8 Most Surprising Jobs of the Future

8 Most Surprising Jobs of the Future

Do you find yourself pondering the future often? What aspects of it do you think about? 

We have already discussed the jobs that didn’t use to exist, but are in high demand now. We have also gone through the most interesting jobs that have changed over time. That being said, we have jobs of the past and the present covered. But what about the jobs of the future?

Some of the jobs that might seem like something out of a science fiction film are already a reality. Positions such as Big Data Scientist or Augmented Reality Designer do appear surreal but are already a crucial part of today’s market. We will skip the jobs that sound fancy but are not just a dream of the future anymore - but we will list some that are only starting to emerge based on the rapidly developing trends. 


Jobs of the Future #1: Digital Currency Advisor

With more and more people engaging with the topic of cryptocurrencies, and entire countries adopting Bitcoin as their official currency, those less enlightened on that matter need someone to explain to them what’s going on. With the surge of power of digital currencies, those who choose to remain loyal solely to the kind of money you can touch and keep in your physical wallet might quickly be left behind. 

Business sharks brave enough to invest in cryptocurrencies might often need professional guidance. Digital Currency Advisors will be hired to keep their clients’ financial portfolio in check, and to prevent the clients themselves from making some very bad decisions. 

If this position sounds interesting to you, you must be savvy in the financial management department, and, of course, stay up-to-date with the dynamics of the digital currency sector. The problem with money and currencies is, they both never want to stay still, and the world of cryptocurrencies is no different. 


Jobs of the Future #2: Data Trash Engineer

Before you read on, you can tell us in the comments what was the first connotation that came to your mind after reading this mysterious job title. We’d love to know we weren’t the only ones confused by it.

The truth is, it all comes down to recycling. The main difference is, instead of actual cardboard boxes and plastic bottles, we deal with computer data. The task of a Data Trash Engineer is to squeeze all the remaining juice out of junk data, previously discarded as useless. They will dig through what others deemed invalid and polish it to the point where it becomes a new, glistening portion of valuable data. The aim is to decrease the amount of junk data left out there, increasing the effectiveness of data collection and improving the quality of the information collected. 

So, if you are looking for an alternative career path, and are into numbers, then why not consider becoming one of the very first Data Trash Engineers?


Jobs of the Future #3: Personal Web Manager

This position already exists to some extent. However, as of now, the main clients of Personal Web Managers are famous people and celebrities. Individuals whose image heavily depends on the content published on their Social Media accounts but who are too busy to dedicate a significant amount of time to managing them pay specialists to take care of their profiles. 

However, think about the number of accounts on your favourite Social Media channel, and the amount of content published by users every day. If the numbers are already staggering, imagine what the web will look like in 10 years. It is getting harder and harder to be original nowadays, and going viral among all the others striving for their 5 minutes of fame is nothing short of a miracle. 

Soon, not just busy celebrities but essentially anyone who cares about their appearance online will need to consult a specialist. And by saying specialist, we don’t only mean an influencer who is familiar with the various techniques that will win you likes and followers. If your goal is to become a successful Personal Web Manager, you will also need to have well-developed computer skills that verge on hacking. This position requires someone who is both creative and tech-savvy.


Jobs of the Future #4: Commercial Space Pilot

Whether you would be interested in experiencing it yourself or not, you have probably heard about the plans of introducing commercial flights to space much sooner than we’d originally expected. With Elon Musk shooting one of his cars into space, the bar has been raised high. Even before this cosmic gauntlet has been tossed, companies all over the world have been working hard to make the dream of letting people see the stars from up close come true. 

Contrary to Tesla, though, the actual vessels carrying living, breathing passengers will need more than a dummy behind the “wheel”. This is where commercial space pilots will step in. If as a child, you have gone around telling everyone you would become an astronaut, but slipped on your physics exam and didn’t quite make it into NASA yet, then maybe this role will be more suitable for you?

Of course, it does require a tremendous amount of knowledge and experience to be charged with the task of flying people off to space. If you are not keen on stepping foot on Mars, though, but can still feel the universe calling out to you, then maybe this job of the future is something to consider?


