The Truth About Life as a Digital Nomad in Budapest

The Truth About Life as a Digital Nomad in Budapest

Thinking of moving to Budapest? We don’t blame you!

Here is some useful information for emigrants and digital nomads to ensure that moving to Budapest goes as smoothly as possible for you. In light of the current pandemic, the popularity of remote work has increased tenfold. This is great news for people considering moving to Budapest as the city has been recently named one of the best cities for digital nomads.

Budapest is a shelter for all wandering souls looking for a new home, new job, new friends, new love, or simply inspiration. Moving to Budapest brings you opportunities. The Hungarian language is extremely challenging, and many people struggle to learn it. Hence there are plenty of schools and private tutors who offer classes for a moderate price.

It is also one of the cheapest European capitals with free wifi in cafes, good infrastructure, and its famous Ruin Bars. The weather is relatively sunny and dry year-round. Spring starts as soon as March and the good weather lasts at least until late October.

Magnificent architecture, beautiful nature with rolling hills, and the Danube river are what make up Budapest. You simply cannot get bored. Even if you are moving to Budapest alone, there are so many events organized by locals and seasoned expats that there's always a chance to find interesting people to hang out with. Plus, the structure of the city makes it easy to explore. Budapest also has one of the best public transport systems; the blue buses and yellow trams are always running and will help you find your way home.


Connect with others! 

One of the main expat concerns after moving to Budapest is, of course, making new friends. An efficient way of meeting people and also getting your questions answered is to join various Facebook groups. One of the biggest groups is Hungary Expats. You can ask any Hungary-related questions, whether it be regarding looking for a specific type of shop/restaurant, applying for a residency permit, or simply reaching out to make new contacts as new person in town. Another very useful group full of expats based in the capital is Budapest Digital NomadsIf you are a girl and wish to hang out with other ladies check out Women of Budapest. Admins of this group frequently organize meetups in the city, hiking tours, or various workshops during which you can socialize. Also worth checking out are Female Founders Budapest or  Digital Nomads Hungary where you can find expats in a similar position to you!


Find your dream apartment 

Since the pandemic struck, several Airbnb owners have extended the length of time for which you can rent their properties, with one-bedroom apartments starting around 450 EUR per month. Prices have dropped due to the virus, so, in that sense, now is an especially good moment for moving to Budapest! Other places to search for accommodation are in Facebook groups, where several companies and private owners update their offers daily. Check out Budapest, Hungary Apartment Rentals or Budapest flats and apartments for rent.


Friendly places to get work done 

If you are contemplating moving to Hungary to work remotely but have not found a job yet, or are looking for a career change, a great platform through which to find positions that suit your skills is Europe Language Jobs - it has offers for speakers of all European languages. Once your employment situation is sorted, you can start searching for work areas that suit your digital nomad lifestyle. When it comes to more interactive co-working places in Budapest, where you can not only work but attend meetups organized by the owners or participate in various activities, Impact Hub Budapest and KAPTÁR are highly recommended. Perhaps, however, you prefer the quieter, relaxed atmosphere of a coffee shop. Some of the best digital nomad- friendly coffee shops in Budapest include Espresso Embassy, Flow Speciality, and Mon Chéri.


 Where to relax? 

Just because you’re a digital nomad doesn’t mean it’s all work work work! Moving to Budapest is also a smart move for those looking for leisure. The city has many scenic hiking paths around its Buda hills. One of the best spots to visit is Normafa Park, located in the XII district; it is a natural area with trails for hikers, routes for runners, big playgrounds, and even grill/campfire sites. Another place where people love to chill, do an outdoor workout, or have a pleasant walk is Margaret Island, located in the Danube. One of the biggest parks, nicknamed Budapest's green lungs, is Városliget. Situated next to Hero Square, there is a plethora of activities you can do there. You can exercise, walk your dog, enjoy beautiful views over the little lake and castle, and even have a drink in one of its bars. Once you move to Budapest, you cannot miss a dip in the famous thermal baths! My favorite and less tourist-packed baths are Lukács Thermal Bath and Veli Bej


Cost of living 

Budapest is a relatively cheap capital compared to other European cities. Accommodation is very reasonable and a single bus ticket costs 1 EUR. Health insurance is free of charge if you obtain the Taj Kártya which can be provided by your employer.


Food prices


Bread - 1,3 EUR

Milk - 0,83 EUR

10 Eggs - 1,3 EUR

Vegetables 0,27 EUR per item or 2 EUR per kilo

Fruits 0,27 EUR per item or 2,5 EUR per kilo

250g Cheese - 1,6 EUR

Butter - 1,9 EUR

1kg Chicken - 3,9 EUR


So what’s stopping you from moving to Budapest? It certainly won’t be the prices, opportunities to mingle with new people, or things you can do there! With its many coffee shops and coworking spaces, it is the ideal relocation destination for digital nomads with the freedom to work wherever they please. Your new expat friends are waiting for you and will no doubt fill you in on all the top spots to hang out or enjoy a delicious meal. So what’s the next step? Follow the links in this article to start networking or apartment hunting!  



Author’s Bio: Wiktoria Skiba is a travel and fashion writer, and founder of The Spoiled Queen online magazine and creative hub ( She has 10 years of experience in Media and PR and helps young creators with brand building and effective communication on Social Media. 


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