German test: how good is your German?
German test: how good is your German?

German test: how good is your German?

How good is your German? You have probably already heard that German is the most demanded language (behind English) on the job market. And that’s completely true; statistics show that it is much easier to find a job in any European city if you are a German speaker.

However, we all know that learning German is no easy task – in fact, I can tell you that it’s rather a scary and painful one. If you have already tried learning it but given up – we don’t blame you. But in case you are among the brave few and already started learning German, we put together a short German test for you to find out how good your German is.

German test: how good is your German?

      German language test: how good is your German?

Check your answers here!

Take the quiz now and see how you score. If your score is high – congrats! Head to our Jobs section and choose from a generous selection of awesome job opportunities all over Europe! 

If not, this post might motivate you to boost your level. 

Have you considered finding an internship in Germany so that you can improve your language skills? 

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Good luck! 

Nov 29, 2017 by Viktoriya

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Thank you for the article. The test does truly assist in a score that we can use

posted 9 months ago by Anche


posted 9 months ago by Jeferson

Very nice test, it helped me understand how good my German really is .

posted 9 months ago by Andrea

I wish to learn German soon! It sounds very interesting

posted 9 months ago by Lucas Cesar

nice :)

posted 9 months ago by Biljana

I started learning German. Interesting article . Thank you

posted 9 months ago by Ali

German language has always complicated me. That's why I keep myself away from it, lol.

posted 9 months ago by Ozer

Nice simple test. But will not help really to know your level if it is higher than A2

posted 9 months ago by Angelo Junio

Thanks for the effort quiz is accurate.

posted 8 months ago by semavi

Unfortunately, I absolutely do not know German. I hope to start learning it in the near future.

posted 8 months ago by Igor


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