6 In Demand Jobs That Didn't Exist 10 Years Ago: The Ranking

6 In Demand Jobs That Didn't Exist 10 Years Ago: The Ranking

Do you sometimes wonder what jobs will exist in 10 years that nobody can imagine yet? Try to figure out how crazy or out-of-this-world they will be!


Well, people asked themselves the same question 10 years ago. Some of the answers could have been predicted, as the jobs were already developing but were still in diapers, others would be more difficult to envision. 


In this article, we will introduce and explain 6 in-demand jobs that didn’t exist 10 years ago but are increasing in popularity now! If you are in need of a job but can’t find a conventional position that interests you, then maybe you will find inspiration here?



6 In-Demand Jobs That Didn't Exist 10 Years Ago


  1. Podcast Producer
  2. Social Media Influencer
  3. Big Data Scientist
  4. Electric Scooter Collector
  5. Cloud Architect
  6. Chief Listening Officer 


Most Interesting Jobs That Didn’t Exist 10 Years Ago #6: Podcast Producer


We are not going to try to make you believe that people listening to something on their earphones for most of the day is a new phenomenon. Music and audiobooks have been helping us relax for ages now. Recently, though, podcasts have grown in popularity, not only as a form of entertainment, but as a powerful marketing tool. 


While you can easily kickstart a podcast about virtually anything, managing it and making sure it reaches a broad audience is a tad more complicated. If you are serious about the success of your podcast or are doing it for business purposes rather than as a hobby, you will need a specialist who will tackle the technicalities for you. 


The tasks of a podcast producer include cooperating with the host(s), staying on top of the latest trends in order to follow them in the creation of new podcast topics, and looking for and inviting guests.


A podcast producer needs to be incredibly organised and have uncanny time-management skills, as their job involves a lot of scheduling. It can include coming up with a plan for the release of particular episodes, or arranging for the guests to arrive when they are supposed to. 


Technical skills are also a must - the role often requires you to both direct as well as record and edit the audio. 


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Most Interesting Jobs That Didn’t Exist 10 Years Ago #5: Social Media Influencer


“Nowadays, everyone's an influencer” - seems to be a common opinion. While it might not be exactly right, it is a fact that the popularity of this profession has skyrocketed over recent years. With the easy accessibility to various Social Media channels, everyone with a good dose of creativity and motivation can try their hand at becoming an influencer.


While the word “influencer” as such wasn’t officially added to the dictionary until 2019, the concept alone has been around for a very long time. Inspiring people with sway over public opinion has always existed. The main difference is, in the past, doing things such as posting on your blog or sharing any form of content in any way was not necessarily considered an actual job.


Now, if you have a well-thought-through plan, determination, and just enough brains, you can earn money working as an influencer. 


Most Interesting Jobs That Didn’t Exist 10 Years Ago #4: Big Data Scientist


As the name suggests, the role of a big data scientist is strictly technical, requiring anyone interested in the position to have a broad knowledge of mathematics, computer science, and statistics.


Due to the interdisciplinarity of the job, big data scientists cooperate with various teams in the company - be it Marketing or Sales. This means that aside from being analytical thinkers, they also have to be good communicators. 


Big data scientists are professionals trained to draw conclusions from huge amounts of data. They obtain the data, process and optimize it, delete the part that proves irrelevant, use what is left to discern information, and store it for future use.


Through careful analysis, they can use it to predict the demand for a certain product, identify opportunities for growth, spot patterns and trends, and much more. 


Since the topic of data processing is very complex and broad, there are multiple variations of jobs connected to this particular field. Given how the need for professionals capable of dealing with big data keeps growing rapidly, we can predict that the number of related positions and the need for talented people to fill them will only increase soon. 


Most Interesting Jobs That Didn’t Exist 10 Years Ago #3: Electric Scooter Collector


By now, each one of us has probably used an electric scooter at least once. They are fast, compact, and fun - and don’t require as much exercise as getting from point A to point B as a bike does.


Additionally, if you are using one that is not your own but has been rented through one of the many various apps, you can leave it anywhere you see fit without needing to worry about its storage and safety. 


So, that being the case, have you ever thought about how the scooters get back to their designated stations?


