6 Essential Tips for Creating an Impressive Video Resume

6 Essential Tips for Creating an Impressive Video Resume

The modern world offers a myriad of career opportunities. You can become whoever you want if you put in a lot of effort and have experience. Be a fashion designer, developer, stylist, scientist, or engineer. The choice of career path is diversified.

Many people understand that to work in the company of their dreams, they must pass the competition among candidates and stand out from the crowd. Your skills are not always able to bring you to the top and make you an ideal candidate who will get a job. Such factors as the first impression, teamwork, and other soft skills can be a stumbling block to your career goal.

The world is undergoing massive changes now. All areas of activity are adaptable to remote workflows. This is why companies invite candidates to submit a video resume to review their candidacy and adhere to security measures.

A resume video does not negate the fact that you must submit your official resume to the company. However, this is a unique way to present yourself and not leave a chance to other candidates. All you have to do is create a short video that shows you in the best possible light.

Today we are going to show you how to create a video that will boost employability.


Is it worth it?

If you think that a video resume is your admission to getting a dream job, then we hasten to upset you. The video file will only help you to reveal your essence, show skills, and supplement your official document. You can only emphasize your personality, reveal yourself by creating videos and using video editing software.

Unfortunately, statistics so far indicate that over 77% of companies generally accept traditional documents with your resume, and only 3% encourage the creation of videos to meet candidates.

The video is suitable for finding creative work or work related to the development of new digital technologies. It will help to reveal your talents, and also, with the help of it, you can visually demonstrate your skills and achievements.

Also, if you are looking for a job related to communicating with clients, then the video will be able to demonstrate how you use your charm to attract customers.

There is a high risk that the quality of your recording and lack of video-making skills could scare off your employer. By intending to do better, you can achieve the opposite effect. Therefore, before submitting a video file, make sure you find the best video maker with a simple interface and tips to help you achieve the best effect.


Useful Shooting Tips

Don't be upset if you don't have a professional video camera because you can make a video even with a webcam recorder. Technology is so advanced that you can now turn poor-quality videos into professional clips with free video editing software.


Learn by example

Before diving headlong into the creation process, you should check out some great video resume examples. You will be able to understand what to talk about and how best to organize the work to make a lasting first impression. Search for video resume templates that will make your job easier as you create your first video.


Keep to the traditions

Videos are a creative way of presentation. However, do not forget that you are in the interview. You must be appropriately dressed without using bright colors or far-out clothes. If you are looking for a position in a large, serious organization, then your clothing must show your confidence and professionalism.

It is also worth considering that many companies, such as Google or youth startups, embrace diversity in clothing and support individual freedom of choice. So before choosing an outfit, study the company and its corporate culture.

Moreover, do not use colloquial expressions or swear words. This is not a conversation with a friend but your interview. If you want to use humor, then remember that you need to be careful, as you can cross the line.



Find a spot that is clean and tidy before shooting. Make sure the piles of your dirty clothes are not visible in the background. The area should be well lit, preferably using natural light.


Prepare to write a story

The video allows you to get rid of the anxiety as you are at home and feel comfortable. However, do not forget that your speech must be prepared. Impromptu speaking is not the best way, even if you know what to say and know how to present information interestingly. Be sure to write a script that will help you in case thoughts leave your head. You don't need to record a million videos to get the desired result. This way, you make your job easier, and you can do post-processing faster.

When writing your story, you need to think about why the company should offer you a job. Study the company and its values. You can then combine your benefits to tell the employer exactly why this company needs you and what you have to offer.


Diversify your footage

It makes no sense to create a video resume where you will all the time sit near a white wall and talk about your skills and talents. You can surprise the recruiter by adding variety. Make a voiceover to share your accomplishments. Also, add videos from your professional life. You can show examples of your career success and demonstrate your skills.

What's more, add a soundtrack to make the video more engaging. No need to insert punk rock songs or dance music. Find a melody that will enhance the listening experience and will not distract the employer from watching your video.


Get help

If you have in mind several companies where you would like to work, then perhaps your acquaintances can help you. Think about the people who work for this company. Perhaps someone is your friend or acquaintance who can help tell the recruiter about you and arrange a meeting. Networking should not be underestimated. Don't assume that you can get the job straight away. This will only help make you more visible among other candidates.



There is a competitive world outside. If you want to get the job you want, then you need to make every effort. A video resume will complement your job application. Take advantage of our tips, which will be a useful guide for you.