French test: how good is your French?

French test: how good is your French?

French, like English, is a leading language in the business world, with French being the second most learned language in the world after English and the ninth most spoken. 

If you live in a non-French speaking country or city, having a relatively good level of French (B2-C1) could be exactly what makes you stand out from the mass crowd

An increasing amount of people are starting to recognise the value of language skills in the job market. A true asset in the professional world, when seeking for a job. As a result of this awareness, many now take the time to acquire language skills. It'll become quite challenging to obtain work opportunities in the near future for those who underestimate the value of languages, especially when referring to language such as English and French. 

Speaking French will not only help you in the workplace, it'll also give you access to everyday culture. Afterall, we all know who leads the world when it comes to fashion and food.  

French test: how good is your French?


How good is your French?


Check your answers here!


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Sep 6, 2017 by Matt

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Great quiz! I got 100 % :)

posted 10 months ago by Jean-Michel

Intermédiaire :)

posted 10 months ago by Tereza

nice quiz!

posted 10 months ago by Liviu


posted 9 months ago by Khaled

Great Quiz ..

posted 9 months ago by Venkata Ramana
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Intermédiaire! Je suis surprise!

posted 9 months ago by anonymous

Tres interessant quiz, Je vous remercie!

posted 9 months ago by Iva

Tres bon quiz !

posted 7 months ago by Alejandro

Ouf! I don't feel like and intermediate though...

posted 5 months ago by Solveig


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