Jobs of the Future #5: Rewilder

Up until now, the industry has been mostly focused on reducing the number of forests and their inhabitants in various regions of Earth. Thankfully, this mentality is changing now, and we are becoming more concerned about reversing the destructive process.

As, sadly, we can’t just plant an oak tree in the Amazonian Rainforest and wait for it to grow, or send a cow to Antarctica expecting it to make itself at home there, specialists will be needed to guide the undertaking. Rewilders will need extensive botanical and biological knowledge, be aware of what species of plants and animals are suitable for what regions, and what conditions they need to stay healthy and grow. 

Botanical and biological engineering might come into play, too, in an attempt to rid certain species of fauna and flora of their endangered status - or maybe even restore some of them. It is incredibly nice to think that the future will be more focused on rebuilding than destruction, so if the thought appeals to you, too, and you enjoyed biology at school, then maybe you could consider choosing the path of a rewilder?


Jobs of the Future #6: Garbage Designer

We do talk about garbage a lot in this one, we are aware of it. But thinking about it - the fact that so many future jobs are connected with garbage disposal, be it online or in the physical form, then it means that in the past we have produced way too much of it.

A garbage designer isn’t someone who designs bins or makes art using cans and empty yogurt containers. It is someone who solves the problem of rubbish overflow by utilising it in creative and practical ways. You have probably seen H&M’s TV commercials advertising dresses made of recycled PET bottles. The aim is to normalise this practise to the point it will become our new reality. Even if the thought of wearing something that at some point had been thrown in a bin by someone else makes you cringe, the image of living literally surrounded by unutilized rubbish will probably bother you even more. 

It is not only the clothing industry that is slowly converting to recycling. You are probably used by now to food and drink containers proudly announcing they’re made in x% of recycled plastic/paper/glass. Even car producers are already experimenting with vehicles partially consisting of materials that at some point had been discarded as rubbish. 

If the idea of slowly changing the world by saving it from drowning in its own waste sounds appealing to you, you will need to know a thing or two about engineering, industrial design, and material science. 


Jobs of the Future #7: Organ Harvester

We are aware that this particular position sounds like the title of a horror film. However, we assure you that it is nothing ominous - quite the opposite, really. An organ harvester is not a masked fictional creature running around with a scythe and ridding people of their kidneys. It is someone who gives life - and hope for a longer liveability and improved health. 

This job of the future will be an extension of current experiments with growing human organs in laboratories all over the world. Once the methodology for this incredibly innovative operation is perfected enough to practise it commonly, scientists who will be able to perform it will be in huge demand. Their task will be to “plant” organs in petri dishes, oversee their development, and then “harvest” them with the aim to prepare them for a delivery to someone who desperately needs them. 

If you feel like saving lives is your purpose, but don’t quite have the guts to cut bodies open as a surgeon, then maybe dealing with organs sans all the gore and blood will be just the right job for you. 


Jobs of the Future #8: Food Engineer

Yes, this job does already exist, and it has been around for quite a few years now. However, it is only beginning to develop in the field we have in mind here. Namely: 3D food printing. 

3D printers are still somewhat of news for us - especially when it comes to the food industry. Intense research is being conducted, aiming to make our wildest dreams of having a pizza made by a printer one day become reality. Even though there are already restaurants using 3D printing technology to serve some of their meals, we are actually still quite far from this phenomenon becoming an integral part of our reality. As of today, finding food produced by a printer on our plate fills us with awe and excitement. The goal is to normalise it to the point when one day, no one’s heart rate will pick up at the thought of being served a printed, fully edible hamburger. 

Of course, engineering and chemistry are two areas you need to get intimate with if you wish to become a food engineer and experiment with printing out cookies. It really is a thought of the future: to visit a restaurant one day where the food does not come out from under human hands, but from a printer. What are your thoughts on this vision? We would love to hear them!


What did you think about the jobs listed above? Are they among those you imagine while thinking about jobs of the future? Maybe there are some other ones you have heard about that you think we should add to the list? If so, don’t hesitate to tell us in the comments below!

Did any job surprise you in particular? Is there one you would like to do more than others? Maybe you believe some of these jobs won’t really come to exist?

As usual, the future poses more questions than answers, and we would love to hear your answers to all of them!