the past and compete with the big boys and girls in the modern world.

Companies need people with ideas, people who know how to tackle setbacks and those who have traveled and seen things maybe other candidates haven’t. Travelling makes us more mature and it gives us a lot of life experience, as well as independence. So my next recommendation: go abroad! Be your own leader and find out what you want to do with your life.



 Here are four further sources of inspiration and extra advice on how to start creating your “impossible” future:

  1. Steve Jobs speech in Stanford University 2005 
  2. The Element, by Sir Ken Robinson.
  3. Register at Europe Language Jobs and find a job that really motivates you that can help you start building your future.  
  4. Fight for your dreams. “Don’t let anyone tell you that you can´t do something


We all have to find what we love and we must work hard to get it. We need to create our own paths in life under our terms and conditions, a path only for us that will lead us to a future that today seems all too distant and unachievable but, in reality, is closer than we think.

To conclude: passion makes the impossible, possible.

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