Top 6 Tips For Your Next Skype Interview

When you are applying for a job or internship in a different country, you are often required to attend a skype interview instead of a face-to-face interview. Just like a ´normal´ interview, a Skype interview is your chance to show off your skills, experience and why you are suitable for that company and that particular position to the recruiter or hiring managers.

We are constantly hiring people from all over the world and as you can imagine, we have experienced some extremely interesting skype interviews over the years! Some more successful than others! Based on our experience, we would like to bring 6 top tips to help you prepare for your next Skype interview! 

First impressions count and it´s very important that you prepare yourself the best you can for your next Skype interview… 

  1. First, check your Skype name

Some of you may have embarrassing email addresses and skype names from when you were younger. We come across this a lot, candidates with embarrassing nicknames and inappropriate email addresses. This could be costing you that job, you need to come across as a professional, not as an immature person! It will only take you 5 minutes to create a new account - so do it! It could be costing you your dream job. 

      2.  Choose the right device

In this tech-savvy generation, we have access to technology pretty much everywhere we go. In public libraries, internet cafes on a range of devices; laptops, tablets, desktop etc. Although some phones are higher quality cameras, they are not as stable and reliable as some laptops and desktops. Using a desktop/laptop also enables you to freely express yourself during the interview. You don´t need to worry about holding the phone or about incoming phone calls and other interruptions. All in all, using a laptop or desktop is a lot easier and convenient for both you and the recruiter. We also recommend having a backup just in case your device decides to let you down before the interview or even during! If by chance, your laptop breaks or the signal disconnects, use your phone to call them to inform them and rearrange for another time. 

     3. Practice, practice, practice. 

Make sure you complete a test run first. Ask one of your friends if you can do a practice skype call with them, test your signal strength, your microphone, your speakers and the quality of your webcam. You need to make sure that they can see you, they can hear you, and of course, you can see and hear them. It´s even a good idea to get them to send you a print screen so that you can see how you look and what your environment looks like. Ask your friend to act like the recruiter, prepare some questions and see how your answers flow! Practice makes perfect. 

      4. Consider your location

Ensure that you choose a quiet, well-lit place with minimal distractions. As it ́s an interview, all the attention needs to be on you, this is your time to shine! Any interruptions may cost you your dream job and make you come across extremely unprofessional. Obviously, Skype interviews are not as convenient as a face-to-face interview so it's important to make the most out of the situation. We strongly advise you to avoid loud public spaces, believe it or not, we've experienced beach skype interviews, noisy car parks and so on. It´s also extremely important to make sure that the area you are skyping from is clean and tidy!

     5. What to wear

Dress appropriately! Just like a normal interview, it's important to portray yourself in a professional light. We don't expect you to wear a full suit or a shirt and tie, but we do recommend wearing respectful, smart clothing, high-neck top, clothes well ironed, generally following the ´smart-casual´ dress code. Just make sure that you are well presented in order to highlight your professionalism. Dress appropriately from head to toe, you never know what may happen during your skype interview and imagine if you need to stand up to grab something, only to reveal your bright orange pyjama bottoms - how embarrassing! The same goes for accessories, ditch the sunglasses, the big summer hats and remember, this is just as serious as a face-to-face interview! 

     6. Prepare & Focus

Just like a physical interview, you should come prepared. Complete your research on the company beforehand, practice your questions, review the job description and just get yourself focused! Make sure you have a notepad next to you to take notes and even take advantage of the ´virtual´ environment by preparing sticky notes with notes on the company and the role - lucky for you, they won´t see these! We can´t express enough how important it is to ask questions at the end so make sure you are ready to ask these too. Always thank the hiring manager for their time and make sure you have exited the interview before you start discussing your interview with a friend or family member! 

As we have mentioned, Skype interviews are just as important as a normal interview and sometimes they can determine some of your most life-changing decisions; relocations, career changes etc. It is so important that you take them seriously and respect the hiring managers time and effort also. Remember, first impressions count, a bad interview can cost you your dream job - so make the extra effort to ensure that your interview runs smoothly! 

Aug 15, 2019 by Charlotte

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Helpful tips for next interviews. Thanks

posted 4 days ago by Jacobo Santiago

Thanks for the useful tips, I am now ready for my first Skype interview!

posted 1 week ago by Ambra

Thanks for the posts, all are very interesting

posted 2 weeks ago by Alice

Very well written and helpful article! Thank you for sharing!

posted 3 weeks ago by Md.Mostafizul

Thanks for the post. It could come in handy!I really needed these tips.

posted 1 month ago by Fidan

And always have in mind that a skype interview is an actual formal interview after all.

posted 1 month ago by Vasilis

thanks for the usefull information mates!

posted 1 month ago by Aline

Usefull tips, thanks!

posted 1 month ago by Mariia


posted 1 month ago by Álvaro

Thank you for this; very timely - the point regarding lighting was pertinent to my recent online interview!

posted 1 month ago by Fiona


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