6 Most Interesting Jobs That Have Changed Over Time: The Ranking

6 Most Interesting Jobs That Have Changed Over Time: The Ranking

We have already written about jobs that didn’t exist 10 years ago but are in demand now. However, there are some positions that seem brand new, but are actually just modern renderings of jobs that have been around for ages! 

Usually, the changes involve the implementation of new technology into the role. The world around us keeps changing, and the only thing we can do is keep up. This is why some of the jobs you are probably already familiar with don’t look like what they used to when our parents or grandparents were our age anymore. 

Below, you will find a list of jobs that changed over time - some of them just slightly, some of them beyond recognition. See for yourself!


Jobs that changed over time #1: Taxi Driver vs. Uber


When someone says “taxi driver”, is what appears in your head still the image of a person driving a yellow cab (or a fancy black one, if you’re from London)? If so, as is the case of many of us, that image is becoming more overrated by the day!

Regarding the task of this job that has changed over time, they are pretty much the same - picking people up, dropping them off at the desired destination. What has changed is the process leading up to this. Before, what you had to do was look up the number for the local taxi service and call the driver directly. Maybe flag the taxi down, waving your hands desperately. Or - even worse - walk to the nearest taxi station and find a free driver there.

These days, all you need to do is open an app and request a ride. If a particularly fun party leaves your speech impaired, you don’t have to worry about your temporary inability to spell out your current location to a very agitated driver - as long as you can type or at least remember how to turn on the location option on your phone, you’re good to go (pun fully intended). 

Apps like Uber, Lyft, FreeNow, and many, many others, are slowly but steadily driving private taxi companies out of business (Boy, am I on fire with the puns today!). Of course, there is also the issue of how drivers, in general, are usually mentioned among the top 3 of jobs that will soon cease to exist whatsoever, but that’s a topic for another day. 


Jobs that changed over time #2: Sports Player/Coach vs Esports Player/Coach


For everyone who is not fully privy to what the domain of Esports is exactly all about: It is a sector where players compete against each other, individually or in groups, playing video games. For real. 

Don’t let the name fool you; those games don’t only concern sports. Sure, FIFA continues to be one of the most popular choices among Xbox owners, but that is not to say that Esports revolves solely around football or basketball. Players engage in all kinds of games (some of the most popular ones including Call of Duty, League of Legends, or Fortnite). 

So, no, an Esports player is not exactly the same as a regular football or hockey player. We are aware of that. However, the splendour of Esports championships rivals that of the Olympics. The name “Esports” is not coincidental: the ways the players compete against each other highly resembles any regular sports tournament. There are entire events organised dedicated to the best Esports champions, attracting spectators from literally all over the world. 

And where there are players, there are also coaches. This makes perfect sense - yet the fact that there are people out there so skilled at coming up with tactics and strategies for playing video games that they will earn themselves the status of coaches can be quite mind-blowing. 

Therefore, in this case, one job that changed because of technology hasn’t been completely wiped out by the other. The profession of a regular sports player/coach does and will coexist alongside the lucrative job of an Esports player/coach. Some people can be into the first category, others into the second - and others can be into both. They do not cross out each other, but still, we think it is quite interesting to know that such a position exists - and is doing great!


Jobs that changed over time #3: Marketing Specialist vs Digital Marketing Specialist


Welcome back to Earth. After having discussed the Esports industry, the position of a Marketing Specialist might seem a bit mundane. However, being a job that changed because of technology, it is not as boring as it may seem at a first glance. 

Around 15 years ago, the first Social Media channels that we still use today began to develop. Although Facebook was founded in 2004, it did not start to attract a broader audience until around 2006, when Twitter was also introduced. Instagram launched in 2010. LinkedIn (surprise!) was the first one to shine, having come into existence as early as 2002. TikTok is the baby brother of them all: it wasn’t brought to us until 2016. What do all those channels have in common, though?

They are all key factors in the job of a Digital Marketing Specialist nowadays.

Before the rise of Social Media, the most innovative feature Marketing Specialists had at their disposal was the e-mail. To all of the marketers out there: how many people do you think you could reach now just by using your newsletter?

