How to Launch Your Career in the iGaming Sector

How to Launch Your Career in the iGaming Sector

What do You Need to Work in the iGaming Industry?


There’s no doubt that the iGaming industry represents big business in the modern age, with the total GGY for the remote sector estimated at £5.3 billion in the year ending March 2019.

This highlights the incredible level of demand that currently exists for online gambling in the UK, with iGaming market has become increasingly busy and competitive as a result. 

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The growth of the iGaming industry has also created exciting career opportunities for interested parties, although the competitive nature of this space places an emphasis on candidates to stand out from their rivals. But how exactly can you optimise your chances of launching a successful career in the iGaming market?


1. Find Your Precise Niche and Skillset


It’s tempting to think that any skill gaps in the iGaming market would be relatively niche, thanks to the fact that brands operate exclusively online.

However, this market has also diversified as it has continued to grow, creating exciting opportunities in fields such as customer service, marketing and computer programming (in addition to software development and web design).

In more recent times, additional opportunities have also opened up for copywriters and art workers, as brands look to set themselves apart in an increasingly competitive space through creative marketing campaigns and carefully-worded promotional offers.

Similarly, the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) has clamped down on the terms and conditions used by brands to promote bonus offers, so there’s a pressing need to employ skilled writers and strike the delicate balance between compliance and engagement in their marketing efforts.

Growing UK firms will often need to employ either permanent or freelance legal services too, to ensure that they comply fully with the latest guidelines and avoid the type of hefty financial sanctions that we’ve seen issued over the course of the last two years.

As we can see, there’s now a diverse range of career opportunities available in the iGaming market, while the growth of this space has also increased the number of jobs on offer to candidates.

So, the key is to find your precise skillset and understand the role that this plays in the marketplace, before showcasing this ability and associated accomplishments through your resume and online profiles.


2. Leverage Your Transferable Skills to the Optimal Effect


It’s also fair to note that skills are often transferable between industries, and the bustling iGaming market is no exception to this rule.

Transferable skills are best defined as versatile and generic qualities that can be transferred from one job to another, with prominent examples including problem-solving, critical thinking, communication and leadership.

Make no mistake; these are central to any successful organisation, while they’re also worth their weight in gold in agile and fast-evolving markets such as the iGaming space.

For example, it’s important to note that the growth of the iGaming sector has taken hold across the globe in recent times. This has seen a rising number of brands expand and begin to operate in various international markets, depending on the precise licensing agreements that they hold.

As a result of this, we’ve seen a huge demand for multilingual candidates with excellent communication skills, particularly in fields such as customer service.

This allows firms to grow quickly and across borders without significant investment in recruitment, which remains one of the highest costs for evolving companies.

We’d, therefore, recommend reviewing your resume and career history in great detail before making an application, as this enables you to highlight key transferable skills and where you’ve showcased these in the past.

By bringing these to the fore, you can steal a march on your rivals and extend your appeal beyond basic qualifications and skillsets.


3. Learn About the iGaming Market and Develop Industry Knowledge


As a tech-led and fast-evolving space, the boundaries of the iGaming market continue to shift on a daily basis.

As we’ve already said, the market is also facing significant regulatory and legislative shifts in the current climate, with operators constantly having to adapt and redefine their business models in order to optimise profitability.

As a new candidate entering this space, it’s crucial that you take time to learn about the industry and key challenges facing employers, and demonstrate this knowledge both online and through your application.

You should also monitor real-time trends and the various shifts in the sector as they unfold, since, as has made clear, many of the market-leading operators are currently looking to change their brand identities and establish themselves as ambassadors for responsible gambling.

To help display your knowledge, showcase understanding and prove your commitment to the industry, you may want to write and publish content before sharing this through targeted sites such as LinkedIn and Medium.