How a Job Search App Can Make Job Hunt Easier

How a Job Search App Can Make Job Hunt Easier

We are proud to announce the release of our newest feature - the free mobile GoPlaces app can now be downloaded for Android and iOS! 


How is it different from using our website?


Imagine having the entire EU job market literally at your fingertips: you are always logged in, are informed about new, attractive offers being added to our job board, and are able to apply for vacancies that interest you with only one swipe.


Sounds pretty awesome, right?


If you think it’s great, then let us tell you more about all the features of our GOPlaces app. 


  1. Filter search results to match your preferences


You can apply filters to look for jobs in your dream destination - browse by top cities and countries in Europe. If you’re not sure where you want to go, that’s okay, too. You are also able to search for vacancies with your native language, or any other language that you can speak fluently. You can also search by the company name, and each company has their own minisite, where they describe its values and list all the offers they currently have available.


What’s more, you can filter your search by types of employment: full-time, part-time, or work from home positions. And the cherry on top of the cupcake? It’s also possible to enter a specific keyword into the search bar at the top to see if there are any positions available in your desired sector. 


The goal is to make your job search as quick and effective as possible, so feel free to experiment with all the filters!


  1. Not sure what to do and where to go? Use the “Discover” feature!


If you’re not in the mood to bother with a manual search, we’ve got your back. We have developed a whole new version of the “Discover” function that you won’t find on our website. You will see job offers that best match your profile - going from the most to least relevant. But the part that makes it more fun than the website is that all you need to do is swipe left or right, depending on whether you like a particular offer or not!


You won’t have to lose time scrolling through vacancies that are neither here nor there anymore. The job listings that you’ll see first will be the ones that you’ll find the most interesting, allowing you to use the time you’re saving by not having to scroll for hours on end on more productive tasks (like perfecting your CV or cover letter). You’re welcome!



  1. Create a candidate’s profile that will make your job search easy


Creating your profile will not only give employers an insight into your professional life once you apply, but will also allow us to learn your preferences.


Upload your CV, add contact details, education, skills, and experience - but that’s not all! Aside from the standard information, you can also provide details such as the field of work you’re interested in, your desired destination, whether you’re willing to relocate for work or not, even the minimum salary you’re expecting. 


Once you tell us all those things, we will be able to show you primarily offers that match your skills and personal preferences. The more we get to know you, the better we can help. Once you go to the “Discover” section of the app, the first offers you will see will be tailor-made for your profile - provided said profile is updated with the necessary information.


Adding the essential details about yourself will also be very useful for the companies that will check out your profile - completing your account will work to your advantage, as it can help you stand out and be noticed in the recruitment process!


  1. Apply quickly and easily - anytime, anywhere, using just your phone


Think how much more productive it would be to scroll through job offers rather than endless social media feeds whenever you have a free moment. With the Europe Language Jobs' GOPlaces app, you will be able to apply for jobs anywhere - waiting for food, on the train, or queuing at the supermarket. All it takes is one swipe!


The “Discover” section is as easy to navigate as a dating app: if you like a job offer, swipe right - your profile will be automatically sent to the employer. If you’re not interested in a particular vacancy, swipe left - and don’t worry, you will always be able to revisit those offers in the “Discarded” section. 


It’s as simple as online dating, except we can guarantee no heartbreaks! And once you find the perfect match, the reward will be much bigger than just butterflies in your stomach. 

  1. Get job alerts to stay up-to-date and get a headstart


So you already have 2 options: either invest time in searching for jobs manually, or use the quick and easy “Discover” section. But what if we told you that there’s a third alternative that’s even faster and more effortless than the other two?


Imagine sitting at a cinema and receiving a notification about a new, interesting job offer that has just been added to our job board. We do all the work for you: our GOPlaces app sends you personalised job recommendations while you spend your time doing what you enjoy. 


Not only that - receiving push notifications will also guarantee that you’ll be one of the first candidates to apply, as you will be informed the moment the vacancy gets published on our platform.


  1. Save favourite jobs for later


Applying for a job only takes one swipe, but if you need time to think an offer over, don’t worry! You can add jobs to favourites and revisit them later. If you think a particular vacancy may seem attractive to your friend, sending it over is also possible! You can share the job listings with others via various social media channels such as Messenger, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, or Gmail. 


  1. No in-app purchases


Last - but not least - we’re happy to let you know that our Europe Language Jobs GOPlaces app is totally free. And it will continue to be free for as long as you plan on using it! There are no in-app purchases, no Premium trials, and no need to pay for unlocking more job offers.


We believe that in the job search process, all that matters is the individual’s motivation, experience, and skills - not how much money they invest in the process. We want to give everyone equal treatment and let them stand out thanks to their own achievements, so we will never ask you to pay to get further in your job hunt. 


We think you get the gist. The best way to learn about all the superpowers of our GOPlaces app and test them in practice is to simply download it! We want to give you an amazing opportunity - we hope you will take advantage of it. 


So don’t hesitate - hit the App Store or Google Play, download the app, and GOPlaces!