How Does Moving Abroad Boost Your Job Applications?

How Does Moving Abroad Boost Your Job Applications?

In today’s world, jetting off to your favourite holiday destination without booking a return flight doesn’t have to be a fantasy. With literally the click of a button, you could be setting off on the adventure of a lifetime. But why should you?

Although taking a step into the unknown sounds a daunting prospect, it could turn out to be the best decision of your life. Not only will you try out new things, meet new people and let's not forget; experience new food, but it’s also great for your career. Whether you find yourself across international borders because you took a year abroad in your uni programme, or to change profession, it is sure to be worthwhile. Here are just a few of the reasons why moving benefits your skills and future job prospects. 


 Independence and Adaptability 

There is no better way to jump out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself than leaving your support network in a different country. Sounds pretty scary, right? Luckily, with the development of technology and FaceTime being our generation's favourite invention, you can still get a taste of home.

With that being said, you will see what you are capable of. Finding a new home and settling in when you know no one, don’t understand how public transport works and can’t find where to buy toilet roll will show you that you can do anything. Of course, there will be low moments, but these will be outrun by gaining new skills and perspectives.

There is no better way to understand life in a different country than to experience it yourself. By living in a different country you can experience all it has to offer. Live like a tourist and a local, and you will find that you will slowly make changes to your lifestyle that suit you and the local cultural norms. 

Your independence, adaptability and problem-solving are just a few of your characteristics and skills that will improve, making you a well-rounded individual and grab recruiters attention.


Learn a New Language 

Being able to learn a new language is a valuable asset to any CV. Spend some time on apps such as Duolingo to start learning. Talking to shop owners and locals will also make you more confident. Even if you only know the basics, learning a new language is an asset which is highly regarded by employers. 

Make sure to include in your job application any languages you may know and at what standard. This also indicates to potential employers that you have a high communication ability. This is a great skill to show off on your CV, and will help you when you get to the interview stage! 


Expand your Network

Moving abroad means you are going to meet new people, and with this comes international relationships. It is a great way to make new connections, whether they become friends or your next contact on LinkedIn, either add to the perks of moving abroad!


New Job Opportunities

Yes, you may think we were talking about boosting your career opportunities for when you return to the land of fish and chips and country pubs. But what is to stop you from landing a top job while on your overseas adventure. 

Moving to a different country opens you to a whole new market and far more opportunities. Whether you get a part-time job on the sideline of studying or enter a professional role, there are endless possibilities out there for you to explore to find a job abroad


Valued by Employers 

If you are looking for something to make you stand out from the crowd, then we have found your winner! Moving abroad is something that is extremely sought after by employers when you are applying for jobs. This is because they will want to find out about your experience, and the skills that you have learned along the way - though we wouldn’t recommend you say you learned a language when you could only ask for a beer.

Not only is it a great topic opener in an interview, but it also shows that you have other interests that your recruiter may like. Showing that you can move to a different country sets yourself apart from others, showing you immerse yourself into the new surroundings. It may be the spark that gets you your dream job!

You will need to show the employer which skills have been developed to make your CV unique. Have you had a specific hurdle or some amazing successes? 

In a job interview, you can elaborate on your time abroad. The recruiter will be looking for you to explain the areas that have helped you develop professionally and for stories which tested you in the new surrounding. 

So, there are many reasons you should make that trip of a lifetime, including the benefit to future job applications. Good luck!

Written by Rebecca Hart, an Online Marketer at StudentJob UK. If you are looking for a job but not sure where to start then check out StudentJob. Our application tips will help you create an effective cv, cover letter and help you smash interviews!

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