Alternative Career Paths For Graduates

Alternative Career Paths For Graduates

Today we will have some enlightening content coming from Laura Plasencia. She is representing Jump Into Freedom, an organisation dedicated to helping people pursue their dream of moving abroad. Laura will be discussing alternative career paths for graduates!


It is important to highlight that the career route you choose after university does not have to be the one you choose for the rest of your life. Keep an open mind to the prospects the world is offering you and carefully determine what you want to get out of your working life.


There are surely traditional career paths, graduate jobs, and schemes. However, as a graduate, it is good to try out new things and take different career trajectories that can help you expand your mindset and open new doors!


Taking into consideration short-term and long-term projects, these are some career ideas to pursue and take into consideration during your graduate job search. Not all of these will apply to you or will spark your interest. Nonetheless, give these opportunities a try. You never know what the future has in store for you.


  1. Continue your studies - get a graduate degree
  2. Learn from internships - "test-drive" the working life
  3. Become an Entrepreneur - start your own business!
  4. Take a gap year and move abroad - spend time discovering new experiences
  5. Become a Content Creator - turn your ideas into money!
  6. Teach your native language - get valuable experience


1. Continue your studies - get a graduate degree


It is a misconception to think everyone knows exactly what to do after graduation, or that people must, for the rest of their lives, pursue careers in only one sector. The truth is, many of us feel lost and uncertain of what to do next, especially as soon as receiving a diploma.


What’s more, some are not even completely satisfied with what they have learned up until now and want to continue their studies to master their chosen subject rather than head directly to work.


All this goes to say that if you're finding yourself completely lost, but still in love with your major, perhaps you should consider continuing your studies. It will assist you by promoting a more in-depth perspective of the subject and will give you more content to decide from. 


On the other hand, if you decided this specific major/profession is not quite what you were expecting, consider pursuing a different degree. If you're unhappy, you don't need to hold on to what you're doing for dear life just because that's what most people do. It is never too late for a change, no matter what society tells you!


2. Learn from internships - "test-drive" working life


An amazing way to understand if you are made for a specific career is through some hands-on activities. The perfect way to fully emerge yourself in the workplace is to give it a shot through volunteering, internships, or even as a trainee. 


Students tend to choose internships as a kick-start since finding opportunities is a bit easier and the workload is not as heavy as a full-time position. In fact, companies are more likely to hire interns as the benefits are more attractive for them as well; use it to your advantage! 


Let’s also keep in mind the environment you are interested in and what outcomes you are expecting. For instance, doing an internship in a start-up will give you all insights into the challenges and real-life struggles of businesses. It is also a great opportunity to browse different sectors within the same position.




Start-ups tend to have a more dynamic work environment and require their employees to play more than one role within the company. On another note, if you already have a company in mind, make sure to target them, as an internship will be your foot in the door for a trainee position or even a long-term contract. 


Other benefits of either doing an internship or traineeship are: harness of your skills, knowledge, and theoretical practice learned in university, as well as gain the experience necessary for your future full-time position!


Where can I find opportunities? Europe Language Jobs’ platform is full of incredible opportunities for bilingual/multilingual recent graduates in Europe! 


3. Become an Entrepreneur - start your own business!


Although some students would like to work for top global companies, many want to create their own. There is nothing wrong with it. On the contrary, your degree has prepared you for it. If this is something that makes your heartbeat speed up, it might be what you should be doing next! 


It is true that it takes time to start your own business, but for some, there is nothing as rewarding as working for yourself, setting up your own rules/standards/mission/core values, and recruiting your own personnel. 


4. Take a gap year and move abroad - spend time discovering new experiences


Taking a gap year and moving abroad does not necessarily mean spending money, travelling, and doing nothing. Think of it as a moment of self-reflection and self-development. Consider activities, such as joining the peace corps, moving to a different country, becoming an au pair, starting a new hobby or focusing on a current one. 


Overall, moving abroad is beneficial for your career for a number of reasons. It allows you to enrich your resume, enhance your employability and increases the possibility of becoming fluent in a second or third language. It is proven that those who have lived away from home for a while are able to boost their creativity levels, improve communication, and acquire soft skills along the way.


This is a lifetime experience that will also allow you to gain multicultural awareness from meeting different people and experiencing different cultures. Now is your time to create new adventures and memories that you will remember forever! 


In spite of that, if you are unable to move abroad, try to engage in remote work. It is a career path that's becoming more and more popular among both employees and employers.


Especially since the start of the pandemic, there are many companies hiring language speakers able to work from home. The advantage is that working remotely has no borders, but lots of potential for learning and enriching your skills. 


5. Become a Content Creator - turn your ideas into money!


Have you ever thought of sharing something you are good at with the world? Or simply sharing something you believe in or enjoy? If you always wished to do so, but haven’t had the chance to, consider doing it now.  


Becoming an influencer can start by writing blogs, posting videos, pictures, or even starting a podcast. You might surprise yourself with this intriguing and creative project to call your own. It's a great way to put your creativity into work and earn money on doing something you enjoy!


6. Teach your native language - get valuable experience


Another alternative career path is to teach your native language. This can be done remotely or not. There are tons of programs and websites ready to assist you with choosing the best way to go, such as or Go Overseas.


What other places can help you find work opportunities? Job boards!


One of the best places to look for these opportunities is through job platforms designed to help applicants find jobs and to aid employers in their quest to locate ideal graduate candidates. Job boards, such as Europe Language jobs provide help in giving you a good idea about the demand for your language skills, and other specific information such as salary, benefits, and countries where you can relocate to. 


We encourage you to start applying for jobs today! There are lots of opportunities out there and now that you have your CV and cover letter ready, you should be feeling ready to apply for opportunities!



We hope you have enjoyed the advice from Jump Into Freedom and that you are feeling more confident about your career path and the routes that you could take. Now that you have some extra ideas of what routes you can consider, it's time to start applying to some positions!

About the author: 

Laura has a Bachelor's Degree in Tourism & Hospitality Management and is passionate about helping people to relocate abroad in order to experience this life-changing and enriching path. Her work has been featured in local newspapers, magazines and public institutions, such as Madrid International Lab. After years of experience volunteering and working in foreign countries, she decided to create a platform to help women find a position in any country and be supported and connected along this journey.