Thanks to the app, the process of renting the scooter has been completely automated. However, there are real-life people still involved in the business.


After a busy day in the city, when thousands of different people have used thousands of scooters to quickly get to their meetings, work, and lunch breaks, the machines are scattered all over the place. Getting them back where they belong before morning comes is done the old-fashioned way - using the human workforce. 


Electric scooter collectors work hard to protect you from the annoyance of leaving your home in the morning and finding the nearest scooter station completely empty. Their job is to localise the scooters distributed all over town and bring them back home. Since it is a part-time job that can be done outside of working hours, it is often a good source of additional income. 


Most Interesting Jobs That Didn’t Exist 10 Years Ago #2: Cloud Architect


Unfortunately, this position has nothing to do with designing clouds, nor rearranging them in the sky. To the extent of our knowledge, this position doesn’t exist yet, but who knows, maybe in 2031, we will write about it in our 2nd edition of the “Jobs That Didn’t Exist 10 Years Ago” blog?


For now, the cloud we are talking about here is the alternative method for storing important data independently from servers and hard drives. This solution that had seemed so innovative only years ago is now becoming the norm as more companies opt to protect their data by using cloud services


Just as an architect in the traditional sense of the word, Cloud architects design infrastructure - it’s just that instead of tangible materials like brick and mortar, they operate within virtual spaces. They must know the company’s needs and goals really well in order to design a tailor-made cloud strategy for it to implement.


Similarly, aside from knowing the company’s ins and outs, they also need to be very familiar with cloud services: you cannot design a building being aware of its purpose but knowing nothing about the materials you’re using. 


Cloud architects are also in charge of monitoring everything surrounding the implemented cloud strategy: budget, privacy issues, predicting risks, and solving any problems that might appear on the way. Due to the challenging nature of this job, most companies will require you to have a Bachelor or even a Master of Science, for example in Mathematics, Computer Science, or Engineering, in order to be able to pursue this career option. 


Most Interesting Jobs That Didn’t Exist 10 Years Ago #1: Chief Listening Officer


If you think this job has something to do with being a spy… You would be partially right. 


According to Forbes, the first position of a Chief Listening Officer (CLO) was listed no later than 2010. Since then, the demand for it constantly keeps growing. But… What does a Chief Listening Officer do?


Imagine this: you go to a shop, you buy a new pair of earphones, plug them in as soon as you leave the store and, listening to your favourite song, you type a review on your phone - either good or bad. Not even five minutes have passed between the moment you paid and the second your opinion circled the world through Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or any other kind of Social Media channel out there. 


The job of a CLO is to find that review as soon as possible and not only read it, but also draw conclusions. Did you contribute by saying something useful, like “I like the depth of the sound” or “the bass effect is not quite what I expected”, or did you just post your picture with your new earphones captioned “cool” with no further explanation?


CLOs need to be able to distinguish valuable feedback from white noise in order to process it and, most importantly, share it with the right department in their company. 


The purpose of the role is to work on the brand’s identity. Chief Listening Officers actively search for users’ opinions online, and take the time to listen to what fellow employees have to say about their experience working for the company.


The reports they generate and share with the right decision-makers are meant to improve the quality of the company’s service for the better. Of course, not every business can afford to create a separate position for a CLO, so usually, you will need to search for this opening in larger companies


If the job sounds attractive to you, make sure you are a good communicator. Even though it might seem easy and fun, talking to people and staying up-to-date with what is being said on Social Media actually requires a good dose of analytical thinking.


You need to be able to, first of all, find the relevant information about your company among thousands of comments popping up online every millisecond, and then filter what you have come across. That requires perseverance and patience.


You will also need to make sure to follow up: let both the customers and employees know that their voice has been heard and explain what measures exactly have been implemented to change their experience for the better.


This is our ranking of 6 Most Interesting Jobs That Didn’t Exist 10 Years Ago. Do you agree, or would you change anything? Did any of the jobs surprise you? Are there any others that you would add to the list - or think that some of the ones we have included are not that interesting, after all? Let us know in the comment section below.


Stay tuned for Part 2 of this article: 6 Most Interesting Jobs That Have Changed Over Time: The Ranking.


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