The answer is not many, right? 

The evolution of the Marketing Specialist position might be one of the most positive and exciting examples of jobs that changed over the years. One job did not exclude the other - it evolved, its horizons broadening, the people passionate about Marketing gaining more possibilities and tools to operate with. Given how dynamic the world of Social Media is, the tactics implemented by Digital Marketing Strategists have to be constantly developed and improved. They constantly have to adapt, search for new ways, stimulate both their creativity and analytical skills. The perfect job if you like innovation and fast-paced environments!


Jobs that changed over time #4: Doctor vs Telemedicine 


Fortunately - or unfortunately, depending on which perspective you’re looking from - doctors will always be in demand. Even at the astounding pace at which medicine is developing, diseases are doing their best to outsmart us (as we have been recently proven). 

What has changed, though (and not only as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic), is the form in which we can now access a professional’s advice. The times where mothers would take their children’s hands and walk them to the doctor’s office are slowly disappearing. Instead, the case is often that we don’t even have to leave the house to have a chat with our GP!

Of course, not all problems can be solved via a video call. We still have yet to see knee surgery being performed remotely (although we have no doubts such an idea is being developed as we speak). Even the good old stethoscope examination requires your physical presence at the doctor’s office. Still, more and more visits can be performed online, without the need to drive to the nearest hospital - especially when you’re not feeling well!

So, no, the time for getting your tooth filled across a continent is not quite here yet (although we're getting there!). But at least you no longer have to leave the comfort of your couch when all you need is a prescription or a piece of advice - and that’s a huge plus!


Jobs that changed over time #5: Photographer vs Drone Operator


At a first glance, those two professions might sound like completely different jobs. If that’s what you think, then you would be surprised by how many people nowadays request their photoshoots to include pictures taken from the sky. 

Typically associated with landscape shots, pictures taken by drones are gaining in popularity. Especially when it comes to wedding shoots, it is becoming the norm now that couples are requesting the most important day of their lives to be partially documented from high above. 

Operating a drone in itself isn’t difficult - but if you wish to do it on a scale more professional than flying it over your garden to amuse your kids or impress your friends, you will need a license. Getting it is not difficult, but necessary if you’re planning on using your flying toy for business purposes. 

So, yes, if you wish to be a photographer now, you might consider broadening your skills beyond just learning the magic behind operating a camera. If you want to keep up with your clients, you may want to invest in a drone and obtain your license. Plus, let’s be real, it is a fun skill to have!


Jobs that changed over the years #6: Telemarketer vs Targeted Ads


Did you notice that you have recently been receiving fewer calls from operators trying to sell you something or promoting their company’s services than before? That’s because the position of a telemarketer is among the jobs that have changed over time. New rules concerning the protection of privacy are making it more difficult for businesses relying on telemarketing to obtain potential clients’ phone numbers and call them legally. 

It has probably also been a while since you stumbled upon an entire channel dedicated to advertising a set of pots or a vacuum cleaner while looking for something to watch on your TV. With the growth of streaming services such as Netflix or HBO, TV advertising is becoming less and less effective (but never less annoying). 

Both of those services have been replaced by something we are all familiar with by now: targeted ads. You see them everywhere - scrolling through Social Media, using unpaid versions of various apps, even looking things up in Google. We have also gotten used to automatically clicking “accept” whenever we enter a website, allowing the mysterious wizards behind said website to collect our “Cookies”. 

Those wizards are precisely the people who are slowly replacing telemarketers. Marketing Specialists designing the ads, Data Analysts processing the information obtained through Cookies, and many other positions in-between are the new telemarketers. Since the ads are based on your recent searches and literally tailor-made for you specifically, they are much more effective than someone calling to inform you that you had won a refrigerator in a competition you never signed up for. 


You have probably observed a trend here: it is not really the jobs that change over time, but rather their nature. The aims remain the same - the purpose is to maximise the effectiveness with which those goals are achieved. Lesson learnt from this? Flexibility and adaptability are important skills nowadays, so if they’re not your strong sides, go work on them!

Maybe there are some other jobs that have changed over time that we didn’t mention here? Feel free to let us know in the comments below!

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