How to Find Jobs Abroad for Polish Speakers

How to Find Jobs Abroad for Polish Speakers

To find jobs abroad for Polish speakers there are many tips and tricks that can help you in your quest. If you are a Polish speaker and are able to read this, then you already have two highly employable languages in Europe. 
When looking to find a job abroad there are many different things that you need to consider. Having a concrete idea of where you want to work, and in what sector is the first thing that you need to seriously think about. To work in another country you will need to be brave, have a sense of adventure, and have the ability to adapt. 

International experience is something that is highly sought after nowadays by employers. Spending time working abroad can really make your CV stand out, giving you a key edge over your competition in the ever more competitive job market. It also gives you a unique skill set and can widen the range of jobs that you can apply to. 


To successfully find jobs abroad for Polish speakers, you need to…


1)    Choose your location wisely

When looking for jobs abroad for Polish speakers you need to consider your motivations for doing so. Could it be that you want to learn a language, maybe you’re moving for love (of a place or person), or perhaps you simply need an adventure? Whatever it is, you need to know your motivation and use it to select the best location for you. 

You should consider where your profile will have the most opportunities. Do you know where your language is most in demand? Do you know which places are cheapest to live in? Do you know what sectors are hiring? Doing your research at this initial stage can help you avoid any difficulties along the way.

One of the countries where Polish speakers are most in demand would be Greece. In recent years, many huge multinational companies have chosen to relocate to the historic capital of Europe – Athens. With the city’s extensive history, sunny weather and world famous culture it is no wonder why so many companies and candidates alike are relocating there. 

Opportunities in Athens for Polish speakers:

With many multinationals working in the city, there are some extremely attractive roles for Polish speakers available: 

Customer Care Roles, for one of the leading Japanese brands in the manufacture of imaging and optical products. You will be trained in the most up to date versions of your favorite products, such as cameras or camcorders.  

Social Media Content Moderator Roles, for polish speaking agents. You will be the guard of the social media network with a team from 20+ multilingual speakers. 

The number one multinational company in computer software, consumer electronics, personal computers, and related services is looking for 1st line technical support & customer care agents with Polish speaking skills and interested in enrich their CVs and working experiences.

For each role you will receive paid training in the latest software - an excellent opportunity for career development.

Interested? Find out more about these jobs for Polish speakers


2) Understand your audience well 

Depending on which country you apply to, the norms of recruitment can be very different. It’s very important that you tailor your application to the country you apply to. You need know what needs to be on your CV, how you should behave in a job interview and even smaller details like having a photo in your CV. 


3) Look for relocation packages


Many people are reluctant to move abroad as they think they will need thousands in savings to even afford the plane ticket to get them there. Fear not though,  many companies offer a full relocation package to successful candidates, which often includes a bonus and accommodation, and makes the move that bit more manageable.

Customer service jobs are especially likely to offer this relocation assistance, as well as many other attractive perks.

Companies like Teleperformance Greece offer a fantastic relocation package to Polish speakers to join their team in Athens

4) Consider working in a different sector


When moving to a new country it can be a good option to be open to working in new sectors, especially if you do not have a concrete idea in mind. The customer service sector is thriving, with many multinationals looking to hire native speakers to help customers across the world. These companies really need to hire these native speakers, and they very often offer lucrative benefits. It is not uncommon to see perks such as paid flights, accommodation, gym passes etc being offered.


5)  Consider a transfer within your current company

One advantage of working for a multinational company is that they tend to have many offices abroad. Moving to a different office in the same company can make your life much easier, as you already know the ins and outs of the company and the job itself could be some welcome familiarity when you arrive in a strange country. Even if you hate your job, it can be an easy way of getting documentation to enter a new country and new opportunities may appear later. 


6) If you’re not online, you don’t exist

When looking for a job it is important to take advantage of the internet’s various resources. Perhaps your most important resource would be LinkedIn. Having an account with lots of contacts is a great way of networking and can help you find opportunities that you may not have found on generic job boards. Creating a professional looking profile and using keywords such as ‘new opportunities’ or ‘job seeker’ can help bring your profile to the attention of the swarms of recruiters out there. There are also many employers looking for specific skills, so it is important to list these in your profile. 

Having an account on international job boards like Europe Language Jobs is also important, as they provide job offers abroad in various languages, which can be difficult to find on more generic job boards.


To sum up... 


When looking for jobs abroad for Polish speakers it is important to choose your location wisely – do your research! It is important to find out which sectors are hiring for Polish speakers and which countries have opportunities at the moment. It’s also important to tailor your CV, improve your LinkedIn and keep an open mind!