Greece: Find a Job in the Mediterranean Paradise!

Greece: Find a Job in the Mediterranean Paradise!

Greece is a destination that attracts millions of people every year due to its beauty. When you think about life in Greece, images pop into your mind: old yet proud Greek cities, history, and the geographical beauty.

Making the decision of working in Greece is tempting for a lot of people because of the breathtaking landscapes, countless islands, taverns, tasty cuisine, and friendly people. This is why, if you are looking for the bon vivant lifestyle atmosphere and a place to work and call home, you should be living in Greece not only for holidays but for the long term and set your new office there!


Athens: the city of the Gods

Athens is regarded as the oldest city in Europe and also among one of the best places to live in the Mediterranean. With its mix of the ancient and modernization, it is no surprise that the number of people choosing Athens as their new home is increasing.

The capital of Greece is the birthplace of Democracy, which began in the Greek capital about 8,000 years ago. Athens is the home of Plato, the philosopher who established the first academy along with Socrates, his teacher, and Aristotle, his student, who are considered the Fathers of Western Philosophy.

Greece is a safe country with a low crime rate. Athens ranks as the number 26 safest city in Europe or number 45 on the World ranking. The capital is a great starting point to destinations like the Greek islands and other European cities.  With one of the lowest costs of living in Europe, Athens is a good place to live if you want the best of both worlds – the supermarkets that give you a variety of international products, the farmers' market and more authentic Greek taste for a cost-friendly price. When it comes to rent, it is quite reasonable as prices have gone down since the crisis. Eating and going out is also affordable.


Working in Greece

Greece offers a variety of job opportunities and has opened its arms to many foreigners over the years. This makes Greece the perfect place to develop your career in an international environment that will have you grow both personally and professionally. Teleperformance is a company that believes foreign languages are valuable and this can be seen in the high demand for native speakers of European languages.

Teleperformance Greece is not only considered the BestWorkPlace in Greece - a title won in 2017, but the type of employer that cares about its people, therefore offers great packages for candidates looking to relocate to Athens. In addition to that, activities such as trainings, recreation programs, and integration activities are part of the company’s aim.

Working in a multicultural environment and representing some of the world’s biggest brands may be the perfect career step. Not only are you gaining work experience, but something more valuable.

You get the chance the encounter new cultures and this is an all-around professional and personal benefit.


What are Greece’s hidden gems?

Greece has a significant amount of territory spread over hundreds of beautiful islands. Whether you are looking for authentic Greek culture and lifestyle, fresh food, or waking up to a view of some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, Greece is the perfect continuous holiday atmosphere destination to live in. What are some of the most charming islands and places in Greece?



The island ranks 3rd on the list of places where people live the most, and it is no surprise that the Mediterranean diet brings a huge contribution to the secret of longevity. The island is full of nature and exotic, wild landscapes and beaches. On top of that, Pramnio wines provide you with the elixir for youth through their sweet aromas.  Deep down we all aspire to live like the Greeks, so Ikaria might be the perfect option.



Kefalonia is not just the largest island in the Ionian Sea, but one of the most charming places known for its mountains, sea resorts as well as the thriving countryside. And while Kefalonia hides a lot of gems, Fiskardo is no exception. The small, hidden harbour village is idyllic for both visiting and living, offering endless sunshine, crystal clear waters and locals that will make you feel at home. It is like you are stepping onto a different land. Fiskardo is the type of town where everyone knows everyone and it offers such a welcoming and friendly atmosphere.


These are just some of the getaway destinations you will be able to enjoy when you are not at the office. This makes Athens the perfect location – Athens’ huge ports means that you will be able to travel to the countless beautiful islands around Greece when you are not working! But even in the Greek capital, you can still enjoy the laid-back, holiday-like atmosphere, embrace the remarkable quality of life, and develop your career in an international environment!  

For many expats looking to move abroad to a vibrant city, Athens is the perfect choice. Living here gives you the chance to live in the birthplace of Western Civilization and immerse yourself in the wonderful Greek culture. Thinking of taking the plunge? Check out the job offers Teleperformance Greece has for you!

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