CV Tips From Recruitment Experts - Lufthansa InTouch Brno

CV Tips From Recruitment Experts - Lufthansa InTouch Brno

What do recruiters want to see in a CV?

Our CV tips from recruitment experts are provided today by Andrea Blažková (Recruitment Team Leader) and Tereza Žižlavská (Recruitment Specialist) at Lufthansa InTouch Brno, located in the Czech Republic. Their responsibilities include reading CVs, conducting job interviews and dealing with any new hires. 

They are currently recruiting Air Travel Consultants to relocate to the Czech Republic. You can discover more about the role here.  

Both Andrea and Tereza are experts in their field and their tips should help anyone to create a killer CV. 


1) What do you first look for in a person’s CV?

The first thing that I look for is the language skills on a candidate’s CV. For the roles we recruit for, we are looking for candidates with specific language skills, so it is essential that people include language skills in their CV and display them in a clear way, especially the level which they speak at. 

We also pay close attention to how a CV is structured and how easy it is to read. Skills are important too, and we will normally try to find out more about this in the actual interview. 

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2) On average, how much time do you spend looking at a CV?

Around 30 seconds-1 minute. It depends on how long a CV is and how it is structured.


3) Do you read CVs manually or do you use tools such as a keyword scanner?

We use an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) when inserting CVs into our database where our system is able to read and rewrite important information such as name and contact details. For this purpose, the most suitable format would be DOC or PDF format. 


4) What common mistakes do you see in candidates’ CVs?

The main mistake for the positions that we hire for would be not including their language skills. Each position needs a specific language so it is essential to include them. Sometimes candidates make the mistake of including an incorrect language level, saying that they speak it to a much higher level than they actually do. For us, this is very easy to spot since we do language assessments as part of the interview stage. 
They also make the mistake of not making the CV relevant enough for the position, which shows that they have not put much thought into it. 


5) What are your best tips for candidates when writing a CV?


  • Make sure you include your language skills and include the correct level of proficiency. 
  • Keep your CV short, recruiters don’t have a lot of time to read an unnecessarily long CV. Make details brief and to the point – include relevant details about your experience. The maximum length should be 2 pages. 
  •  Always make sure your grammar is correct, this can be something that can make or break your application.
  • Always proof-read your work to find any mistakes. You should also ask someone you trust to read over it so spot anything that you might have missed. 
  • Include details in your employment history such as name of employer, dates, and include brief details about the position.
  • Avoid adding unnecessary information such as marital status and irrelevant hobbies to the position in your CV. 
  • Make sure you make the CV relevant to the specific position that you apply for. If it is obvious that you have not done this can show that you cannot pay attention to detail and therefore you are not suitable for the role. 


During an interview, we often ask questions about a candidate's background and experience. For many people, they find it difficult to remember all of these details which can look unprofessional on their part. Therefore we recommend producing a well-written section on your experience and to memorise these relevant details before attending the interview. 

In Summary... 

Our CV tips from recruitment experts should help anyone to create a killer CV. When applying to a position that requires language skills it is important to display your language skills and the level at which you speak them in a clear way. It is also important to make your CV more brief and only include the important details. In addition, CVs should be kept relevant to the specific position and unnecessary information should be omitted. 

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