How good is your Spanish?

Spanish test: how good is your Spanish?

Spanish level tests are becoming a part of many job interview processes as languages are valued more and more by companies. Being the second most spoken language worldwide and the fifth most spoken language in Europe, there’s no doubt that Spanish is one of the languages that you should learn in order to broaden your horizons.

It can have many advantages: not only giving you the opportunity to meet new people who speak the language but also to find a Spanish speaking job since Spain is one of the countries hiring the most in Europe.

These opportunities may lead you to want to learn Spanish, which is definitely not an easy task. How is your learning going so far? Are you on the right path? Now you can find out by simply doing our quick test! If you have already tried our English level quiz, then you already know how it works. Just click the banner below and start testing your skills!


Spanish test: how good is your Spanish?

Quiz to know how good is your Spanish


Check your answers here!

How did you do?

Are you ready for a fresh start in a Spanish speaking country? Or do you need a bit more practice? If so, here are some tips to accelerate your language learning and a useful tool to learn Spanish.


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Nearly an expert in Spanish :)

Spanish is a very useful language, I really want to master it.

Oh wow, Expert :)

hehehe expert level

I love Spanish mostly Castellano :)

I want to learn Spanish

Buen test!

Spanish is not complicated. Like every language, it has easy and difficult words and rules. As a native speaker, I encourage you to learn it. You´ll enjoy it!

I am an expert in Spanish...OLeeee...jejejejeje

Lower to intermediate. nice. I figured I was just a beginner.


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