Jobs in December: why you shouldn't stop your search

Jobs in December: why you shouldn't stop your search


Jobs in December usually receive much fewer applicants than usual - as we get closer to Christmas and with the cold in the air you could be forgiven for bringing your search to a halt.

However, perhaps unbeknown to many, December can be a fruitful month to find a job – you could be missing out on some fantastic potential opportunities out there. 

With less competition, it’s a great time to stand out from the crowd and potentially start the new year with your dream position! 


Why you shouldn't stop looking for jobs in December


Your competition is less active


Many people hold the false belief that there are no opportunities to be found in December, so they are less active throughout the month.

December can, therefore, be a great time to take advantage of the less active competition, therefore improving your chances of finding a job. In addition, it’s a great way of showing your desire and commitment to potential employers. 


Companies have extra budget


As the year draws to a close, some companies find that they have the remaining budget to hire more people for positions that may not have been available.

There are many positions that they want to hire for, but due to budget constraints, they may have had to put them on the back burner until now and focus on the positions with higher priority.

Keep an eye out for these positions becoming available in December! 


Hiring managers are more available


December is a time where many people opt to take holidays – meaning that there are less internal matters for hiring managers to deal with. The overall number of applicants is much lower, meaning that your application should give them more excitement than usual. 

This should free up more time for them to check applications and for them to read the finer points of your CV. 

Like salespeople, hiring managers have targets too, and filling these extra positions might see them receive an extra bonus. 


Many people quit in December


For many companies, December is a popular month for those quitting their jobs. There can be many reasons for this, such as holiday bonuses, or even wanting a new start. 

This means that more positions can become available towards the end of the year – and hiring managers will be desperate to fill them. Make sure you stay aware of new positions opening so you can take advantage!


A great time to network

Christmas is a time of celebration, meaning that there should be lots of parties taking place in December. 

Often these parties will be full of new faces, giving you the perfect chance to meet new people and broaden your network.  

You never know who you might meet! 


You can relax during Christmas

If you find a job before Christmas you can take a well-deserved rest and enjoy your holidays without the stress and worry of having to find a job afterwards. You can, therefore, enter your new job in January fully focused and with your batteries recharged. If you're living abroad, check out our tips on how to spend Christmas away from home.


Jobs in December usually receive fewer applicants meaning that this is a great time of the year to really make yourself stand out and have a much better chance of finding a job. With extra budget becoming available and people potentially leaving, you should be able to find some great opportunities in December. 


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