The most in-demand jobs in Europe for content and marketing professionals

The most in-demand jobs in Europe for content and marketing professionals

If you’re looking to build a career in the digital marketing sector, you are definitely looking in the right place! Within the digital marketing sphere, the career possibilities are endless and as the industry continues to grow and evolve, so do the job positions and career paths. Not to mention, the variety of skills that are needed for the different job roles, nowadays, it seems that digital marketing could be a career choice for almost anyone!


So whether your passions lie in content writing, analyzing data, or graphic design, we are here to reveal the most in-demand content writing and marketing jobs in Europe in 2020


in demand jobs in europe for content and marketing


1. Digital Marketing Manager


Digital marketing managers play a crucial role in any marketing team and for this reason, they should have a strong grasp of the overall industry, from the marketing trends to the necessary tools such as ones for analyzing traffic and data, reporting, project management and CRM systems, social media management tools,  website building and hosting platforms. Find the cheapest web hosting plans here. They often work with other members of the company to ensure that any communication between departments runs smoothly. The digital marketing manager is responsible for overseeing the general tasks of the marketing team, from planning and executing projects to measuring experiments, designing, and building marketing strategies such as social media and more.


In-demand skills for digital marketing managers:


  • SEO knowledge and a strong knowledge of website analytics tools

  • High creativity and innovative thinking

  • Email marketing and other tools such as CRM systems.

  • Commercial awareness, up-to-date with industry trends

  • Soft skills such as communication, people management, and more.


European countries looking for Digital Marketing managers now:




2. Content Strategist


Content strategists are in charge of developing content to meet the companies objectives and to serve the needs of their target audience. A content strategist must have a strong understanding of SEO and strong written communication skills. Content strategists must also be aware of key industry trends to produce content that is strong and effective and to promote the company professionally. They are also in charge of driving traffic to the companies online presence through SEO optimized content.



In-demand skills for content strategists:


  • SEO knowledge and a strong knowledge of website analytics tools

  • Strong creative writing skills

  • Commercial awareness, up-to-date with industry trends

  • Soft skills such as communication, time management, and more.


European countries looking for Content Strategist now:


3. SEO Manager


Nowadays, SEO managers are a crucial part of any company to ensure that the company's website is seen by its target audience. SEO managers are in charge of driving traffic to the companies websites and to ensure that they rank well on Google. They must keep up with the latest trends and changes to algorithms and ensure that the website content is seen by the company's target audience. This is a key role within the marketing team as they must coordinate the work of the designers, social media assistants, and content writers to ensure that they meet relevant SEO strategies.


In-demand skills for SEO managers:


  • Strong knowledge of SEO practices

  • Strong knowledge of website analytics tools and SEO reports

  • Excellent communication skills

  • Commercial awareness, up-to-date with industry trends

  • Soft skills such as communication, time management, and more.


Countries where SEO Managers are in demand:



4. User Experience Designer


User experience (UX) designers have a lot of responsibility within the marketing team, not only for their knowledge of design and technology but also for their understanding of human behavior. Their role is to create websites, apps, and other products to encourage customers to make that final purchase or to complete the final ‘action’. It is their responsibility to study the usability and the experience of the website and other products before they are released to customers. UX designers are in charge of making the journey as smooth as possible for the end-user, helping to improve sales, retention rates, and improving the company's branding.


In-demand skills for UX designers:


  • Prototyping and Testing

  • Strong IT skills

  • UX Designers need a brief understanding of how developers work


Countries where UX Designers are in demand:




5. Data Analysts


Data analysts are responsible for monitoring marketing and sales trends, and helping companies to understand exactly what people want and at what price. Nowadays, data analysts are becoming more and more in demand as they help companies to properly examine and interpret data to apply it to their own marketing campaigns and products. Data analysts collect data about competitors and customers to help the company market themselves better. They often gather data through questionnaires, surveys, and other data collection methods.


In-demand skills for Data Analysts:


  • Strong analytical skills

  • Excellent communication skills

  • Critical thinking skills are vital for a data analyst


Countries where Data Analysts are in demand:



6. Email Marketing Specialist


The role of an Email Marketing specialist is to create emails that are persuasive and that encourage users to buy a product or complete a particular action. For this reason, the email marketing specialist must have strong written communication skills to use their persuasive writing skills to develop leads and drive traffic to a particular service or product. They are responsible for building email lists, monitoring email campaigns, creating email newsletters, and more. As email marketing is such a valuable and in-demand marketing technique this is a job role that will be in demand for a long time.


In-demand skills for Email Marketing Specialists:


  • Excellent communication skills including proofreading

  • Basic design skills and the ability to use different email automation software.

  • Strong collaboration skills, they will often work with graphic designers and other team members.


Countries where Email Marketing Specialists are in demand:




7. Social Media Assistant


Social Media Assistants help companies to reach and interact with their customers through various social media channels. As the Social Media Assistant is often the voice of the company, the Social Media Assistant needs to possess strong communication skills and use their creative and persuasive writing skills to attract new and existing customers! A Social Media Assistant will often be in charge of creating engaging content to be used across social media, sticking to the brand guidelines, and engaging the companies audience. A Social Media Assistant needs to keep up with the latest marketing trends to maintain and grow the social media following of the company.


In-demand skills for Social Media Assistant:


  • Excellent communication skills including proofreading

  • Up-to-date with industry trends

  • Key organization skills

  • Customer service skills


Countries where Social Media Assistant in demand:



8. Graphic Designers


Graphic Designers are responsible for using their creative and innovative flair to create aesthetically pleasing designs and visual communications to represent the brand of a company. Graphic Designers have a lot of responsibility within the marketing team as they are often in charge of the brand guidelines and making sure that all offline and online communication is within these set rules. Whether it's advertising, designing the website, creating a business logo design, or an email template, the Graphic Designer is usually in charge of overseeing the design elements of a project. Graphic Designers need to be collaborative as they often work with members of the marketing team and other areas of business too. It’s also common for graphic designers to liaise with clients, so it’s more than crucial that the Graphic Designer is good at communicating.


In-demand skills for Graphic Design skills

  • Strong IT skills, design and photo-editing

  • Creative and innovative individual

  • Good time management and organizational skills

  • Attention to detail


Countries where Graphic Designers are in demand:


As you can see, digital marketing is an incredibly diverse and varied field with an extensive choice of career possibilities. If you are someone who is looking to break into this exciting sector, start working on your digital marketing skills today and land yourself a dream marketing or content job in Europe and become part of an industry that continues to boom! 

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