Top 5 Reasons Why Portugal Is the Right Country for You If You Are German

Top 5 Reasons Why Portugal Is the Right Country for You If You Are German

Are you thinking about moving abroad? Not sure if you want to go for a season or a lifetime? We understand - moving to a new country is a major life decision… But we are here to help!

The German Emigration and Remigration Panel has revealed that about 180,000 Germans emigrate every year for a variety of reasons, with a couple of main shared motivations standing out. Let us look deeper into what inspires individuals – German candidates in particular – to pack their bags and choose a new home country.


Career refresh 

A reason for which many Germans choose to move to a new country is to change career. This is great news, as in Portugal you may find your desired career for a much cheaper lifestyle. As an example, at Webhelp Portugal, you may find your next job in a more appealing sector, such as High Tech and Utilities or Digital Marketing and Social Media. Whether you are looking for an Advisor, Team Leader or more techy position, you can find your place in one of our 30+ exciting multilingual projects.


Different way of life

This is the second reason that Germans move abroad… a new lifestyle. And when it comes to a nice, low-key way of life, not many countries can beat Portugal. Regularly voted as a best European destination, Portugal boosts a cultural richness that tailors to all tastes: food, culture, music, or history… Whatever your style, Portugal has something to offer you. If you are looking to settle in Lisbon, you can also take advantage of Webhelp’s relocation package which includes a refund of your flight ticket and accommodation in a shared apartment for a small monthly fee, so that you can enjoy your city at your own pace. During these pandemic times we are currently living, there are also many “work from home” opportunities available that will allow you to work from the comfort of your home in Lisbon for some of the most exciting brands in the world.



A third reason for Germans to move to Lisbon is that either their partner is moving for a new job abroad or… they have fallen in love with a local. Working in Portugal will give you the best opportunity to live well and maybe even find love. The country offers great working conditions that foster a healthy work-life balance, meaning that you will have time to explore the country’s different treasures: restaurants, beaches, museums, galleries, concerts - you name it, Portugal will have something new to brighten up your life. More of a calm, introverted soul? Don’t be discouraged; the country is also known for its quiet parks and smaller hidden gems that are never overcrowded and will let you enjoy time in solo mode, if that’s what you prefer.



In a good year, Portugal will see about 300 days of sunshine vs. and only 158 in Germany. That alone should be enough to convince you to move if good weather is what you are looking for. So, are you tired of the cold and rain? We understand and recognize that someone’s mood can be affected heavily by the weather. Is that why the Portuguese are considered such warm, welcoming people? It’s definitely tied to our comfortable climate, and, if you relocate to Lisbon, some of the best beaches in Europe will be just 20 minutes away.



Although last on our list, safety is at the top of any relocator’s list when choosing a new homeland. Voted 3rd safest country in the world, Portugal is your place to go if you want to feel comfortable staying out for hours, exploring its beautiful streets. With our “People First” pillar, safety is also a major priority for Webhelp. In Lisbon, an external auditor has certified all our sites as “Global Safe Sites” and we go above and beyond the Government COVID rules for companies in order to make sure that our employees are protected in whichever buildings they might be working or visiting. We are proud to say that we have remained certified throughout the pandemic so our sites are ready to welcome you whenever you wish to make the move.


There are quite a few reasons for which Germans move abroad and, as you can see, Portugal is a great option no matter what your reason is for leaving. Yet Portugal has so much more to offer than what can be squeezed into a brief blog! On the social side of things, there is a thriving expat community where you will surely make new friends. With this, comes a whole host of networking opportunities that will boost your career prospects. In fact, job opportunities for German speakers are quickly on the rise. Come discover a great offer for you at Webhelp Portugal where you can grow and shine. We can’t wait to meet you.


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