Find Your Job as Native Speaker: The Importance to Companies

Find Your Job as Native Speaker: The Importance to Companies

Here at Europe Language Jobs, we are seeing every day more and more companies looking to hire native speakers. As more companies expand their operations across the globe, they will encounter a greater need to hire native speakers. Incorporating those from other backgrounds gives companies new ideas and perspectives, as their experiences and way of working can very often different from their colleagues from other countries. 

Why Hire Native Speakers?


More Meaningful Relationships 

When operating in a new country, hiring native speakers is essential in customer service, marketing and sales. The more languages a person speaks, the bigger percentage of the world opens up for you to be able to communicate with. Native speaking employees are able to interact on a more meaningful level with potential clients as they are able to speak with more confidence and better understand the country’s cultural norms. Companies will, therefore, be able to reach a more diverse range of potential clients who may have otherwise been excluded. This is especially the case in places like shared service centres (SSCs) and business process outsourcing (BPOs). Huge companies also recruit hundreds of native-speaking staff from across Europe to work in their customer service centres responding to calls and emails. In addition, recruitment firms also place a lot of emphasis on hiring native speaking recruiters, as having a good relationship with a prospect can be a key edge over competitors

When non-natives are trying to work in another language this requires a lot of time investment in translation and proof-reading and can, therefore, slow down their work enormously. Native speaking staff can also help to reach more clients through more targeted marketing and advertising. 

See here a list of languages demanded by country.

They Know the Market

In sales, it’s especially important to understand the market of the target country and its specific business practices, as these can vary considerably depending on the country in question. In this industry, having a good relationship with a client can be key, and potentially the difference between a sale and a missed opportunity. Hiring native speakers are therefore essential in gaining a true presence in a target market. They are also more likely to be up to date with any developments in their home country which can, therefore, provide a company with much more information on target markets. The European Union is huge in size, and each market can vary greatly to another. 


They Think Differently 

It is a well-known fact that mastering a second language can enhance your career prospects, give you a great sense of achievement and make you able to communicate with more people across the world. Whilst unbeknown to many, the most interesting benefits are perhaps the least well known…

Having the ability to speak more than one language has a big impact on your brain and the way you think. Studies have shown that learning a language is one of the most effective brain workouts possible. In addition, mastering a foreign language causes areas of the brain associated with memory, such as the cerebral cortex and hippocampus, to increase in size. It also causes the levels of grey matter to increase as well – this is the substance that connects different areas of the brain. 

According to studies, when someone possesses a second language their brain functions differently to their monolingual counterparts.  The part of the brain that is involved in processing language, thinking of new concepts and new ideas is much denser - this makes people see problems in different ways, therefore making them more open-minded and more creative. Being able to switch between languages on a regular basis improves a person’s multitasking skills, which is especially important in multinational companies where there are often a lot of demands on workers to be fast-paced and able to handle a lot of tasks. 

It is important not to underestimate how important new ideas and fresh perspectives can be to a company. For example, when trying to think of new ideas in a brainstorm, for example, having people from 5 different backgrounds can be much more beneficial than having 5 people all from the same place, who are more likely to think similar ideas.


They Can Adjust to New Situations

For those who have relocated to work abroad, adjusting to new situations should not be a problem – a vital asset in any business. They will have gone through the process of being a foreigner in a completely new country and will have had to spend time adjusting to the new language and culture. Also, many will have done this completely alone, making them much more independent and more able to face challenges head-on.  It is therefore important that employers help to adjust new people to the team and see how their language skills can bring the best results out of their team. 

They Work Better In a Team

Those speaking a second language are usually more tolerant towards the world than those who don’t. They are therefore more open-minded and see the need for change and acceptance of different nationalities as an important part of the business. In big multinational companies, life moves at a fast pace and things are constantly changing – meaning that it is essential to hire people who reflect these ideas. 

The need to hire native speakers increases each day as the world becomes more and more globalized. Hiring employees who are more creative and have different views is vital for any company looking to expand internationally. Their ability to create stronger relationships and their unique market knowledge can be a key edge over competitors and essential when entering new markets.

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