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Language Expert with Chinese - Dublin


You will be a key member of the Language Experts group, closely monitoring and evaluating responses quality for your locale.


As a Language Expert, you will evaluate the performance of the language model ensuring that it:

  • Correctly understands user requests
  • Provides relevant and useful responses
  • Presents the information in a clear and understandable manner


You will also review and evaluate ratings. Collaborating with the cross-locale team of Language Experts, you will transform task-specific challenges and observations into valuable insights and process improvement suggestions. You will identify and call out what works well.



  • LLM model Improvement and Accountability: Linguists are directly responsible for driving model enhancements specific to their respective language and partner with Subject Matter Experts to ensure that the model delivers high-quality responses.
  • Data Analysis and Evaluation: Linguists meticulously analyze evaluation data to identify patterns, successes, and areas for improvement across various releases.
  • Evaluations Trustworthiness: Linguists safeguard the reliability of evaluations by vetting samples and assessing their quality.
  • Contextualized Guidance: Linguists create language-specific evaluation guidelines and instructions to provide tailored support and enhance model performance.
  • Quality Control: They provide feedback and conduct quality assessments on evaluations and rewrites, ensuring that human-generated data aligns with the linguistic nuances and expectations of each language.


Qualifications & Skills:

  • Bachelor's degree in Linguistics and in-depth knowledge of language structures, phonetics, syntax, semantics, and language analysis methods. Advanced degrees (Master's or Ph.D.) in Linguistics preferred.
  • Native-level Chinese fluency is essential, with exceptional command of grammar, vocabulary, and cultural nuances.
  • Strong analytical abilities to dissect language structures, identify patterns, and draw conclusions about language use.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills are necessary for presenting research findings and writing reports.
  • Meticulous attention to language details, including pronunciation, grammar, and subtle language variations.
  • Understanding of cultural context, social norms, and non-verbal communication associated with a language.


Nice to have skills:

  • Research: Ability to conduct research, collect data, and analyze linguistic phenomena is preferred.
  • Programming languages (e.g., Python): Knowledge of programming for computational linguistics, natural language processing, and data analysis tasks is preferred.

Language Expert with Chinese - Dublin